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10-Minute Trainer Customer Reviews and Success Stories
I am very excited to get this workout program. I watched the intro. on t.v. initially and then online to check it out further. I think the ordering process over phone should be a little easier without as many addons unless I inquire about them first. But, again, I am excited to get a fit good-lookin' body at 42."
Caroline, Omaha, NE

"I started the 10 minute trainer last week on Oct 18 08 and checked my measurements today Oct 24 08 and have lost half an inch in all areas of my body. This really works. Normally I dont sweat when I work out but I do with this one. I haven't checked my weight as it wasn't a concern for me as I was going more for the toning aspects of it in the first place.Great program and your done before you can talk yourself out of doing it. I love it."
maija47, Toronto, ON


"I recently bought the 10 minute trainer. The first day I recieved it I did 3 workouts but I have found that it is still hard on a daily basis to do the workouts. I have three children ages 7, 5, and almost 2. I work in a preschool fulltime as a teacher and attend college fulltime. So, I am so busy and when I get home I just want to sleep. I need to be more motivated."
Patsie DeSantiago, Mt. Pleasant

"This program the eating plan for ten days and the exerciseis great It is a commitment, but it is very fun and gets easier over time. just beware, dont try to keep up with them all the way at first or youll be hurtin"
Madison, Huntsville, AL

"i have had 3 knee surgerys and was wondering if there is a modified program for people with injuries lunges and squats are out of the question, but i really need to lose weight and can do most excerises except bouncing of the knee thank you diane"
"All i can say is wow . i just received my 10 minute trainer in the mail yesturday. and i started it today. i didnt believe it at first. but i can feel it already. im so excited to continue the workouts and see results in no time."
Justin, coral springs, FL

"My husband bought this for me last week. I was excited to try a different workout. The only issue was the band issued.. it was way tighter than the girl on the dvd. Ended up straining my muscle. Very very painful. I would think twice before trying to reach where the girl was reaching with the band."
RayGina Ryan, Tucson, AZ

"I have been using 10 minute trainer for almost 4 weeks. I love the variety it gives. It also gives a very good work out, I started out doing 2 10 minute sets and have now worked up to 3 10 minute sets. I limit my caloric intake to 1200 to1400 calories per day and fat intake to 20 or less. I have only lost a couple of pounds, but I have lost overall 2 or 3 inches. Can anyone tell me if this is normal. I only had about 10 pounds to lose, but I really thought I would have lost more by now."

"I have watched this infomercial time and time again, and it does look inviting, but, I fear it will be harder to do than it looks, but, I'm up for the challenge. My weight has been a struggle since my late 20s and now, I'm in my late 30s. My dream is to finally reach my goal by my 38th bday in March 2009. I'm ready."

"I'm a single mom, studying for my doctorate and working full time. I have found it very difficult to make extra time to workout, since excess time is utilized for playing with my son. I just purchased the 10minute trainer and I'm really excited to get started."

"TH 10 Minute trainer really works. I took all the measurements and photos at the beginning of the work out and in 1 month and 12 days I've lost 20lbs and 15 inches. I was weighing myself the first 5 days hoping for something but it was making me not so motivated so I waited 1 month and the results were amazing. I still drink beer on the weekend and I've lost what I did. I even got my friends doing it and one is very happy with her results. Thank you Tony."
Steven Z., Denver, CO

"I just received the dvds and was able to do 2 of the dvds. In the beginning dont try to keep up until you get stronger and used to the moves. Also the work out band that you get with the dvd versus the band the girl has in the dvd are extremely different. Hers is either longer or not as tight but I am not able to extend my arms for the triceps without feeling like Im going to strain a muscle or snap the band. Over all these dvds look great."
Sabrinna, Bellbrook, OH

"I purchased the 10 minute videos after watching an informercial. I was a little skeptical of the outcome. I have tried to lose weight and have used several others, never seeing any results. To my amazement....this one really works. I couldn't walk after the first day of workouts. But I worked through it and in the last 6 weeks I have lost 24lbs and 2 pant sizes. I now look forward to continuing to my pursuit of healthiness."
april, ozark, AR

"The 10 Minute Trainer is a wonderful workout program that anyone would enjoy and stick to. It is challenging but you feel it working and see results in no time. I woke up sore the next morning after I had worked out the previous day, and I knew from then on that this was the program for me. Now that I have grown accustomed to it, I am ready for the P90X. I love Tony Horton."
Shakevia, orlando, FL

"Last Monday, I received the 10 minute trainer. I begin using it on Tuesday. I'm following the plan for lose a jean size in 10 days. Although I have kept up with my work outs, I did cheat on day four. I probably ate 2,000 calories versus 1,000. So far, I have lost 4 pounds and I can tell that I have lost some inches because my clothes that were fitting tight are now starting to get loser. I would like to try the 1,000 calorie program for 30 days to see how much weight I can lose."
Lenee, Cincinnati, OH

"I just ordered the 10 minute trainer on Dec 22,08.I worked hard and lost 65 lbs in 07-08 but was in a bad car accident in may of 08 and have gained 20 lbs back due to an abdominal tear and not being able to work for 6 months. I am so anxious to get the weight off again and get really toned. I am 46 yrs young and I will send in reviews as I do this awesome workout."

"i am a 17 year old parent of a 6 week year old baby. i saw this commercial when i was feeding my son and it convinced me to buy it. i am juggling a job school and rasing my baby so i need something fast i will keep everyone posted on my results"
christina billings, san diego, CA

"I watched the TV commerical this morning and got suckered into buying this. I have a job that keeps me busy and a new puppy that has me running in circles. I need to lose about 30 pounds and although I have a really nice gym membership, I don't have a lot of time to use it. I will keep everyone posted on my results once I actually try this out. I am excited to see if the money I spent was worth it."
Desirae, Englewood, CO

"I am a runner and do daily exercises. Squats lunges etc.. 1st time out I did the 3-10 minute routines on the total body dvd.. All I can say is WOW.. Did I feel the burn.. I really think this is a winner"
Trisha, Lockport, NY

"My fiance and i are still contemplating purchasing the program since nothing else seems to work. Our wedding is in 5 months and we both want to look fabulous for the big day. I think we would try it and hope for the best."

