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INSANITY Customer Reviews and Success Stories
Great product. It's a whole new cardio experience"
"Insanity is by far the best burn you can get in under 45 minutes. I love Shaun T's routines and have taken my fitness to a higher level than ever before. The nutrition plan is outstanding and so simple to understand."
Brian Tass, Novi, MI

"This stuff makes me hurt just watching it. This is by far the hardest workout I have ever tried. I thought I was tough, then I tried this. I LOVE IT"
Jessica, Arlington, TX

"Great workout This is INSANE I thought I was in pretty good shape until I started these workouts I use CATHE workouts alot and they are tough this is just as hard if not harder I look forward to the next workout with Shaun T but also dread it because I know it's going to kick my butt Hip Hop Abs has nothing on these workouts Well worth the money I highly recommend these if you want an insane workout that is fun yet hard at the same time Shaun T's energy is great and he keeps you motivated"

"Awesome work out. I'm used to spending 2 hours in the gym doing cardio and weight lifting and one video is equivalent to those 2 hours and then some. Can't wait till day 60."

"Insanity is just that, but I LOVE IT. I feel stronger and my clothes are looser in just 5 days."
Allison, Newark Valley, NY

"One week into this now and I love it, can't wait to see what comes next."
Christian, Las Vegas, NV

"You know the first day i did insanity which was the fit test i counldnt breath and i was exhausted. I cried because their was know way i could do this for 60 whole days, but now im in my second week i feel confident that i can finish this... i want my insanity tshirt. with the help of god and my family i will succeed"

"I thought P90x was hard, but you have to be in sane to do insanity. I complain but my husband knows I love it. Just to know that I've got to dig deeper to get through the workout and when it's over and the sweat is dripping and I do mean dripping, you feel great that you did it. And to know that each time you do more than the first time and more the next"
Michelle, Miami, FL

"Insanity is amazing It is all you could desire in a challenging and intense cardio program Work up to it Insanity is not for begininers I did 2 rounds of P90x and got amazing results but insanity still had me out of breath on day 1 haha."
James Bethea, central falls, RI

"This program is awesome. I did P90X and thought that nothing would top it, I was very wrong. One week in and INSANITY is taking me to a whole other level. Love It"
Jennifer, Pittsburgh, PA

"In the past, I've always been big on working out, done many types of workouts but had a bump in the road the last year. In september, I started the weight watchers plan and started working out again with p90x, power jam, power 90 master series, and my own eliptical machine but found that I wanted even more extreme, especially cardio workouts. Something to push my abilities to the brink. This is it. This is cardio work like I've never seen before. GET IT IF YOU DARE. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY."
Diana, Albany, NY

"Well...I am a boxing coach, and person who works out regularly. I seemed to reach a place were I wasn't getting the results I wanted in the time I wanted. I was sitting in front of the T.V. and seen the Insanity commercial and instantly knew this was what I needed....not just for me but my boxing team also. I've just started Mon, and now have done the Tues work out ....wow, this is what I've needed, extremely intense. Now I'm ready to see where this takes me and my team, I cant wait."
Tony Mannila, Ashland, WI

"CAN YOU SAY INSANITY. I was so excited to get my package I was ready to take the fit test. I thought ok this is hard but I'll give it my all. Tthe second day was Plyometric Cardio Circuit OMG I want lie I thought I was DEAD. But I prevailed and I can't wait to see what comes next."
Teresa Rigsby, G.C.S., FL

"I seen the commercial, and decided to go for it, because my workout has not given me the results. I just started and see why Insanity is what it is....complete no holds bar cardio burner. I cant wait to see the results, thanks Shawn T."
Tony Mannila, Ashland, WI

"Ive been using INsanity for a week and its wonderful, hopefully i will reach my goal."
Garland, Houston, TX

"I was confused if I should buy Charlene Xtreme or Insanity but I am glad I finally bought insanity. Now I know that I am way out of shape. I am loving it. Although I don't follow it everyday but I am losing the weight and it makes you hungry"
Roselyn, Arlington, TX

"This is a crazy workout program. I am in my second week. It is insane but fun at the same time. You will feel like dying during each workout, but afterward, you become energized. Unlike mos others, my goal is to gain weight in muscle instead of losing weight. Try it to feel it."
Kevin Yuk, Flushing, NY

"I just got done with the first week of Insanity. I feel great and can't wait to see the final results. It feels great to challenge yourself and come out feeling good."
TJ R., Minot, ND

"i tried the first few workouts but couldn't finish. i know the whole point is to build up stamina but i couldn't go pass 10 min. i love the videos but need to build up my stamina by doing hip hop abs. i will complete the insanity challenge."
saundra, charlotte, NC

"everyone that telling their story are in a game with T. where are the peopl who are at home, who are donig the dvd. i just want to see some of the people review who are not their with you,"
kenya, Columbia, SC

"Shaun T s INSANITY is the real deal. I own other workout dvd's,have done martial arts, ketltlebells, Crossfit, bootcamp, but INSANITY is the only program where Ive really felt PUSHED. The production quality, music, videography, choreography, and of course Shaun T are top notch. I knew after the very first 10 minutes into the warm up, that I made the right choice in buying the Deluxe set. The workouts are hard, but you KNOW you are pushing it to the max. Push play and go INSANE."

"'Though I curse Tonya out whenever the workout gets insane but she is still my motivation. I watch her everytime and I challenge myself to follow her speed and it works. I am loving my Insanity video."
Roselyn, Arlington, TX

"I have a question is this exercises that someone thats a little over weight could do or this is just for the people that are in pretty good shape i just purchase it and i am just wodering because of all the costumer reviews sound like people that are good fitness level.Thanks"
Zoila Hurtado, Rockingham, NC

"I just took my second fit test and have noticed that in two weeks I have drastically improved in all areas of the fit test, even doubleing my reps on some of the exercises. this stuff really works."

"This program is awesome. i absolutely love it. the workouts are fun and go by quickly. the first month was tough but not too bad but the second month is really kicking my butt. I have three weeks left to go in the program and all i can say is what is next"

"This is an amazing workout. In under 40 minutes you have worked every muscle. I am only on my first week and I have so much energy.I am looking forward to day 60."

"I have lost 30 lbs over last month and a half working with a trainer and going to Weight Watchers. I am 45 yrs old, 5ft 9in and 270lbs. I am strong and have a lot of endurance. People always tell me that I look like a older fullback. I have a bad knee and stay away from jogging and jumping exercises. How much jumping is involved with Insanity. If one cant initially keep up with program shld they start with another. If so which one. Maybe Chalean Extreme, P90, P90X. Or shld they jump in."

"I have started and stopped mid-way in so many workout routines that I have lost count. I am now almost done with my 7th week of Insanity and I still look forward to it everyday. I have not missed a single workout and find myself scheduling my day around my workouts. It is the hardest workout I have ever done, but the most rewarding. I am not only seeing my body getting harder and leaner than it has ever been, I am finding my self-confidence going up because I know that I can truly Dig Deeper"
Lisa Pierce, Madison, WI

"Im ordering Insanity next weekend, and im ver excited to see the results i get. Im only 17 im not fat, but im not in the best shape. So im happy to know it will all change very soon. I will post my results after the 60 days."

