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Brazil Butt Lift Customer Reviews and Success Stories
Oh man..this is an amazing workout. I'm in the fitness biz and was extremely impressed with the quality and fun of Leandro's workouts. Everyone should have this workout in their arsenal. Thanks Leandro."
Sam, Juno Beach, FL

"I am so glad i ordered this dvd. my thighs are my problem area and this addresses the issue. i am not new to working out, but i neglect my thighs because they are so hard to tone. with this dvd i am excited to work out in a new and refeshing way. thanks"
tamu brown, fayetteville, NC

"Wow, what an AMAZINGLY PRECISE workout for the booty. It targets every inch of the behind, it's great. It is challenging and fun, and you end each workout feeling the changes happening in your body. I am so glad that I ordered this program, and am already seeing my behind lift after only one and a half weeks. This is a big deal for me since I have always been plauged with thunder thighs and saddlebags. Thanks Leonardo for sharing your secrets to a sexy bottom with the world."
Jessica, Greensboro, NC

"I love this set, the Bum Bum is such a great cardio workout I have never gotten so sweaty in 30 minutes. The Cardio Axe is also tons of fun. The dance you learn is pretty easy to do. The set is so fast paced that the time flies. I feel like I get an awesome workout everytime I put in one of these videos. I don't follow the workout schedule provided, I mix up all my workout DVDs, but do find myself using these ones the most. I am very happy with my purchase."

"I just received my Brazil Butt Lift package today and am really excited to start the 6-Day Slimdown Plan. The meals are quick and simple, designed with foods that real people will eat. I haven't been this excited about a work out program in a long time, the title alone puts a smile on my face."

"FINALLY, a work-out that targets the booty. I am VERY happy with purchasing the Brazil Butt Lift. I LOVE the Bum Bum and High and Tight DVDs. Your booty will feel tight, round, and lifted. Your inner thighs feel strong and not flabby. I don't follow the entire regime, I just cycle these 2 DVDs in my workout regime. However, the Sculpt DVD is a good full body strengthening workout, if you don't want to bulk up."

"I have ordered every possible workout program there is this being the one that finally is working.I was not quite sure which program to start with i am now into the 6th week working out and omg there is such a noticable difference.Bril but lift works..If you have this stay with it.I finally got my monies worth My jeans fit a lot better and look great on me. also i am very busy and did not do it everyday so that is not an excuse."

"I will be 54 in April and I am a late blooming Mom by choice, of two of a 6 and 7 year old girls who are very active. I also have an ankle injury which I intend to have correct as much as possible very soon My soul is 38 along with my energy. However my however my hour glass figure what is left of it needs some major fine tuning or reconstruction. Can this product really help me too Is their still any hope left for me"

"This is my new favorite workout. I own many workout dvds but this is the first one that really makes me sweat and yet its actually fun to do. Really. I cannot keep up with allot of other workouts but Leandro really makes this a fun workout that I can keep up with. Thank you."

"HA. everyone should just work out and quit being lazy. Life is simple be active. Dedicate one hour a day and be happy with your life"

"I am a mother. I have always been overweight, my whole life. I wanted something that I could do at home, while still being there to be with my children. But it's time for me first. I want a program that will help me with all parts of my body. I found this just before starting a gym membership. I am getting remarried to a wonderful man, this time for keeps. I want to see all of my family and friends see me at my happiest, and right now, I'm just getting started..."
Tracey Bailey, aurora, IN

"The Brazil Butt LIft is a miracle. I have never received such an amazing workout and had fun doing it. It really works. I am a mother of 2 and did not think I could ever find a workout to get back in shape. I have completed my 30 day plan and everyone can see the results including me. If you want a firm butt, slim hips and thighs this is the best thing you can do for it. It makes you feel good and look good. What more could you ask for."
Crystal Morehouse, Lexington, SC

"This workout is absolutely worth the cost. I work out a lot, but my thighs seemed perpetually big. After using these DVDs for about two months and not dieting as I probably should have been, I have lost a pant size, my arms are more toned than ever, and I am a noticeably better runner. Plus, the DVDs beach scenes always take me away from the snowy area I live in. For anyone who wants to tone their butt, slim their thighs, and define their abs and arms, Leandro has the workout for you."
Kate, PA

"The best workout ever... energizing... I find myself smiling after working out ... you know your working hard but you want more...and I am seeing results in just 5 days... love it"
GG, phoenix, AZ

"I've been doing the dvd workouts for the last 17 days, I measured myself today, just to check my progress and was disappointed to see no change at all. I still feel like I've firmed up and enjoy the workouts so I'm sticking with it."
Jo Ann, Aurora, CO

"I absolutely love the Brazil Butt Lift. I've been working out for 6 weeks now and I have lost 19.5lbs and 20 inches. The workouts are challenging, but I have so much more energy throughout the day. It is definitely worth every penny."