"WOW. This is awesome. I have to say, because of this exercise routine, I look GREAT. No one recognizes the new me. It is so GREAT and it really, really works. Please believe me, this program really works. I am living proof. Everyone has ten minutes -- that is all it takes."
Kim Huck, Newburgh, IN

"Hi, I'm interested in the 10 minute trainer but all i hear is how to lose weight, I'm already slim my weight is 110 i don't wanna lose i just wanna tone up can tony tell me what i need to get from his fitness program just so that i can tone up with out losing the little fat i got thank u ....Urs truly Migdalia"
"I turned 40 Nov.08 and decided to do me in 09. I ordered the product I have just finished my 2nd work out today January 3rd 09 and WOW. I only did one set yesterday and was a little soar, but I did 2 10 minutes today and can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow. I love this program so far it really gives you what the infomercial claims. Can't wait to see the results in 28 days."
Alicia Price, Winston-Salem, NC


"Like many I have a full schedule. I work full time and I attend school. I am 27 and I have been 115lb most of my life. After getting pregnant at 20 I have now ballooned up to 215lbs over the past 6-7 years. Time is a my greatest excuse. Sounds like a great program cause I think the one thing everyone needs more of is time.I am going to get this program and keep you updated on my progress."
CORDELIA, Nassau Bahamas, PR

"I have a question to ask about the ellastics. I wonder if their is latex in those. I wanted to order for myself and I went to check out her's and i made an allergic reaction just like the ones I make from latex."
Rejeanne Johnson, Dieppe, NB

"I ordered my DVD's today and I am really excited about doing this full body workout in my home. I hate to go to gyms where everyone seems to be maintaining their beautiful bodies...and then their is me...who only walks my dogs in good weather for exercise. I had LapBand surgery and have changed my eating, slowly losing pounds. Unfortunately, the fatty flab is getting more pronounced and disgusting looking. I'm really hoping that my metabolism will get kick-started and I too can be fit again."
Patricia, Bremerton, WA

"Respnose to Rejeanne: The Resistance Bands contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. "
Beachbody, Santa Monica, CA

"I received the 10 minute trainer on Tuesday pm and started them this morning with just the cardio segment. Wow. Worked up quite a bit of a sweat and now feel even more motivated to work up to 2 and 3 segments a day. I'm only hoping that this system will give me results after the second birth of a son 9 months ago so I can show my husband this works and it's not another waste of money."
Kirsten, MI

"Wow.......I 'm very exicted about this program...... I know that it works. I can't wait to see my results. This is just what I needed for my busy life stlye not even to mention the privacy of doing it in your own home is just great.............................. I can't wait to get started. Will keep everyone posted on my results."
Tammee Ross, Texarkana, TX

"I've just orderd the ten minute trainer and I'm very excited to get started.............. I know the program works. Like many others I live a busy life style, but I'm looking forward to enjoying this in the comfort of my own home............... I will keep everyone posted about my progress."
Tammee Ross, Texarkana, TX

"I love this workout DVD set. I would of never thought that a 10 minute workout could give such effective results. I have recommended this workout to my co-workers and friends."
Felicia, fort worth, TX

"My husband bought the P90X program and I thought it was just another fad diet program. Wnen I started to see the amazing results I went online and found the perfect program for me--10 minute trainer. It is fabulous and every day I actually look forward to working out. Thanks Tony."

"I just placed my order and can not wait to check this system out. It seems like it will be perfect for the the busy person- to get out of bed 10 mins early to jump start your day with an effective workout. But I do agree the ordering procedure is lengthy with a lot to much attension based on the up sellling of futher products-"


"I am a mom to a 3 year old and a 5 month old, so time is limited. I started using the 10 Minute Trainer at the beginning of this month and I can already see a difference. The 10 Minute workouts are perfect for a busy mom like me who wants lose the pregnancy weight and tone up her body. I already feel stronger, and I am gaining my confidence to keep fit again after having 2 babies in 4 years. Thanks 10 Minute Trainer. I recommend it."
Stacy, PA

"This is a great workout plan. I couple it with my walking and then either do one or two of the routines. It fits in perfectly with my busy day. And boy it is tough, and effective. Great job. I can't wait to order more ."
Liz Skotzke, Saint clair shores, MI

"Please Please Please Tell me does this program really work I actually went to the doctor today for a check up and my doctore told me that I needed to loose weight or I could have a really bad case of high blood pressure And I seen the commercial tonight when I got off It seems real but is it please let me know If its worth the money and time Because my health is at high risk"
Latron Lang, Birmingham, AL

"Been trying to lose weight for the past yr just can't stay motivated. I have no time for myself. My husband works nights I work days. We have a 10 yr old. I get home at 645pm then my husband goes to bed. By the time we finish his homework studying boy scout mtgs etc, it is 10pm already and I can't go out for a walk then nor do I feel like devoting 30 mins. to a workout. I can CERTAINLY do 10 minutes and even squeeze it in prior to 10pm. Cannot wait to try this."

Stevie, Westbury, NY

"I have seen this program avertise several times and thought well maybe and thought nothing more about it. i have lost 120 lbs by myself but still have the baby tummy and flabby thighs. I am excited to use this workout and hope it will help with those areas. Hopeing to loose about 20 to 30 lbs and a few inches by April for a concert. Want to be looking great for it I will keep everyone updated."
amanda, junction, TX

"I have had no success keeping with other exercise programs. They were too boring and were not flexible enough to fit my schedule. 10 Minute Trainer is the first exercise program I have been able to stick with for more than just 1 month. I am going strong on month 6. I also completed the 10 day Lean Jean plan after the holidays to make up for a little too much celebrating. It worked great. I can wear a bikini on my winter vacation."

"I live in Canada but there was no way to put that in the email so I put Michigan and that is the closest State to me anyway. I weigh 269 pounds and am a 60 year old female do you think i could do the 10 minute workout DVD"
Laura, Woodstock, MI

"I am buying this after becoming hooked to the commercial on TV, that is, if this comment shows up after I submit this. I dont really think that Tony would have phony comments or success pictures on here, but I willl find out."