"i loved hip hop abs. But this work out is seriously INSANE. Just finished my first week and i am sore. But it is gonna be worth it.. Cannot wait to take my second fit test to see how much i have improved."
sarah, orlando, FL

"I started insanity few weeks ago....and shaun is just amazing. Results are turning out to be amazing, its just unbeleivable. Sahun motivates you to push harder n harder. hez just amazing. when i bought the DVD, i was wondering is it worth spending 130, trust me once u feel the change....its less wht u paid .... thanks to shaun for putting it on DVD."
Chaithrodaya Sukruth A.K., Boston, MA

"I have bought every tough workout video....including P90X... available and NONE of them have compared to Insanity. I had sweat dripping into my eyes, but had no time to wipe the sweat away. I cannot wait for the next workout. I know it is going to be tough but I cannot wait to see how Shaun is going to kick my butt on a daily basis. He pushes you beyond your fitness level. I would highly recommend this to anyone serious about getting into the best shape of their life."
Sheri Plucker, Snohomish, WA

"If you want to build up your cardiovascular endurance, this is it. This is THE program to get . You will work out to your max in every dvd, and you will feel good burning all those calories. When they say that this is the hardest workout every put on DVD, they weren't joking. I have never seeing a training dvd in where the participants actually colapse, moan, and gasp as they lay motionless on the floor. After every one of my workouts, my floor is COVERED in sweat. Get it."
"Wow. What a workout. I have been an avid hiker and yoga fanatic for years and this workout completely kicked my butt. The positive is the transformation of both mind and body has been amazing. I have pushed myself further than I ever thought possible."
Lori Leary, Woodbridge, VA

"i am totally out of shape and i have about 20 pounds of baby weight to lose is this program for me"
christina, Salinas, CA

"I'm already into Month 2 of INSANITY and all I can say is WOW. This stuff is intense and I'm reaching a whole new level of Fit that I've never imagined I would reach. This is definitely worth the time and money, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge."
Mary Guillermo, San Francisco, CA

"I started p90x, but i am loking to get resistance because i just started competing in surfing. I need to be very fast in the water so that i can catch a lot of waves and get back to the point were i took the wave, this part its the hardest because you are exahusted and you cant wait a second to get another wave i also need to have flexibility to do my tricks. I was wondering if insanity is better than p90x for my training."
Maylene, Guaynabo, PR

"Wow all i can say is this program is killer. Im bearly into my second day and it was really tough. I am way over weight, but i was hangin in there suprisigly. Thanks for the great program, i will come back in 57 day and tell you how it went."

"This program is excellent for the younger set. What do you have for seniors"

"I am 20 years old and have cheered competitively from middle school throughout my sophomore year in college After hanging up my cheerleading uniform I have put on some serious pounds and will be purchasing INSANITY asap I cant wait to go INSANE I HAVE GOT TO GET MY BODY BACK AND I WILL"
Jessica Jakes, Columbus, GA

"I have completed 5 years in the Marine Corps and have been seriously considering getting out. I felt I had hit a wall that could not be knocked down. I just have to say that I have NEVER done workouts like this before and I am now getting in better shape than I ever thought possible. INSANITY has given me the motivation and physical fitness level to sign myself on for another 4 years. Shaun T, you are amazing Thank you for giving me my drive and determination back. I feel like I'm 20 again"

"I have a 9 month old son and i really want to get in the best shape of my life.I'm going to take the INSANITY challenge.See you in 60 days from now."
kimberly, el paso, TX

"Im so exicted to start insanity. I workout on a regular basis but I wanted more of challenge because Im at a plateau and when I saw this video I knew this is what I've been looking for. I can't wait to start I want a rock hard bod."
chelsea, phoenix, AZ

"I have a 18month old daughter and since I had her Ive in and out the gym on and off diets trying to loose this last 20lbs. And im on my second week of INSANITY and I am feeling the energy boost Im telling everyone I can make through 60days and more this is my new LIFE"
Alicia Holliday, columbia, MD

"I am 60 pounds overwight and las week i decided to get me a personal rainer for 45.00 a hour but this past weekendf i changed my mind. i saw insanity and i thought i would give it a try first. i cant wait until it arrives. im actually excited about working out and looking good again."

"GREAT WORKOUT. I wish there were different body types doing the dvd. Everyone in the dvd are thin and look to be in shape."

"Outstanding music, fast-paced workouts, no equipment to buy, and nothing to write down. Just follow your instructions, follow the meal plan, and do your best and you'll find gold. I look forward to a well-done sequel series."

"Insanity is an intense workout. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to spice up their workout routine. shaun T is a great fitness trainer who keeps you digging deeper to meet your goal."
Vanessa Libroia, Harrington Park, NJ

"i couldnt sleep last night so i decided to watch some tv. i saw the insanity commercial and now ive got to have it. it reminded me of some of the crazy exercises that my sergeant used to have me doin at BCT and AIT. it worked then and i am looking forward to getting back in shape the INSANE way"

"Okay, I just completed the first week of this killer program, and I an AMAZED. NO gimmicks here kids, just straight up total body circuit training that I am almost convinced that the body isn't made to do.I have been at this for many years and found P90x was challenging in the start but I ended up needing to wear3-5 lb ankle weights and use 5lb dumbells throughout the cardio workouts of P90x just to get the feeling that I worked hard enough. Congrats Shaun T as you have outdone yourselves"
Donna L, Winnipeg, MB

"This is the Only workout video i have ever been interested in, and after Day 1 today, i believe in it even more... 63 days of this will definitely introduce a new beast. Hey mom, watch me. Dig DEEP"
Lawrence Mabry, Charlotte, NC

"I will turn the big 40, January 2010....and I want to look 25...ordered the video, can not wait to see how I will look in 60 days."
Mary, Beaumont, TX

"Just finished the Insanity workout series. Completely amazing results. I am 47, have had 4 children and my body looks fantastic. So many people stop me to compliment me and to ask me what I did to get into such great shape. At first, it was really challenging, and I was already in pretty decent cardio shape. You do have push through, but when you start seeing the results you want more. Thank you ShaunT, best workout series ever."
Susan Roop Moyer, Fort Myers, FL

"I just received my insanity workouts and am on day 2. I am blown away by how intense these workouts are. I thought my fitness level was great, but I have a lot of work to do to make it to day 60. I have never done such an intense workout, and I've been working out with a trainer for 3 yrs. I have one concern...I'm not sure if it's ok to modify the moves when I'm becoming exhausted, or pause the workout to catch my breath. That would be good info. to have."

"I've been on Insanity for 3 days and it is the hardest workout I've done by far. I noticed today that my pores were beginning to unleash persperation and I was in the stretch mode. This will get you in the best shape of your life. The nutrition plan is easy to understand..I haven't cooked in years till now. Thank God for George Foreman Grills"

"This program is incredible. If you are looking for something to push you harder than ever, then this is the program for you. For those who are debating between P90X and Insanity, it really depends what you are looking for. Insanity will certainly get you lean, build muscle and endurace. Although, I would argue that as a whole, P90X is better for a complete overall body transformation given the variety of the workouts whereas Insanity focuses more on cardio. But no doubt, you WILL see results."
Joseph, Canyon Country, CA

"I have completed two sprint triathalon's and am in pretty good cardiovascualr shape....let me tell ya Shaun T is seriously the most challenging work out I have ever done.Anyone looking to up the ante should try this program.Plus Shaun T is pretty nice to look at."