"I have been reading the reviews and I guess question is that will this help my sagging upper leg musles and trim my thighs, seems that everyone is happy with this program so I am going to try it, I will return here to give my results"
Nathalie, charlotte, NC

"Love love love this workout. I had just completed P90X and had lost 50 pounds after the birth of my second child. I still could not fit into my jeans even though I had acheived my pre-baby weight. After 2 weeks of Brazil I was back in my jeans. YAY"

"Great workouts. My abs and my butt look amazing. I never thought i could get my body to look the way it does...and i've only been doing these workouts for a month. Can't wait to see how my body will continue to improve in the future..."
Tovah, Tucson, AZ

"I love all the beach body workouts -- turbo jam, p90x, etc. -- but a serious shoulder injury has sidlelined me from those. Looking around for something to at least keep the lower body in shape lead me to Brazilian Butt Lift and I love it. Leandro is a scream and the workouts are fun and challenging. Even here I have to hold off on some of the floor work that involves shoulders but with Leandro's help I will keep my lower body in shape till I can get back to working the whole body. Thanks BB."
pam over 50, Lancaster, PA

"OMG, This workout is the best. I been using it for a WEEK and is amazing, I can already tell the difference in my butt and my legs. I definetely recommend this workout, is fun and you even learn some dance moves."
marisol, san diego, CA

"Great meal plan and a program that works. In less than two weeks I see a hugh improvement. I work out a lot but needed to get that last bit of junk out of the trunk and this is perfect. I am so motivated. I love High and Tight and Body Sculpt."
Sunny Oberto, Ventura, CA

"it is possible that the workout is great for strengthen your legs and tighs, but what I see in the true stories pictures is that the butt of this women dissapper completely.....and they look flat from back....some of them used to have nice butt just they need to strengthen a little bit, but now dont look sexy....i wanna try this workout but no way if my buut is going to dissapear like theirs did...its my opinion.."

"I just recieved my Brazilian Butt workout in the mail. I am so excited to get started. After a whole lot of researching and reading reviews, I have decided this is the one for me. I don't need to lose weight butt definetely want to tone and lift my booty after three kids and turning 36. I will be back to share the amazing results I am expecting."
Tiffany, Baltimore, MD

"Thank you Leonardo Carvalho's it's really amazing, in just 6 weeks I seen very good results."

"I have been doing this plan for a week and went from a 38 cm waist down to a 36cm waist. it is very motivating and you feel good after."
Kellie, Centennial, CO

"I am 14years old and kids at school always told me that huge butt i was fat or I need to loose weight it get to me till I was in middle school one thing that they said I could not be was a model .So set out to find a way to prove them wrong.Then at night watch commeral for brazil butt life.I asked my mom to order it for me ,and so far I am proving them wrong"
rehema, OH

"SO aggravated I stopped workout. I love the workout but you make it difficult to learn the combos by swiutching to the beach scene and onluy showing the torso. I loose the steps. Why are you showing thw women's torsos. Mostly women buying the set. I am not interested in them but the steps but I loose the step when you cut back and forth so much and dont show the feet."

"I am on my 3rd week of the program and I am amazed at the results. My bum bum looks and feels great. And I love Leandro's energy and encouragement."

"I have been doing the Brazilian Butt Lift videos for a month and I have lost 4 inches off of my waist and hips. I also lost 2 inches off my legs. The videos are great."

"this workout is very effective, i saw results within a week and a half. my legs were slimer and my but is more lifted. i have not worked out in about a week becuase i have not been feeling weel and i still see the results. as soon as i feel better i am going right back to doing this workout. i love this workout and wish that there were more dvds to add to it."
megan j, bronx, NY

"I am a mommy of two very small boys and I needed something to do at home. I have tried so many different work out videos with little results because I wouldn't stay with them. I always got so bored of the same old thing. This was totally different. Within three days I started to notice a difference. I can honestly say these videos are fun and Leandro will keep you motivated. Huge difference in four weeks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND"

"All i have to say is you are stupid if you pass this deal buy. My ass looks awesome you will never regret it trust me.

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