"Just ordered the 10 min trainer and am excited to start. I bought an elliptical machine in late December, which I use 5 days a week, but I gave up the gym when I bought the elliptical and so I have been wanting to incorporate some resistance training and stretching. Of course, more cardio is always a good thing. Cannott wait to start using the program and getting results. I have about 25 lbs. to lose, but am REALLY looking forward to the inches that I will be losing. Thanks everyone."
Kelly, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"I am a 25 year old female 5 7 145 would like to loose 5 lbs maybe 10 i love my looks just want to tome up more of im in generally good health but am going to the doctor asap for a physical before i sign up with your program,it looks very intriguing How many days at 10 minutes a day do i need to work out,and eat 3 meals a day or 5 small"
jacinda, fort hood, TX

"My brother purchased the P90X about a year ago, and boy does he looks good. So today I decided I wanted to look as great, so I purchase the 10 min trainer program. I really hope this works for me. I weight about 100lbs. Which my doctor says about right. Im looking to tone my body. Im looking forward to the workouts."
Tranisha Harris, Miami, FL

"I just ordered the program. Online was easier because you could skip the upgrade items and get to the end quickly. I am so excited to get started. I am tired of the way I look, feel and being critical of all my pictures. I will keep you updated. This is a gift of love to myself this upcomng V-Day."
Karen B., Gaithersburg, MD

"I have tried alot of different weight loss diets,how can i be sure that yours works. i am a very big skeptic and cannot afford to loss any more money.Please reply back."

"Response to Kevin: All of our fitness programs work as long as you decide to commit to them, follow the workouts, and the nutrition guides, you will succeed. Keep pushing play!"
Beachbody, Santa Monica, CA

"I bought 10 minute trainer after seeing the infomercial a few times. As an airline pilot, I was looking for a way to work out at my hotel without having to go to the gym or spend too much time. After a few months using the program, I have seen very good results with the most notable being that my body and muscles fell great from the stretching and I have no more sore shoulders. I have even become a Coach and have been telling people about this great program."
Konstantinos Stylianopoulos, Miami, FL

"I just received my order in the mail. I am super pumped abut this program. Although the moves are difficult at first, you have to motivate yourself to just keep moving. Soon you will find better coordination. I do the moves without even thinking now. JUST KEEP MOVING."
Tasha, Chicago, IL

"Hi, I just received my 10 minute trainer. I have gained like 50 lbs. last year, because I lost my job and it looked like the food became my closest thing and so I let myself to become the way I'm now. I've been trying to loose weight, but loosing that is much more difficult than putting it on. So I can't. I'm 5 feet and 9 inches tall and I weigh 215 pounds, which is ridiculous. I'm not in a good shape and these exercises are extremely hard for me, so the first day i could only do like 7 minutes"

"I started 10 minute trainer Feb. 9- 09, today is Feb. 16- 09, I am happy with this program so far, but my goal is to lose 75 pounds. I had a baby 5 months ago and have been trying to find something in all the while gaining more weight. I am wondering if this is going to be the program for me."
Brittany, South Lebanon, OH

"I purchased 10 Minute Trainer last week and can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. I am a full time college student, work part time, have a two year old daughter, and my fiance works out of town during the week. I am super stretched for time and have been on a roller coaster with my weight. I have decided that I am done being chunky and, as a gift to myself, I am going to get back in shape. I can't wait to be sexy again."
Heidi, Rochester, MN

"My husband uses the P90x program. I tried to use it but we also have a 15 month old son that keeps both of us very busy so I don't have the time to do a 1 hr workout. I'm so excited to try the 10-minute trainer and finally get my pre-baby body back."
Jennifer, College Place, WA

"I've just read all the messages from everyone. I've seen the infomercial a couple of times. It is Thurs Feb 19th and I plan to have this ordered by this Sat. I am 40 to 50 lbs over weight and am 58 yrs old. I belong to a gym and have several exercise machines in my basement... but do not use. The 10min workout sounds great for me. I will get back to all of you after I have ordered this program and have used it for 30 days. You have all got me pumped. Thanks so much."
Sandie F., Omaha, NE

"I just purchased the videos and I hope that they work. I am looking for something to jump start my day and to get my body into shape. I just need to stay motivated and if I feel it I will."

"Well today I order my 10 minutes trainer,im exited as well.i hope i get result as they say in TV,but im still exited.good luck to everyone."
Odalys, Miami, FL

"I've just ordered this program and hope for the best."
Andrea, El paso, TX

"I was super impressed with the program and I just ordered the 10 minute Trainer. I have a gorgeous face, 23 years old, 5 6-5 7, 260 lbs. CRAZY, right. How did I let myself, in the short amount of time Ive been on this earth, get this obese. Im so ashamed. Im tired of hearing, Wow, your face is so beautiful... And thats where it ends. Im want my body to match my face instead of people thinking that my face is a waste because of the body its attached to. I will keep you posted..."
Diane, Virginia Beach, VA

"I just got the program today. I'll let you know what happens. I have done many other programs, but with 3 small kids, and running my own business, time is rare."
Deb Nahay, Freeland, PA

"I have just purchased the 10 min. and I look forward to losing 60lbs. I was always a trim and lean girl at 125lbs but 2kids and a marriage later I ballooned to 199.8 to exact. I am going to a wedding in St.Lucia in August of '09 and I will usr 10 min for the 3 months then switcjh over to P90X to get the maaximum results. When I receive my 10minute I will take my b4 pics..and boy I can't wait to see my after pics.."
C.Adam, Brooklyn, NY

"I just purchased the 10 minute trainer on Feb. 27 and can't wait for it to be delivered so I can get started. After watching the infomercial I thought it looked like a program that could help me lose 35 lbs before my daughter's high school graduation in June 09. I'll post updates to let everyone know how it goes."
Roxy, San Diego, CA

"These workouts are definitely challenging and after just two weeks I can feel myself getting stronger. My gripe is that the television ad makes it appear as though you are receiving ALOT more workouts for your buck. I resent that and would urge TRUTH IN ADVERTISING.If I had known how little I was getting I would NOT have placed the order."
Jeanine Krull, Appleton, WI

"I am 100 lbs. overweight and I got sick and tired of trying every new weightloss gimmick out there with no results. I caught the infomercial for the 10 Minute Trainer a couple times, and finally gave in to buying... And WOW, Am I ever glad I did. Being so out of shape, I started slowly by doing the Yoga Flex and then only one other workout every day, I alternate the 4 other workouts each day, and in ONLY 7 DAYS, I have lost 2 lbs. and 6.5 inches... And I feel GREAT. Highly recommended."