"For years I neglected my body and let muscle turn to fat. I cannot believe how quickly Insanity changed that. I have muscle again, more energy and self-confidence that was lacking before. LOVE IT"
Angie, Racine, WI

"Wow I am so use to doing an hour on high intense Cardio on the treadmill and then getting into high intense weight lifting for speed and endurance I got this program because it looked like it was different then all the other ones and I felt as though it would get me the results I am looking for When I first started I thought my Cardio was pretty darn good and that I'd have no issue keeping up. I couldn't finish the Fit Test The Fit test was a workout I was dripping sweat after that"

"My husband and I finished the first 60 days of Insanity 3 weeks ago, took a break and are ready for round 2. It is awesome, our final fit tests were incredible as compared to Day 1. We are looking forward to sticking with the eating program now that we know what to expect from the workouts. The extra Max Sports and Conditioning DVD is well worth it and we did this along with Cardio Abs during our 3 weeks off. This program does not get easier, you just get better and stronger."
Lisa, Erial, NJ

"I have wanted Insanity for a while now. I finally purchased it and did the Fit Test. I just can't bring myself to start the program. It is so intense... HELP"
Teeh, Hampton, VA

"Week one finished and I earned my day off.This is the most physically intense workout I have ever experienced. Workouts leave me wrung out and feeling wonderful. Already I can see results and I have never felt better. I look forward to my workouts with excitement and a little anxiety because I know that each time I am going to get my butt kicked. INSANITY"
dennis gerber, anaheim, CA

"Insanity is amazing. We are just now starting our 2nd month.....the Max month and OMG"

"I saw the commercial on TV over the weekend and decided to purchase it. I am about 20lbs over weight and not in good shape at all. I have an ideal weight I want to reach. I served in the Marines and would like to be in great shape like I was then. I want to look good both in and out of my clothes. I tried P90x but never finished it. I may be crazy going to this dvd instead of finishing P90x but I am determined to get in great shape. I will push through and make it in 60 days"
Mrs. T, CA

"I have been doing P90X for over 2 years. Love the workout but wanted more cardio than P90X was giving us.. Ordered Insanity...WOW. Great workout. I am completely wet with sweat during the warm up. We now do the resistance DVDs of P90X and substitute Insanity for our 3 cardio days. Great combination of strength training and cardio." "I am in my 3rd week and could not be happier. I did the P90X and the P90X Plus and this is just what I was looking for to continue the extreme workouts. Anyone thinking of trying this should just got ahead and do it."
kevin, brooklyn, NY

"After having a baby last year I set a goal of running a half marathon. I never trained and planned on just walking the race. But then my husband purchased Insanity. After just the first month, I completed the half marathon. I finished only 11 min off my best ever pace. I know this is all due to Insanity. I now weigh less than I did when I got pregnant and I feel great. Thank you."
Erin Olsen, Bakersfield, CA

"I just started the insanity program today. WOW I was DONE just after the fitness test. It was a great workout."
Jared, Fresno, CA

"I am on day 46 of Insanity and man it has been a journey. My heart is getting stronger along with my body. I am going to try P90X after this round of Insanity. No other workout has pushed me like this one and I really enjoy the challenge. Dig deep"
Tonda H., Merrillville, IN

"I love this routine, it really, truly is INSANE. But worth every ounce of sweat. The results are soooooo unbelievable, I turned 40 this yr and never thought that I would be in a size 4 jeans."
Danielle, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

"does this excercise contain a lot of jumping and stuff cuz i live in an apartment and i dont think my neighboors would like it too much"
Christi, Paris, IL

"I came over to the States from London for my Holiday and the main highlight was receiving my Insanity workout dvd package which I ordered Packaging it like a book was genius All I can say is SHAUN You're the MAN Just started the Month 2 Workouts and L O V I N G it"

"i cant wait for insanity to get here im not in the greatest of shape even though i am in the army i just have not found the time to go to the gym on a regular schedule im hopeing this will get my butt in gear"

"I am 20 years old now and unfortunately 193 pounds This is the biggest Ive ever ben which motivated me to get Insanity In high school I was on the dance and softball team well Im a junior in college time wit little time to spare and I dnt believe n complaining if im not goin to make changes I did the Fit Test yesterday which proved im passed out of shape yet im determine to be fine and fit 59 days from yesterday cnt wait to see whats in store for today"
Myya, Memphis-Martin, TN

"I just completed my 3rd Insanity workout and oh my goodness. This year I ran 2 half marathons and a full marathon and I was looking for a new good cardio workout so I could take a break from running. I was bit skeptical that this would actually be a good cardio workout for me. I was wrong. I can't believe how challenging the workouts are. I have to really push myself to get through the full 30-40 minutes and I am sore from head to toe. Keep the challenging workouts coming"
Kim, West Chester, OH

"This workout is appropriately titled. I am on Day 5 of this 60 day psycho program. It is the best workout if you need to kick your own workout up a notch - or 10 notches. You dont need to be in tip-top shape to start, but this is not for people who have been strangers to the gym. Every workout I feel like I'm dying, but can't wait to do the next workout. I highly recommend Insanity."

"Wow. This workout is phenomenal. I thought I was in shape. I have been doing Insanity for 4 weeks. The changes have been unbelievable. I finally have a butt. I am naturally thin and am building amazing defintion. People are commenting and my husband is jealous. The energy that this workout creates lasts all day. I am the mother of a five year old and I wear him out. Did I mention I am 43. Thank you thank you Shaun T I do the work but you sure deliver."
Krista Davis, Windermere, FL

"I started TODAY Let me start off by saying that I am overweight. I am 5 6 and weigh 198 pounds. I have worked out on and off for years.Ok I did the fit test today and let me say that I started off pretty good...then reality set in. OH my goodness..it was tuff. I had to stop after the 3rd exercise. I took a 5 minute break during that time to keep myself from throwing up.Then I returned to the point were I stopped and completed the fit test. I am hooked after 1 workout.I will keep yall updated."

"INSANITY is hands down the best work out iI have ever done. I'm two weeks in and can't believe the results I recommend doing the program with a partner or two to push each other, because believe me, there are days when you might think you can't be that INSANE.....But you can be If you're serious about getting into shape , get INSANITY, you will not be disappointed"
Chris, Boston, MA

"i am now in week two of the MAX workouts. wow. the first month went awesome. the workouts are very intense and i love them. i compare it to being back in h.s. track and football training. i can see results. waiting now for the end result to happen and i believe it will. i did p90x for a year and decided to try something new. if you are new to working out i would recommend doing p90x first before trying insanity. p90x will get you ready for insanity. i love insanity."
Jessica Q, IA

"I love Shaun T and his workouts - he is very motivating. I am definitely stronger than I was when I started. I am 46 and have found the hip flexor exercises are to strenuous on my hips, I'm fairly flexible but the constant exertion felt painfully damaging rather than painfully stregthening. Sadly I have to stop to get the pain to stop."

"I am so excited I ordered the insanity and can't wait til it arrive. I am in school and since fall semester started I have'nt worked out, so I am feeling sluggish. Before I was doing the p90x and love it the weight training is as good or better than going to the gym that's overcrowded. But the cardio is ok. Once I finish the 60 day, I'm going to incorporate the insanity video on the cardio days of p90x."