"I just saw the t.v. commercial and had to buy. I am 19 years old and about 10 to 20Ibs overweight and I want to lose weight for my sisters wedding in October and for my wedding in April of 2011. It has been really hard for me to get the motivation to lose weight even though I hate what I see in the mirror so I am hopeful this will work. Will post my results. Wish me luck."
Rachael, Lincoln, NE

"this is a rip-off, i was charged 189.16 for this sproduct and it was advertised at 2 payments of 39.95. i never received this product either."
yerania del orbe, killeen, TX

"I have watched the informercial and am highly excited to be ordering this package."
Jackie, Wilmington, DE

"I lost 45 lbs. around 1 and half years ago with Hip Hop ABS, while working out with Shaun T. Now that my schedule has become so busy, I need a new program that can work for me with less time involved. I just ordered this new program with Tony which I am looking forward to trying it out. I feel that this program will work just as great as did the Hip Hop ABS. My goal is to tone and lose about 10 more pounds to reach my goal of 125 lbs."

"I watched a friends copy of this program as I wanted to see what it was like prior to purchase. It looks very good except there are a number of exercises that require a large open space. I don't know of many homes that have exercise studios in them to offer such room. This is the only major drawback to the program. Otherwise it looks very comprehensive. Tony, I might recommend a new product called the 10-Minute Home Trainer that does not utilize more space than the average living room."
Robert Hoppe, Apple Valley, MN

"Those of us returning from the War on Iraq, would like to thank all the businesses who continue to support us. For those of us who cannot take advantage of the free membership that the YMCA or YWCA offer would like to get our injured bodies back in shape. Prior to defending my conutry, I was a member of the Delaware Professional Womans Football team. Since returning from the War on Iraq, I don't recognize my body. Physcial theapy hasn't helped."

"Tony's 10 minute trainer is amazing. I was skeptical at first but I am a firm believer in the 10 minute trainer program. I only hope that Tony keeps adding more 10 minute workouts to keep up the muscle confusion and variety."
Shannon Metera, Mesa, AZ

"I have used the 10 minute trainer for 3 weeks now, and have lost 15 pounds, my ultimate goal is another 35 pounds, at this rate I should be in great shape and lean, thanks Tony"

"Excellent program, especially for my wife who does not have a lot of time. My only critique is the DVD setup. P90X was great to include Ab Ripper X with routines it was paired with on the same DVD. The Million Dollar plug before every routine was unnecessary too, and more to the point, the DVD management takes time to navigate. P90X DVD management shows you can do better. Content wise though, it is a great program for people on the go. Thanks Tony...Great job"
Sean Kavanagh, Boerne, TX

"I found within the first week of 10 minute trainer that my body started to change. In fact, I found it change more quickly with the 10 minute trainer than I have doing the P90X. It has those types of results. I did 2 a day for the first month, then up to 3 a day for the 2nd and 3rd month. The results were terrific. And such a minimal amount of time in investiment - and the time goes quickly and enjoyably."
Diane deVries, Toronto, ON

"I purchased the program about 7 weeks ago, Im a tiny girl at only 105 lbs. but I was way out of shape. I have a 3 year old and never did hold my baby fat from pregnancy. over the last 6 months I had put on noticeable weight in my stomach and legs. I have used the program every day and have lost a total of 3 inches. I feel amazing and look better than before I had my daughter. U JUST GOTTA STICK TO IT"

"I am totally amazed with the 10 minute trainer. I received my package 2 weeks ago and lost 12 pounds already. I love the meal planner too. I have been eating healthier and am very excited about the results I've seen. Now my neighbor and I do the workouts together. Thank you Tony Horton. You were so right and I recomend this product to all you busy Moms. Nicky Meyers"

"I just ordered the 10 Minute Tranier today and found that the person taking order must have been new, had to repeat alot of my information. I also do not want to be bothered with other offers. I just wanted item that I saw on TV. I know this is a way to sell more but my life is too busy to be bothered by addtional questions. I will order online in the future to avoid all the questions."

"yes hi I am a young girl at the age of nineteen and I have trouble trying to lose my stomach fat and right now im tryinng everything but just can not seem to lose it so how can I lose it"

"Online order process was little lengthy with a few too many 'add-ons' offered - but product arrived promptly. Started on program only yesterday, doing 3-10mins per day. Can't do it all like the pro's in the videos but modifcations suggested for ability level are appropriate and do-able. For those who don't like the gym, this is an enjoyable alternative."
Elizabeth, Vancouver, BC

"You will not believe the results you see and feel in just 2 weeks by doing 3 10 minute sessions a day. It is a sound program that if you give it your all, it works. I am in my 40's and it is working for me. Tony is a great motivator and makes you want to push a little harder each time."
Sheila, Cleveland, GA

"I received the 10 minute trainer about a week ago. With three kids and a job, I am on the run all the time. My youngest has cerebral palsy and needs constant attention. I have never been able to find a workout that fits my time crunch. Finally, a workout for busy moms. In just one week, I noticed I could lift the heavy boxes at work so much easier. No straining or struggling. Thank you for some time you gave back to me."
Jule Dragstrem, Newton, NC

"I recieved my 10 minute trainer on Thursday march 12. AND started to work out since that day for 7 days now and ive already lost 2 AND A HALF inches off my waist seeing as i checked today march 22 .I LOVE TO PUSH PLAY . ive only missed 2 days and have STILL lost inches. for those who are still skeptical give it a TRY .YOU WONT REGRET IT"

"Today was my 1 mon weigh in after starting 10 min trainer. I've lost 2 pounds and about an inch off of each part of my body. I have to say I'm a little dissappointed. I was expecting to loose more. I did 3 of the 10 min trainers each day. Drank only water. Ate extremely healthy and even went for a 2 mile jog at least 2-3 times a week. I'm gonna keep it up though. I'll post on here each month with my results."
Caylee, OK

"Im debating on whether i should buy the 10 minute trainer or the p90x program im overweight about 40 lbs what should i do"
saul gonzalez, fontana, CA

"I am a 23 year-old mom of 2. I had my first baby in highschool and gained 70 lbs with the the pregnancy. I have been losing and gaining from time to time since then-7 years ago. Now that I have my two babies, I would like to try to get my body back. At this point I have a goal of about 35 pounds. I never have time to work out because I am home with my baby, working, and going to college full time. I am excited to try this workout program and hopefully get some results by my graduation in May"
Heather, Appleton, WI

"I absolutely LOVE the 10-minute Trainer. I myself never felt like I had time to do any excercising with my 2 year old son running around and then working in the evenings but I did it and my results have really amazed me my friends and family. I found time for 10 min then 20 then 30. I lost 15 pounds and my goal was 10. I have also lost over 2 inches all around. I am smaller now than what I was before I had my son. I feel great and have lots more energy. My advice Order it. It REALLY works"
Ashley Parr, Butler, IN

"I have this dvd set and wonder how many 10 minutes I need to do daily and weekly to see results - ready to start tomorrow - any advice is appreciated - I have 30 pounds to lose"

"This is perfect..."

"Just started this after watching my 23 year old son complete 120 days of P90X with fantastic results. I began doing the P90 X myself and had to stop because I had foot surgery and I thought this 10 minute might be a great solution to getting back on track again. It is Day 2 and I was right I am 56 and I say 'bring it. Thanks Tony"
Anne, Jenkintown, PA

"I just recevied the 10-minute trainer and I am very excited about statring this plan. I decidec to do the Lean jean plan first. I will start than plan to day."

"I started the lean jean diet plan as soon as I got 10 minute trainer...I measured myself 3 days ago and again today and lost 2 inches in only 3 days, WOW"
sarah m, fort mcmurray ab, AB

"I ordered on Saturday and it arrived on Wednesday. I plan to start tomorrow and am excited. I used some of the other programs but the dvd's were too long. 10 minutes sounds perfect."
Toni, Ladson, SC

"I just ordered this program today and hopefully it works...ordering through phone though took so long just because they kept on offering me add on products which I don't need at the moment since I am just starting...I'll keep everyone posted if I get good results on this one"
Ann, Spring, TX

"I have watched the PX90 infomercial many times, but felt it may have been too advanced. I wanted a program that offered lots of variety and when I saw that Tony Horton had a 10 minute plan that seemed doable. I purchased online right after the infomercial on April 4, 2009. Aside from the tons of offers for extra's it was easy and I can't wait for it to arrive. I did upgrade the resistance to a heavier one and hopefully it's not too strong. I'll be back to let everyone know how I did."
Cassie Jones, Houston, TX

"I am sorry about the first incomplete comment. I was 27 when I was diagnos with a carcinoid cancerous tumor I had 3 surgery in order to survey and there all location around my abdomen. After that I had to babies and of curse the baby fat added to my abdomen. Shortly after my 1st child I was diagnos with hypothyroid. If is a possible to make me one of your successful story it would be a miracle it would make my family and I very grateful. It would a blessing. Thank you for you attention."
Yanes Beatty, YORK, PA

"I was really excited to try out 10-minute trainer. What I wasnt excited about was all the hidden fees for extra products and offers that were charged to my account on a consistent basis. Id like to say that Im happy with my purchase, but to be honest, Im so mad about the charges and the time I spent on hold or talking to customer service that I wish I wouldve never ordered it."

"i did the tnt for 30 days faithfully with the exception of sundays, i took before and after pictures and i did not see very much progress at all. i have been working out for over 2 yrs with turbo jam debbie siebers and now the tmt and i try to keep my food intake to around 1250 cal per day. i don't understand why i don't get results"

"I am 27 years old and i have struggled with my weight all my life. I am 5' tall and I am a size 20. I've tried countless weightloss tactics but nothing worked. I am so excited and confident that 10 min trainer wil be the one thing that helps me get the weight off. I get my program at the end of the week, april 10 2009 and i will start that same day. Hopefully I'll be able to wear a bikini by september when i take my big vacation."

"This program is great. I'm a mom of 3 small children, work full time and have my own home based business and I was able to fit this program into my busy day. It helped me to lose 20 pounds after I had my son. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have alot of time for a long work out routine or going to the gym."

"I am 12 years old, 5ft 3in, 115 lbs.I am an athlete but im extremely self conscious and im afraid to swim without my shirt on. im tired of it. this summer i have a ton of swim parties to go to and i want to look my best. if you think this program is right for me PLEASE post them. i need your help. if im going to spend my limited savings on this then i need something that works. also i will buy online if i get it and if you ordered online then i would like to know if prices exeed 100 dollars.thnx"
Reagan Francis, Temple, TX

"I started out just doing 2 workouts a day for the first week, now I do 3 workouts 6 days a week and only one workout on the 7th day. On my 3rd week. It is a great program. It makes you work up a sweat."

"Hey TX, you might like to try the Power 90 program instead of TMT. The workouts are longer than 10 mins but you probably have more time since your 12 and the program is cheaper. 3 payments of 20 dollars, plus shipping and handling"
Shawn Allhoff, St. Louis, MO

"Hi Tony I am intressted in your 10 minute trainer plan by i notice that my home town is not on your list so how do someone from my Island get the chance to order from you."
Lois Artiaga, Cayman Islands.

"I just received my TMT yesterday and did 3 of the work outs. IT KICKED MY BUTT I love the fact that it's just 1 minute per excercise, and it's on to the next. Can't wait to do it again tonight."
Cindy Kolberg, Lake Ann, MI

"I have a 3mth old, a full time job, and am attending college full time... I thought I would never be able to fit exercise into my new life routine, so 10 min trainer sounded like it would worth the try, it is worth every penny you can feel the burn and feel t he difference in just days. It is totally worth it."

"Just purchased 10 minute trainer...excited to receive it and get to work...will review when I start using it..."