"Just ordered Insanity...I have just over 60 days till I leave for basic training for the Army. Hopefully this truely works and gets me in great shape before I go."
Jarrod, Dodge City, KS

"The Fit Test on Insanity was just that INSANE, I cheated a little I had to rest a couple minutes longer inbetween exercises but finished it. LOL I thought I was going to Puke. LOL I really liked the exercise with out weights I finally found the right program for me. Starting my journey while weighing 240 Ib. Thanks guys"

"Recently saw the commercial for this product and got a copy of it.It seems very interesting and since I am currently doing a six week training program. I am looking forward for the New Year to start this workout and to get an INSANE body too."
Lorna Henry, Port- of-Spain Trinidad

"I live in Horizon and My volleyball team decided we are not in shape, so we decided that insanity was for us...So far we love it and we are getting in shape by every Video we do....."
Sarah Melendez, El Paso, TX

"I saw the commercial for insanity and I could not stop watching. I want to try it but I'm only 16 I'm going to be 17 on a few months but I was just wondering if you thought I should get this I'm really not in the best shape at all and I really want to be."
Lexi, Sacramento, CA

"I love Insanity I have Twin babies I can go to de gym so Insanity work very good for me because I don't need any equipament I can do the videos around my babies. I feel stronger and motivate to do every day ."

"In my last week of Insanity. 5 more workouts and 1 more Fit Test. My results for the Fit Test have increased each time for each exercise. Feeling great and loving it. The results are undeniable. Did P90X, P90X Plus, and now Insanity. RevAbs is next."
Kevin, Brooklyn, NY

"I start my second week today 12-07-09 and my wife is doing it with me and is a real good work out. we feel very good about it. we are trying the meals by the book it seems a lot of food but I hope we will see the end results."
rafael castillo, rincon, GA

"I have never ever seen a exercise return work so well. In two weeks I have seen unbelieveable results."
janette, clovis, CA

"Day 2-- I woke up feeling more energy than I have ever felt from any exercise routine. I am a runner and in good shape aerobically-- this program is making a difference -- I am on week 3 right now and I have indentations in my upper abdomen that I have NEVER seen before."
Edna Brown, St.Louis, MO

"Your nutrition guide should include more vegetarian and especially vegan options with caloric and nutrient breakdown. As a vegan, who is considering this program, I am left to figure all this information out on my own. Since this program is very precisely calculated on daily calorie intake and the 40 40 20 protein, carb, fat breakdown, this will require a lot of additional work on my part in calculating my daily needs. Not really what I'm paying for in buying a program of this nature."
Racquelle Pilon, Port Moody, BC

"Insanity is just that, insane. It is the best cardio workout I have ever experienced. 10-15 mile runs are no more for fat loss and cardio fitness. You want fast addictive results then this is for you. I was seventeen and had just recovered from a pulled Achilles Tendon when I started. I had to build my strength up for ballet auditions but I felt like I couldn't do it fast enough. Then my bro found this program and I was hooked. I am now on my second sixty days. Insanity does things to you."
Tiarra, Prineville, OR

"as i watch insanity on the tv everyday, it makes me see if i can push myself. i had everything done for me. im not too big nor too small i am a athlete who thought im in good shape. as the female in your interview thought she was in shape and was a athlete, struggled the first round.Knwing that im in jus 16 meaning young but im willing to push.thats only if im old enough to be on the the show i want to be the example , the leader of those that are over weight, i want to show them they can do it."
shaunte' jordan, pine bluff, AR

"Could not wait did the fit test will begin today I would like to say to all those who wnt to lose weight do not give up since I am physically handicap too and I am willing to try to lose the weight at any cost"
Lorna Henry, Trinidad West Indies

"I saw the commercial and want to give this program a try but I have some concerns. I am very petite but not in the greatest shape so I am wondering would this program work for someone who can not afford nor wants to lose weight but just wants to tone up and become more healthy"
M. Janeen Harrison, Wildwood, FL

"This workout is great for increasing your cardio. I hoped for a better ab results, but lower body was great. Its lots of leg work. It says your should eat 5 meals a day, which I did not do. Maybe if I had I would have seen better results. I realized by getting my metabolism going faster I would have gotten better results. I recommend adhering to the meal plan, and dont skip workouts. But beware it is a hard as they say it is."
Jennifer, san diego, CA

"I'm an apache mechanic in the army and have been on a profile for months now due to fractures in my right tibia. I order INSANITY as I know I can survive it. If I could survive basic training, believe me, I went from doing 6 push ups in 2 minutes to 45 push ups in 2 minutes, I can survive this. I will post another review one week in."
Isabelle Kelley, Charlotte, NC

"Outstanding workout. I have 18 years experience in cardio intense martial arts and this gave me a run for my money. This system has improved my energy levels in such a short time. Thanks Shaun T."
Drew, Odenton, MD

"Just finished day 3 workout and I LOVE this program. It's also a great way to teach my kids about fitness. They watch as I do these workouts and my 2 year old cheers me on by saying, Look at you Mommy. I would definitly recommend this program to someone. If you are in any type of decent shape, or don't workout often, this will kick your butt and it will help you improve your overall fitness. Keep pushing Play."
Stephanie, Lompoc, CA

"I work out two days a week would your program benfit me. or if I work out twice a day on tues-wednesday is that equalivane two four workout day. would your program me i am a truck driver"
Andrew Childress, lancaster, TX

"Im doing this for me I deserve to look and feel the best I can be Im 24 will be 25 in two weeks so I want 2010 to be the beginning of the best of the rest of my life."
Stephanie M., Deltona, FL

"I had a baby 8 months ago and I have a birthday coming up soon. I have always been overweight and I am not looking for a rock hard body in 60 days, I am however, looking forward to buying lower double digit clothing to wear for my birthday, I have tried other exercise programs and I must say, they did not bring the results. I believe INSANITY is gonna bring it on. I am ordering mine today and hopefully my before and after pics will be posted."
Donna B., jackson, MS

"Tough and tougher but you should get results. My tip for everyone is make sure you stretch after the workouts longer so you spare yourself the soreness the next day. Also the cardio recovery is a little easy so you could replace with power yoga or add to it that way. I cut the calories recommended for me because I have an average metabolism so at age 33 I am eating between 1400 and 1550 calories."
Camden Smith, Naples, FL

"I'm starting my second week of Insanity and am amazed by how intense this workout is. The entire first week I was so sore it hurt to do anything. After the second day I had a meltdown because it hit me how out of shape I am. However, I'm using it as motivation to work harder and one day do the entire video without stopping due to exhaustion. I feel like this program will get me to where I want to be. I'll publish my results after the 60days eventhough I plan on continuing past then."
Dyana Gutierrez, Denver, CO

"I am a 30 yr. old police officer and martial artist. I have put my self through some tough workouts and have even been through the great p90x routines. Nothing that I have done compares to Insanity. I fell in love with these workouts from day one and am still being challenged to date. I have told everyone I know about these amazing workouts and will recommend them to anyone. Well worth the purchase."
Richard Sass, delhi, NY

"I am ordering Insanity today. I will be attending my 20 year class reunion in July and I used to be a much smaller size. I am always told that I look so much younger than I am and now I am ready to feel so much younger than I am. In 60 days I will have my t-shirt, but better than that I will have a better way of life."
Melissa Stafford, Sanderson, FL

"I have watched the adss for this product for several weeks and ahve wanted to order it but just couldn't bring myself to. then one morning my very fit husband or so we both thought. could not button his jeans he was use jto wearing. That was when I decided to go ahead and do it. I need to loose some weight and get back into shape and he needs to do something a little different in his workout program. I am looking forward to getting started. I will be sure to send pictures of both of us."
Allison, Princeton, WV

"I am on my 2nd month of INSANITY, and I must say it does improve your cardio, however my weight is the same and my abs are the same. I complete the entire workouts with only a few breaks every now and then. I 'm gonna pair Insanity with P90x, due to the fact every part on my body is getting soft, except the back of my thighs. My inner thighs and the rest of my body has lost muscle tone. I eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks between meals,so I can't understand why my body isn't changing like I thougt"
Linda, Lewisville, TX

"This workout is just great. My Husband and I did p90x last year and we thought that was hard. This is by far the hardest cardio workouts that I have ever done, what a great program. We are only 2 weeks in and we have both noticed a big difference already."
"I have been doing insanity for 3 weeks...I must say that it's really not as good as they make it sound. It's a lot of movement but no real exercise. I guess if you are already somewhat fit then you will see results faster....Up to this point I haven't seen any. If I were going to gym in these last 3 weeks I would have gotten some results."
"I was a wrestler from junior high all of the way through high school. And i just happened to have a coach that gave that hardest workouts in the state. This is the only workout that i have ever seen that can even get close to those workouts that i was missing so much. This is a great program, Stick with it and you will not be sorry."
Haze Osborn, Mapleton, UT

"Before this program I couldn't do a push-up now I can. These workouts are hard but if I stick with them I know they will produce results."