"I have finished the P90X, twice, and this is a great workout to maintain what you worked so hard for."
R.J. Leclair, NY

"I've been doing the 10 minute trainer for 17 days now. No dramatic weight loss but that's because I haven't been adhering to the diet piece as well as suggested. The key here is definitely diet. That said, I was skeptical at first. I've never bought something like this before. The more you do the more motivated you get. I started easy with one a day and now am up to two routines a day. Don't order over the phone. Tony's lucky I bought the product after that experience. Internet's the best"
David, San Ramon, CA

"I just started this today. It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I am getting married in a year and i am so tired of being fat. I used to be at 120 pounds before two kids now i am 60 pounds heavier. I know i can do this......Just keep my head held high until it is over.4 months left"
Samantha Green, louisville, KY

"Concerned about the hidden fees I read about from another customer who experienced shady extra product charges to their credit card months after their purchase Has anyone else had this problem"

"I'm very excited about starting this program. It should be on my doorstep when I get home today. I work full time and I don't live in the city I work in. I lose a lot of time in driving alone, add on picking up kids from daycare, making dinner, homework and getting everyone bathed and to bed on time. I love that I can squeeze this in when I get home before I get dinner started. I have 35 lbs to lose and lots of toning up to do. I will keep you posted. April 28, 2009"
Maria, Atascosa, TX

"I am a stay at home mother of 3. 4 yrs, 16 months and 7 weeks. With my first child I gained 80 lbs and just continued to keep the wieght I gained with the next 2 pregancies. Now here I am at least 100 lbs over weight. I don't expect a miracle with these dvd's but I am confident that if I can take the 20 or 30 minutes a day that i will see things change. I'll be your biggest promoter if i see the changes I'm hoping for...wish me wieght loss"

"I just ordered 10 minute trainer Im really excited, I am 20 years old 5 2 n and after I had my son Ive had a hard time losing weight I currently weight 154 I will keep every one updated One question though Is there hidden fees I should be worrie about"
Kacey, OH

"I just got my package and have worked out for 2 days now. i can't believe how much exercise i can do in only 10 minutes. I am amazed. i was expecting the ten minutes to be super easy with results taking forever but these moves really challenge you and get you going so you really make the most of your time. I have 3 kids and im a full time medical student so if i get 10 minutes to myself then i want it to be worth it and it is. thanks tony"
Lyndie Spisak, livonia, MI


"I saw this show and I got pulled in and ordered this program immediately which is very unlike me, on May 3 09. Now I am getting nervous that I have once again put faith in yet another fitness program. I have struggled all my life with and I am hoping that maybe and finally I will have found one I can do and that is worth the time and money I have spent. I thought to myself I could 10m, anybody can give it 10m."
Susan, Colorado Springs, CO

"Just received mine today. I will be posting updates as I get started on my life-changing journey, beginning just 10 minutes a day. Thanks Tony"

"I keep seeing in some of the comments that they completed 2 of the 10 minute workouts. So, do you committ to doing more than one 10 minute workout daily. Which means you will be doing 20 or 30 minute workouts."
Cynthia, Memphis, TN

"I have been using the 10 minute Trainer for two months and I have lost 16 lbs and COUNTING. I swear by this routine and the nutrition guide it came with. Tony Horton is a FITNESS GOD. He knows what he's talking about and he makes everything sound so EASY. Best of all...it IS EASY. If you are mentally ready and in tune with what he says YOU WILL SUCCEED with his program. 10 MINUTES is AMAZING."
RB, San Diego, CA

"I finally ordered it after saving the money. I am very if not super excited. I ordered it on May 09 and can't wait or weight. I'm getting my mind set for it and beginning the visual already."
John C, Urbana, OH

"I have lost or gained anything I have been doing this routine for 3 weeks"
fran quinney miketon, Edmonton, AB

"I haven't gained or lost anything...which is actually pretty sad...and I have done the switching up bit and even changed my diet.....and nothing.....i have always been athletic and this does nothing for me"
fran quinney miketon, edomont, AB

"I am amazed with the results of this program. I have been doing it for two weeks together with the Lean Jean diet and I have seen amazing results. I just ordered the deluxe version to have more options. I have a high demanding job that will not allow me to spend hours at the gym...this program is a great for busy people...the best thing is that if you follow a healthy eating plan and do at least two workouts per day you will be completely satisfied with the results. Love it."
Yaira Gonzalez, Caguas, PR

"I am curious I have heard that cortisol levels are highest in the morning what is the best time of day to work out and what is the best food to eat if you are taking estrogen"

"Thank you so much Tony for this incredible workout plan. I've always enjoyed Beachbody products, but the 10 Minute Trainer is by far my favorite. It's effective and I feel refreshed after my workouts, it's absolutely life changing. It's not easy by any means. I've had the program for about a year and still do modified versions. But I'm leaner and went from 165 lbs to 145 lbs. I much happier with the way I look now. Thank you so much, you've been a life saver."
Jessica, PA

"thiz iz a great wrk out system i lov it"
ramona, bronx, NY

"This workout is just what I needed to get a quick workout in every day. It has also given me so much more energy every day. I really enjoy the 10 Minute Trainer."

"I just bought this program, hoping that this works and not being suckered into another deal. I have weight to lose for a wedding in over a month...hope i can go down a size by then, ill keep ya posted."
Erica, Kyle, TX

"After 10 days of Lean Jean with 2 workouts daily I'm down 4 lbs, 2 inches off bust, 1.25 inches off waist, 1 inch off hips. I'm a convert THANKS"
Carol, San Juan Capistrano, CA

"I am a mother of two and have been struggling with my weight since my pregnancies and this is the only program that has seemed to help me and you really do lose a pant size . I can fit into my skinny jeans and people have also noticed that i've lost weight. Tony really makes you feel like it's just you and him like a real personal trainer in the room. I love this program."
Marisa, Long Beach, MS

"Currently I am doing the 10 minutes program. I am physically handicapped and some of the exercises give me a challenge but if I can do at least 2-3 good ones I am confident that I will reach my goal"
Lorna Henry, NY

"Also it is difficult for me to diet because in the West Indies sometimes the foods that are required are very expensive to keep on the right track but with perseverance and training anything is possible."
Lorna Henry

"im intrested in your program but i would like to know how long would it take to be lean and musculer"

"I have approx. 75 lbs to lose and am very pressed for time with working full time and attending school full time. I am 41 yrs old. I was very excited to see the infomercial for the 10 Minute Trainer. I have been doing 1 10 min. workout 5 to 6 times per week and following a low fat, low calorie diet, for the past 2 weeks. I have already lost 11 lbs and 1 inch off my thighs and arms. The workouts are tough but the 10 min. flys by and you are finished before you know it."
Amy, St Charles, MO

"I recently had a mild stroke and at times I fell like a deja vu. But before I was on a strick workout program where I was training on both lunchtime and afternoon. Now I am told that I lost muscle mass on my left side and I am told to lose weight. Now I have started a six week excercise program including the 10 Minute workout to help with the process. Hoping to God to achieve this goal."
Lorna Henry

"Love the 10 minute trainer. So far I have lost 53 lbs. in a little over 4 months by doing 2 of the 3 workouts 6 days a week and a healthy diet. I just got the deluxe workouts and plan to start them next week. Thanks so much."
Angie, Newburgh, IN

"I think that these exercise are excellent and the layout of them seems to be efficent."
Sandra Torres, Brooklyn, NY

"i ordered the 10 min trainer and cant wait to get it........feels like forever"
jackie, calgary, AB

"I woke up about 6am to this infomercial i want to loose weight but have never been convinced to buy any program. I am trying to loose at least 50 pounds hopefully up to 80. I ordered this program and am so excited to receive it and start working out and loosing weight I will update when I receive the program. Im excited to start Tony"
Keysha B, Dorchester, SC

"my bfs mom wants to get this series and im hoping she'll let me borrow it ive been doing P90X now for 2 months so when thats over im glad ill have something new to do"
emily, erie, PA

"My mom is always complaining about her weight and i really want her to feel good and also look good so im thinking of buying the 10 minute trainer and doing it with her. She deserves to feel good about herself and i also wouldnt mind loosing 10 pounds."

"i have been using 10 min trainer for a while now, i am also a runner i average 20 -25 miles per week. my question is i went out running the last couple days and the heart rate got maxed and had to stop a couple times is this due to not doing upper and lower body exercising. i would like your input on this thanks bob"
robert p rondeau, rochester, NH

"Great Product. I can barely get through 3 workouts in a row. Is it just me or is this product primarily marketed towards women. Now i feel like a wimp"
Ritchie, New YorK, NY

"Your killing me. I love these workouts. I never thought that a 10 min. workout would be so great. I have muscle pains that I never knew I could have. Which is good because that means there working. I worked out already with other dvds and bands. I also have the bowflex revolution. I thought that all my muscles were getting a good workout but I guess they were not. I sweat from start to finish.Once again LOVE these workouts."
Dianna, Inverness, FL

"My brother ordered the 10minute trainer DVD program for me today. I'm looking forward to getting started. I'll keep you posted on the results."
Sheryll, Brampton, ON

"I bought the full package with the 8 workouts, and I am totally satisfied. I was 275 lbs in Jan 2009, and as of june 25, i am 245. I do it on and off but now I'm committing more and doing 2 workouts a day. I plan to get to 225 on this, then move through the whole Power 90 series, P90X, and everything else. This program is a good way to start slow and work your way to longer workouts. I'm losin weight and becoming a fit dude. Bring it."

Cameron LeVack, Colorado Springs, CO

"I started on January 4, 2009. As of today, July 19, 2009, I lost 15 pounds and 17.5 inches. I have more energy and can do 3 workouts back to back."

"This is without a doubt the best home program I've ever tried As tough as it is the results are worth it"

"I decided to order the 10 minute trainer after my stepfather ordered the P90 X and lost about 50 pounds in a month. I can't wait to get it and start using it and see if it works as well for me"

"This is an awesome workout routine. I've tried P90X which is a hard core workout, a little intense for me right now, but I like it. However, the 10 Minute Trainer is perfect for me. ANYBODY can do this workout and build up to more difficulty or resistance. I noticed a difference right away. I have way more energy through the day and I feel buff when I'm done with the workout. Dont get me wrong it is a workout and you do sweat alot but that just means that it is doing what it is supposed to do."
Sheena Frizzell, Florence, AZ

"Hello, I just wanted to share my story with you Tony. At the beginning of this year me and my wife had decided to change our lifestyle an that came right after watching the infomercial on the 10 minute trainer. I have always struggled with my weight. My goal was simple... just sweat. It was hard at 1st but it did get easier and easier as time went along. When I started this I was 250 lbs with a 38 waist, 7 months later Im now 182 lbs with a 32 waist. Thanks Tony."
Zaldy Villamarin, calgary, AB

"I just ordered the 10 Minute trainer. Right now I weight 245. I'll let you know if a few months how well this product works. I'm very excited about starting the program and at 42 looking like I did at 22."

"I can't wait to start my workouts. I feel like I have been on roller coster rides with my weight all my life. I had a baby 7 months ago and to me I still look pregnant. I saw the program on tv and decided that enough was enough. I'm around 185 at."

"I purchased and tried the 10 minute workout and it was terrible. The bands were awkward along with the exercises. I was embarressed to do the workout in front of my husband. I loved the P90x though."

"This program is meant to be used with a door that has a center hinge. Yes, you can use is without the tension belt, but I really did not feel anything in my muscles. It is quick, and gets you moving."

"This is a good program for beginners or those who don't get any cardio at all, it would probably work well for those individuals. I consistently do about 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times per week, alternating slim in 6, slim series,and elliptical machine, but still have excess belly fat. I bought the program for that reason, however did not see much improvement in that area. My thighs did tone up a bit more, they burned the first few days, no significant weight loss, bands to door kit awkward."
April S., Mandeville, LA

"I looking forward to workingout, I am a 45 year old man but when I look in the mirror I dont llike what I see."
Maurice Gorrell, Redsville, NC

"I loved the 10 min trainer video's the first time i lost my weight from my previous pregnancy. It was quick and easy, especially after working a long day. I can't wait to start up again after I have my child."