"Question Pertaining to my previous review I am physically handicap who is very health conscious due other medical issues that have caused me to gain weight I am a very enthusiatic and intrigued However certain moves in the DVDs I have come up with some substitute moves due tocertain limitations I am in my 4th week and enjoying it."
Lorna Henry, Trinidad andTobago West Indies

"Just received my Insanity today, completed the fit test..barely. What a workout. I'm going into this moderately fit, looking to lose weight, concerned about the comments about losing muscle...I'm hoping if I keep up my protein requirements, I wont lose any muscle. Note They are serious about being in good physical shape before starting this, it is an EXTREME workout video series. I think the only way to get through this is to realize you are going to have to take several breaks before mastery"

"INSANE, Yes and so am I for thinking it was much ado about nada. Im glad I was wrong. Im on Day 7, although I havent seen extreme results, I finish every workout sweating and panting and praying for it to be over. I do believe it will get me in shape without bulking me up... Im excited to see the results... Ill ck back after a month."
gloria, brooklyn, NY

"OMG is all I can say... I'm in my 2nd week of Insanity and I'm TRULY LOVING IT. I'm an on and off again gym member along with being slightly overweight for my height, but I'm DIGGING DEEPER. I'm seeing results in smaller areas of my body that are visible. In addition, I have a lot more energy. I definitely encourage overweight people to purchase this workout. It's okay to go grab water, for a break... just get back into it, but whatever you do... DON'T PRESS PAUSE"
Carmon, Saint Louis, MO

"My husband and I watched your show saturday morning we were impressed. My husband is in shape but as for me I am overweight. I want to be back to 150lbs. I am now at 195 and I am 5' 4 ht. As you can tell I am to short for this much weight. I want this for myself could you PLEASE choose me for a 60 day total body conditioning program. Where ever you are I will get there. I hope to hear from you soon."
"this will be my second week and I am looking forward to it. I have to admit it is the hardest thing I have ever done, but I do recommend it to everyyone. This is my 1st program that i actually look forward to finishing"
Art, Anthony, NM

"i did not go all the way through insanity the first time through...but this time around i am brining it. probably the best workout routine i have ever done. i am on week four now and sso far i have lost 25 pounds and 7 inches off my waist...im telling you if you do this workout you wont be sorry"
ryan steinbarge, vancouver, WA

"I absolutely LOVE insanity. I'm completely addicted to it. It's by far the single most amazing workout I've ever done, and I've been trying to get all of my friends to do it with me. To be honest a lot of them are scared to though, but I can't get enough for it."
Leah, Sweetwater, TN

"I just started Insanity this week. It is no joke. My whole body hurts. The good hurt though. This workout truly is insane and works every muscle in your body. I look forward to being able to keep up with Shaun and makeing it through a whole workout without taking an extra break."
Dan Anthony, Fountain, CO

"I'm only 19 years old and I weigh 225 after my 2 sons. I saw the commercial for insanity at 11 at night. i really hope this works for me. i've tried turbo jam, running,and nothin gives me results that i see. hopefully this is what will work for me. good luck to me."
Kimi b., Kona, HI

"I started working out at a very young age. Now at 29 going on to 30, I decided to challenge myself once again. This is a GREAT workout program and definitely one for serious minded people only. I do my regular weight training regimen in the morning and in the evening my insanity dvd's take over 3 to 4 times a week. Shaun...YOU ROCK."
Sarah Alli, Brooklyn, NY

"I am a Marine and this is the best cardio workout for losing weight and decreasing run times. I am losing fat but gaining muscle, only in my legs and abs though, but def slimming down. So the scale is a little deceiving but the mirror doesnt lie. Its my first time following a nutrition plan so closely and I can tell you it is helping so much. BTW I HAVE A PACEMAKER BECAUSE I FLATLINED FOR 20 SECS 6 MONTHS AGO. This workout has helped me recover and increase my fitness."
Jason, Jacksonville, NC

"I am 5 ft 11, 240 lbs, age 20, and i have a decent size gut but am pretty built from playing football. I have been trying to lose weight for so long, but it is so hard. I have done a triathlon and want to continue but I need something that has fast results and a fast pace. I cant wait to start Insanity to get thinner and in better shape"
Bobby, Columbia, MO

"I started INSANITY 2 weeks ago with my sister and I love it. I always wanted a workout plan that was for people who had been in shape or in sports in the past but had gotten out of it for whatever reason. I love that I'm always pushing myself to go a little bit harder while Shaun T is yelling at me through the TV. Great workouts and I can't wait for day 60 so I can submit my before and after photos and get my t-shirt."

"Insanity is a great work out. I am a certified personal trainer and kick boxer. I have been active all of my life by playing sports in high school and college. I love insanity because it pushes you to try harder. I have finished insanity once. I have started it again and almost finished with the first month. Result will vary depending on how your eating. You will get great cardiovascular and strength results. I would recommend this workout for everyone."
Mike, Charlotte, NC

"I first started this and couldn't get through the whole videos. I tried my best but was just exhausted in just the last few minutes and had to stop. I'm on my 10th day right now and not only have I been able to get through the whole video's, I can keep up pretty well and I'm not as winded. I haven't noticed too much difference physically but I'm sure it will come. I feel great already. I can't wait for it to be done."
Erika, Windsor, ON

"SO MUCH SWEAT IN THE FLOOR MAN THE FIRST WEEK ME AND MY BUDIES LOST ALOT OF WEIGHT This program is HARD The most intense workout it feels like your training to the highest level Before i got insanity i bragged to my freinds about how hard it is Even exagerated now i believe every word i said WOW LISTEN IF YOU WANT AN INTENSE BODY IN SIXTY FLAT DAYS DOOOO INSANITY If you make excuses this is not for you COME ON YAA LEEETS GOOOOOOOO"
Ronald, bronx, NY

"My Husband and I are Very excited about Insanity but I have four kids and havent yet seen anyone with stomach or love handles like us Real people with real issues in their tissues would be more motivational i think We would love to have our before and after pics posted"
april, memphis, TN

"My husband and I had been doing the P90X and Turbo Jam dvds for the last 2 years and decided to tackle the Insanity workouts, too. I have such a love hate relationship with Shaun T and this workout.... I hate the fact that I'm sucking wind, but love the fact that my cardiovascular endurance has improved so drastically with these workouts. Anyone who is looking for a challenge, this workout is it."
Holli Sevigny, Newnan, GA

"i am 56 years old.. i have bought insanity from an individual ..i have always been very active in sports and have always took care of my physical shape.. i looked at P90X and Insanity and i am going to try Insanity ..i want to push myself to the limit and see what kind of results i can achieve.. i plan on starting within a week .. tks bob mills"
Robert Mills, Princeton, NC

"Just purchased INSANITY this morning. My fiance and I are getting married in April and we both want to get in shape. I also just received my EMT cert and am working towards becoming a fire fighter. I am 6'2 and 250. lets see if this video is up to par because I have 50 pounds left to lose."