"I have been doing 10 min. trainer for 7 months and am in the best shape of my life. I never thought I could have this body. I saw results immediatley so I can't stop. I do 2 or 3 routines a day back to back 5 or 6 days a week. I used to run 30 min. 4 times a week and was not satisfied with my appearance. These routines have changed my body, my arms, legs and middle have never been this lean, toned and gorgeous and I am approaching 40..Thank you Tony Horton, I wish I did this 10 years ago."
Stephanie, Clifton Park, NY

"I recieved 10 minute trainer as a gift after a freind heard me talk about it. I can tell you, this is great. I find that just doing one 10 minute session I can't stop I have to do 2 sessions. I used to do Taebo with awesome results but noticed with 10 minute trainer I am sweating fast. With taebo I would have to be into it 30 minutes before the same drench..hahaha. Because I have so many food allergies I may take longer than another person to get the results I want but well worth it. Awesome."
Marie, Vancouver, BC

"If you think you're too busy to work out think again. 10 Minutre trainer has helped me reach my goal of losing 10 lbs while still working my 10 hour work days 5 to 6 days a week, and going to school part time. It's a fun and effective workout. A MUST TRY if you are busy and want to lose weight."
Jessie, Pittston, PA

"I've watched a lot of commerials and ads and I had wanted to do something that would get me out of this stall with my weight. The 10-minute trainer is wonderful. I may not be able to do all the exercise for the full minute, but i put my best effort and i see results. I LOVE MY 10-MINUTE TRAINER. My goal seems attainable now."
colette, buffalo, NY

"I love these videos. I am addicted. My husband says he has not seen me this dedicated in years. I just tell him it's easy because I get such a kick out of Tony and the gals. Tony is amazing. He is funny, encouraging, and friendly. His instruction form and benefits is brilliant to keep you focused and understand the why and hows so you're not going along blind but instead a knowledgeable participant. His sense of humour and chatter with the workout gals keeps me coming back."
Laura Henderson, Ottawa, ON

"I had brain surgery a few years back and have been unable to do many exercises. I've never been overweight, sometimes underweight, but still not as fit as I'd like to be after 3 kids and life after 40. Last year, my husband, who has struggled with weight , bought P90X, and wow, never before has he had a 6 pack. I was impressed, but unable to do the routines . I saw the 10 min. trainer and decided to try it. I've lost inches and feel alive. Best part, I can do P90X and even run now.Thanks Tony"
Patrice, MI

"I just orded this product and cannot wait to get it home. My husband took the P90X with him on deployment. He is a Marine and has the rest of his unit hooked on it. I decided to order the 10 minute trainer to use while he's away. I am also a Marine and we are very competetive. We will see who gets the better resuts upon his return. LOL."

"it works and i love it. simple as that. i love that yoga is involved too. i'm ready for a new workout. are there any new ones yet"
andrea, kansas city, MO

"Well I am going to give this a try. I was doing P90X and it was painful but worked. But with my schedule an hour plus was not feasible so I think 10 minutes, maybe more will be easily achievable....so here it goes."

"Wow. I just received the 10 minute trainer for Christmas and did my first session today. I am really impressed by how many muscles are targeted throughout the workouts. Needless to say I REALLY felt it when I was done.
Jill, London

"I just recieved my 10 min. trainer yesterday, and did my first real workout this morning. I plan on following the workout planner that came with the kit. I am 22, have two children, and am about 35 lbs overwieght. I have a long way to go, but I am confident that I will be able to do it. I am starting out with just one workout a day..cause I am HORRIBLY out of shape, and will work my way up. I will post in the future with my results."
Lydia, Tualatin, OR

"I am a 37 year old guy and weigh 300lbs. I just ordered the TMT and I would love for this to be the workout that keeps me motivated to get the weight down. I am 6feet3inches in height so im not all over the place but I am too heavy. I really only want to get down to like 275 because I definitely do not want to be a little guy."
George, Dallas, TX

"I purchased this product three weeks ago and have been doing it faithfully for all three weeks. I have lost ten pounds and several inches off my body. I follow the 30 day calendar and have nothing but good things to say about the workouts. They are still hard to do after three weeks, and they really make you sweat. Definitely the best money I have spent in a long time. I am recommending this to my friends. After I master the 10 minute workouts I plan on moving on to P90X. Tony is great."

"I am actually from British Columbia Canada and thought I should let other canadians know that you can get the 10 minute trainer through The Treadmill Factory out of toronto and you dont have to pay shipping and handling or the border fees...Just as a heads up cuz I know all those extra fees can add-up really quickly and be a barrier to buying something like this... I just bought the 10 minute trainer and I am waiting for it in the mail and I am so EXCITED"
"Muscle weighs more than fat. It's a fact. As you lose inches, you gain muscle. Don't concentrate on the scale as much as inches. I am ready to begin my new 10 minute workout diet and exercise program. Starting on Tuesday."
TG, Atlanta, GA

"I love the 10 min trainer, my boyfriend is doing the p90x but with school fulltime and work i dont have the time to put in an hr everynight but with the 10 min trainer i can get a quick workout in everyday and add more workouts on the days i have off. I have already noticed a difference in how my clothes fit and cant wait to see more changes. I get a hard workout that gets me sweating in such a short amount of time. I recommend this for anyone w busy lives you can always fit in a 10 min workout."
steph, butler, PA

"I have been doing the 10 Min Trainer for some time now, Id say about 5 Months or somewhere around there if not more. I really like this, I lost about 15 pounds if not more and 2 pant sizes. The workouts are so tough at first for me anyway but you get stronger every time, and it just takes time, but you will see results. Thanks"
Mindy, SLC, UT

"I did the 4 week accellerated results program, all 3 workouts. I didnt intend to lose weight but to tone up. I am 5foot 6, 123lbs. My weight hasn't changed but I have more defined arms and my jeans fit more loosely. I have not noticed a great physical difference, probably because I see myself everyday and do not notice the changes like others do, but a friend told me I am a lot leaner and must be working out a lot. It was so motivating I am doing a 2nd round until I get P90X next."

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