"i got insantity a week ago, started Jan 25 after my 40ty bday, and lost 8lbs from 180 to 172 in a week feeling good and more confident after workouts."
Michael Sutton, Garden City, KS

"I started this program 4 weeks ago. I thought I was in pretty good shape until I started insanity. I can tell a diffrence in my abds and my leg... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout"
Courtney, bedford, VA

"Watched the infomercial on tv on monday ordered insanity on tuesday and cant wait untill it arrives im 5 8 250 lbs a little over weight cant wait to see the result that i can achieve will push myself to the limit"
Jerry Varga, Struthers, OH

"This program sounds great and by reading the reviews it is fabulous, but what I am wondering is what do you do to keep that fitness level after the 60days ...Just keep doing the same workouts"
Martha, Phoenix, AZ

"I just finished my first week of INSANITY and I absolutly love it. I would recomend it to anyone who want a body like the people in the video. Its intense but it keeps me going I look forward to every workout.."

"Wow. It's painfully addictive. Don't quit. The first week hurts, but you feel your core getting stronger and you will see the feel the change to your body. You will know every day that you are doing something good to you body and your life style. Eat right, you will need the energy. Good luck, you can do it Thank you to Lisa and Gary for getting me into the program, it's life changing."
James, Elk Grove, CA

"i would like to do one of your challenges, is their anyway that i could be one that is on the TV...i would like to have him personally train me..."

"I LOVE INSANITY, This has got to be the best workout plan ever. My Hubby and I have lost inches and are stomachs are getting cut. This is a very intense program but you feel yourself getting better and its so worth it."

"Insanity is absolutely INSANE for sure. Nothing like the burn you get with this workout in the minimal amount of time. I've played high school football and I can say that these workouts are definitely a lot more physically and mentally challenging. I am in week three and am seeing drastic improvements. Cant wait till day 60. Funny thing is after I'm done I'll probably start the process over again. hahaha"
Alex Reilly, Roseville, CA

"OMG My videos arrived Saturday n I started on Monday. I could not do two of the exercises in the fit test. However, I am determined to overvome that when it is time to take my 2nd fit test. My 1st 40 min workout 2day was Insane. I am determined 2 get through these 60 days. I know I am going 2 be in better shape. As hard as I worked this morning, I refuse to put anything in my mouth that is not going to benefit my journey. Shaun is a oneman army. Wow is all I can say...."
Karen Jackson, Rockingham, NC

"Great Workout Program. I started this program 4 months after delivering my second child and a weight gain of 50lbs during pregnancy. Following the program, I had lost the rest of my baby weight along with 6 additional pounds. A total of 20lbs over 60 days. My body is tone, my abs are strong and I am in great shape. I highly recommend this program. I am now doing the 60days for a second time around."
Tricia, Clifton Park, NY

"I think I speak for everyone when I say OMG. Insanity was a Christmas gift from my mom. I saw the commercial for this and that is all I wanted. This workout kicks all of the other workouts I have tried butts. I have seen faster results. I have never been able to do a side plank before in my life, but with this workout, it made me stronger. Join the INSANE asylum, its so worth it. Shaun T, you crazy man, but I LOVE it."
Angee Hancock, Ogden, UT

"I am a 44 year old mother of 4. I've done 9 workouts so far and I'm already seeing improvement. I would recommend beginners start with an easier program and then use this to fine tune yourself, and take yourself up to an extreme level. It's very difficult, but very rewarding. Shaun T is AWESOME - a great motivator. You feel like he's in the room with you, pushing you."
Jenny Kane, Las Vegas, NV

"I just purchased Insanity three days ago. It was nice to read a comment from a 50 plus person. I was beginning to think this program is for the younger generation. I'm on my third day, but I will keep you posted. I've never completed a full year with any program due to being injured, but I'm so excited and focused with INSANITY so far."
Kathy, MO

"I will be 50 this coming April I am a seasoned marathon runner. Last year I realized I needed to supliment my running so I added P90X. Loved it still do it but the cardio was not intense enough. Just back from running the goofy at disney and winter hit here in Ontario I hate tredmills and searched for something different yet intense ... I found INsanity. On day 4 and lovin it. I want to get faster this will do it. Intense motivating challenging my runs are tough after this some days"
Pamela Mason, Beeton, ON

"I have always been slim and thin. Never had to work at getting rid of weight.Never had to work out. I'm the one who would drive to the gym and then drive away. I hate going in not knowing what to do. I had my first baby 7 months ago. My husband is away in Afghanistan and I've gained about 25 pounds. My goal is to start this program and MAKE myself finish the 60 days. SHOCK THE CRAP out of my self and husband in July. Guess I'll press PLAY."
Bunny, OR

"I am a mother of three and have packed on some serious pounds with my third child. I really love physical activity but with work, house, hubby and kids I rarely have time for serious outdoor activity or gym membership. I just ordered Insanity and am waiting for it's arrival. I am very excited. My weight goal is to lose 35 lbs. Will give update at day 30."

"AWESOME. My husband and I love this program. We have finished the first week and are thrilled by how we feel and look. INSANITY pushes you to a place so intense, yet you feel so energized and pumped up, you cannot help but continue. I get nervous before each workout because I know I am fixing to get my butt kicked by Shawn T."
Amber, Granite Shoals, TX

"INSANITY is the hardest workout I have ever done. I'm on my second week and doing pretty good. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get in shape......... Thanks Shaun T."
Yvonne Sanchez, Santa FE, NM

"one word. .AMAZING.. I am a ballet dancer and teacher, as you can imagine my needs are completely different but Insanity has actually help me to improve my dancing, I have more control and endurance..my cardiovascular condition has never been this good... I LOVE IT and strongly recommend it... GREAT GREAT WORKOUT.."

"Holy macaroni. This work out is no joke. If you want challenge - Shaun T will push you beyond your limits."
Jackie Harris, San Antonio, TX

"My husband and I completed the fit test today...WOW...I am gonna earn that Tshirt Not to mention getting into awesome shape"

"I did the p90x workout and went from a size 7 to a size 2 so I thought I would try INSANITY to get more results and since I thought I was in an amazing shape. I did the fit test and I thought I was going to die. I laid on the floor gasping for air and for the next two days every part of my muscle was killing me. It's a monday and I'm starting the program. Im looking forward to it but I know i'm gonna be in pain for a long time. Everyone who thinks they are in great shape should it."
Eva, Hamilton, ON

"Getting ready for my first insanity workout. I am very exited to see how hard it is and to see what kind of results I can achieve. Thanks for the opportunity."
B. J. Hamilton, Springfield, OH

"I've just ordered my Insanity DVD's and i' truly exited. Read most comments, and i'm for sure in for a challenge, but rewarding great results. I'm currently undergoing a 21day bootcamp that takes my body in a whole dimension and some of the workouts there look pretty similar to Insanity, so i can't wait to Start Shauns program and continue on with the routines. Will give progress report as they happen."

"I have just started the Insanity program this week and man it truly lives up to it's name. I am a probation officer and cardio kick boxing instructor group fitness instructor and I tell you the truth it is kicking my butt thus far. I completed P90X last year in July so I wanted to try Shaun's workout. So far so good and I have 58 more days to go. I have taken a before picture and will take an after picture once I finish."
Willie Knight, Lizella, GA

"By far the best and most painful workout ever Pain is weakness leaving your body is what my crosscountry coach would yell to us runners as she would stand on the steps of the bus did I mention the bus would be moving I have not felt this great in a long time GO"
KEKS, tucson, AZ

"I have never ordered any type of workout off of T.V. but something told me to order Insanity. I am glad I did. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to transform their body."
Amy Womack, Swainsboro, GA

"Insanity was my 50th birthday gift to myself. I've worked with personal trainers for 10 years and can honestly say that Shaun T blows them all away. Im completely addicted to Insanity now. Or am I completely addicted to Shaun T...no matter Its working Thank Yooooou"

"I will admit that I vomited just doing the darn fit test for Insanity. But a little vomit stop me. I just said to myself I am just going to DO IT and do as much of it as possible. I survived the first workout and I got addicted to Insanity ever since. Everyone tells me how great I look, how flat my stomach is and how cut my arms are. I get up at 4AM to do it I love it so much. I have inspired my husband to start working out again too."
Linda, Oakland, CA

"AMAZING WORKOUT. I am in my second week and this is by far the most INSANE workout I have ever done. It was worth every penny. I can't wait to see what's coming in the weeks to follow."
Jessica, Staunton, IL

"i just finished my first days workout thirty min ago and my body is still feeling like jello i have a job that requires me to lift heavy objects all day long and run up and down stairs i have tried workouts on my own but never felt anything like today i had a puddle on the floor when i was done but i am sticking with it it was hard but kind of fun"
joe s, OH

"This is the perfect complement to my already comprehensive fitness training. I am a BodyAttack, Spin, and traditional instructor and I LOVE the cardio high that I have been getting from just the few videos that I have done. I skipped around and picked the hardest ones first... Great for all you cardio junkies out there and also a great addition to any current resistance training that you already do. I do not normally enjoy working out at home but I have definitely been reccommending this."

"You know 10 years ago I went to states for wrestling and that 17 year old would laugh at me for the shape I am in. Thinking about that I decided to take the insanity challenge. Little did I know what I was in for WOW. I have never felt so out of shape in my life. The fit test put me to my knees and I was ready to quit but then the voice of that 17 year old and Shaun T picked me up and put me back on the saddle. Now I am mid-way through the second week and I feel great. This product is amazing."
James McDade, Roseville, MI

"OMG. It's fabulously insane. I felt the burn in muscles I didnt even knew I had. Week two and things are already starting to tighten up. Its fantastic and addicting and I didnt even enjoy excersise. I love this and Shaun T is a great motivator.Thank you."
Juliana Ortega, Las Vegas, NM

"I thought I was fit before beginning this program. I was so wrong. I am starting my 2nd four weeks and I think that Shaun T. might be a sadist- but I'm addicted. He has changed my body like I never thought possible. I can do a real push up now.I get butterflies in my stomach before each workout- but I can't wait. I ran the gambit of workouts and exercise videos- and this one is hands down the very best.Im insane and I love it"
Amy Rottari, Vermilion, OH

"I just started the insanity challenge today and wow just the fitness test was something else I have always been into fitness but this challenge you for sure try it you will love it......"
"dude.. i been strugglin with weight for so long... its not funny. i'm like the most athletic FAT GUY you will ever find. i ran a full marathon and i'm still fat. WTF. if you can train me.. i will take the punishment with no complaints... but this is mostl likely a gimmick so i'm pretty sure i will not get aresponse... but no ha5rm in trying."
Uy, san jose, CA

"I was looking at television in saw the program. but my question is If its not for beginners than who is this program designed for. Ive been looking for a program to start losing weight. Ive recently had a baby, and im totally out of shape. I work and go to school. Im a single parent I want something thats going to accually work. Whats different about this program than the others."

"I purchased insanity for myself and daughter to do together. I am 52 years old she is 14 years old. I told her we needed to do before and after photos and she reminded me that I told her to NEVER send pictures of yourself to anyone So we cannot send pictures however wanted you to know we have completed 4 weeks not missing a single workout and have both had major changes so far. We love it. Thought you would like to know this. U can contact us if you like we would love that."
Diane Diaz, winchester, VA

"I just finished my first week of Insanity- I LOVE it. I literally collapse on the floor at the end of every work out, but I feel great afterwards. I'm sleeping well, I have more energy, and I just feel stronger all around. I can't wait until day 60. If you're willing to push yourself to the point where you can't even stand at the end, then Insanity is for you"
Haley, Nashville, TN

"its tough but i got hurt in the second week, guess is was more out of shape than i thought. I dont know maybe they should put some kind of disclaimer for out of shape people"
greg t, brooklyn, NY

"Oh my gosh. I just started my second month and the program rocks. I can not wait for the next day to do another one. Love it."
Betty, Akron, OH

"I love Insanity. I thought I was in good shape, Well I'm in my Third week and can't get enough. If you stick to the healthy diet and Insanity you will feel so good its well insane."
Dominique, Pittsburgh, PA

"INSANITY is definitely INSANE. It gives you variety which is nice, and total body workout. I have never done a harder workout in my life. I have been wanting to try something that will shape my body into something I have never dreamed, and after only 2 weeks of doing the program I am seeing amazing results. I have also quit smoking, drinking less alcohol on the weekends, and making healthier food choices. Thanks beachbody"
Camille, Little Rock, AR

"i wanted to say thanks. I am only 4 weeks into the program but i can already tell a difference and i cannot wait for what is next. i never in a million years thought i would ever be able to do this. 2 years ago i suffered a stroke at 26, that left me paralyzed on the right hand side. it took open heart surgery and 6 months of rehab to be able to walk again. I am doing insanity and loving every minute of it. if i can do it, it is possible for anyone who is determined and insane"

"This is a great azz kicker. I wanted to really shed off the pounds and get into great shape.. My living room has a pool now. Thanks Shawn T. Let me know when the next one comes out."
kyle, las vegas, NV


"I just got done doing day one of insanity and i was almost in tears. Its hard, but i have never been more excited to do anything. My legs are shaking and they hurt but i cant wait for tomorrow. For the first time i feel like i really worked out my whole body and i cant wait for the rest of insanity."
sara, port charlotte, FL

"INSANITY is off the hook. I bought this before deploying to Afghanistan as a civilian but decided to have my Mum send it to me. My workout partner and I started working out the first week alone and then we began telling others. Word spread like wild fire and now there are additional 6 - 8 other INSANE people.Thank you Shaun T for giving us something to believe in. After two weeks I have seen some changes but this is also due to giving up sweets. DIG DEEP IT IS WORTH IT"
Sharon Strickland, Bagram Afghanistan, AE

"WOW. I just got done with the fitness test and I am sore already...but I feel great. I am getting married in two months and if day one is a sign of things to come then I look forward to looking and feelling great on our honeymoon in the Western Caribbean."
Tyler, Lafayette, LA

"OK... Checking back in, just about to finish up the first month of my insanity and get this......21 pounds. I would have never guessed that I could do some of the excersises. I really struggled at first then it became addicting. I feel like a real pro now. I have energy up the ying yang and everyone is commenting on the tone fitness that I have now. Fantasic because summer is on it way and I am ahead of the game. Thank you Shaun T. and all of the gang inspiring me to dig deeper."
Juliana Ortega, Las Vegas, NM

"This thing is awesome. I started trying the program two weeks ago and I can see the difference already. My body feels better and I look much better. If you want to find something that makes you look good in a short period of time, try this. You will love it."
Johana M, NJ

"hey.. i started the insanity workout and wow its insane.. the true is that i am 6'4 and i weight 271 thats not good. i being doin this work out for 2 day and to be honest its hard but it does seen worth each penny. try it and u wont feel rob"

"Day one complete. Lucky to have my wife doing this with me. Our four month old baby seemed to enjoy our pain. He smiled alot while we gasped for air. Day two here we come."
Andy, Richmond, IN

"I am finishing up my last week of Insanity and love the results. I have lost 22 pounds, 6 INCHES of my waist, and my wife is having great results as well. This program is worth every penny and I cannot wait to submit my pictures when I finish on Sunday to get my T-shirt BECAUSE I HAVE DUG DEEPER..."

"I love it. I had been watching the info commercial on my TV for the last month and then one day I got up and started to do what they were doing and I was sweeting a lot I thought to my self this has to work. I ordered on line and I got the free rush shipping it only took two days to arrived I've being doing it for a week already and I can't get enough. I need more energy though to make it to second week..I'm out of shape but I'm feeling great...I can't wait to finish my second week...thank you"
MariaR, San Francisco, CA

"INSANITY IS INSANE. My wife and I started 16 days ago and haven't missed a day and love it. She has already lost 6 pounds and is feeling great. I wrestled all through high school and some in college and this is just is hard if not harder than any wrestling practice i've been a part of. INSANITY will leave you drenched and TALKING SPIT My wife and I love the workout shaun T keep it up and LET'S GOOOOO. We're coming for that T-shirt."
Jon, Columbia, SC

"This program is amazing. I'm on day 3 and I already feel the burn. I feel my muscles working. This is the kind of workout I've been looking for. It really pushes you to your limits."
Elizabeth, Muskegon, MI

"Only one thing my housband and i can say about this program AWESOME just the fit test kick our butts but we're not giving up every day is a different routing and T has that energy and enthusiasm that is so contagious if u really get in to the program u can actually feel that he is pushing u to go forward so that way u go beyond ur self we're happy with it i only have a week and i can see the difference so people get insane with us...."
eve padilla, phoenix, AZ

"Hello I will be 56 years old the end of March I am finishing my second week of insanity. WOW what a work out. I am taking a few more breaks than they do during the workout, but I hope that will end soon. This is the best workout I ever did. Thank You Beachbody and Shawn T"
Larry, Harrisburg, PA

"I love this workout, but I would highly recommend being in shape first. I did 180 days of P90X, and the fit test for Insanity kicked my butt so bad, I almost sent it back. But, I stuck with it and I am in week 2 of month 2. It is truly one of the hardest workouts I have ever done, but I love the feeling of accomplishment every time I am finished. It is well worth it to buy Insanity."
Lisa Matthews, Roseburg, OR

"I have been struggling with my weight all of my life. I have utilized the military, dancing, and fitness videos to help me lose weight.. I have gained every pound back and then some. At 5 foot 2 and 150 lbs, I am now a size 10 again, I am tried of being labeled thick...SO, I'm going to try out Insanity and let you all know how it works for a regular person. Good luck with your weight loss goals."
asani, Los Angeles, CA

"My wife and I are active duty military Soldiers stationed at Fort Hood. Finished Day three today and my wife and I are really pumped at the workout progression. I personally underestimated the workload that was placed on the legs and they are tremling by the end of each workout. Both of us are extremely sore at this point, but committed to DIG DEEP. Awesome so far. Will keep you posted."
Rocky Carr, Killeen, TX

"This is the best fitness program I ever ever done. The workouts are very challenging but when you are done you are invigorated and you get the results. All I have to say is - I want more. Shaun please make more available. FYI - I am a grandmother of 3 and buff. Love it."
Kimberly Doran, House Springs, MO

"OMG INSANITY is the best workout I had ever done. The first day I did the fit test and I thought I was going to die. I was swore for one week stright. Now I LOVE IT."
Stephen, Indianapolis, IN

"I am in my third week of INSANITY and I love it. I am thirty pounds overweight and haven't done much working out in the past few years but I take each DVD, each move one at a time. Yes, I push myself and even if I only do two reps of each move I know I am getting stronger ...Thanks Shaun T"
Jessica, Lexington, KY

"This is the hardest workout i have ever done. I was a track and field atle in school, but never done nothing like this. I am in my second week of the program and i have lost 7 pounds already. great product. winsome"
winsome shirley, Toronto, ON

"I am entering the 2nd month of Insanity and have already dropped from a size 12 to an 8. This program is addicting. If you are looking for something to push you and get you to the next level Insanity is it."
Melissa, WI

"When I started with the first fit test it made me feel like I wouldn't be able to go through the entire program and it was just the warm up. but I kep going doing my best falling behind the guys in the video, today I'm starting my second month and I'm pretty close to keep up with the guys in the video, I guess what i'm fit and can't stop thinking in starting this all over again after day 60."
Edson, Summerville, SC

"I love Insanity. I'm in my last week and it has truly been a journey. Each and everyday I sweated my behind off. My results have been amazing though not a great as the ones on the infomercials. If you're looking for a workout that will make you feel like you've WORKED OUT then get this one for sure. I'm redoing it after I'm done with this 60 days. Can't wait."
Samantha, Houston, TX

"I thought P90X was challenging... wow... after the first two days I know Insanity is awesome. I am 47, and I will be in the best shape of my life in 60 days."
Greg, Pewaukee, WI

"Today will complete mine and my moms first week of doing INSANITY, and i have to say i am loving it. realized i was The first three days left me crawling out of bed and hobbling around the house until it was time to work out again. You WILL ache. You WILL be exhausted. You WILL end up standing in a puddle of your own sweat. It is INSANITY because you WILL be excited to do it again the next day. I can NOT wait to say I DID IT ALL 60 DAYS"
Kelsi, Buna, TX

"This is the most insane workout i have ever done. I have one week left, and I feel the best I have ever felt in my whole life. Thanks Saun T, and thanks Insanity."
torie cherry, jamestown, NC

"I am a high school physical education teacher and former college athlete and this workout is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I love it because it reminds me of the types of workouts I did in college. It pushes me to my limit and I am so looking forward to finishing the 60 days. I knew I was out of shape but this workout truly shows your weak areas. It really focuses on the fitness component that many people forget about and that is muscular endurance. It is a great workout."

"I think that insanity work out is one of the best work outs you really do need the will power and mind set to follow through with it. I most definently do love the insanity its crazy and if you want to get in to shape desperatly, then do this work out. You will really get your moneys worth when you see your body transformation in 60 days."
Alexandra williamson, turlock, CA

"I started INSANITY today. I did the fit test and found out that I am not vary fit. I new that this would be hard but I was not ready for this. Its no joke, this is the hardest I have worked out in my life. Can't wait till day 60. Great program with a great teacher vary happy so far."
Cory Bean, St.petersburg, FL

"My wife and i just got our insanity work out program today. We took our fitness test. It was rough. But i really fealt the work out. I was in the Army for three years. I thought that my basic training work outs were hard. I am lookin forward to getting back in to that kind shape again."
steven warren, College Station, TX

"LOVE IT. In my 30s and have been exercising for over 10 years and have done it all from spinning to kettle bell to machines and all kinds of exercise classes. I find myself looking forward to what workout is next. I have finished the 2 months and I am doing the second month over I just am hooked. I have never sweated this much EVER, and in just under an hour WOW"
Jennifer, Fort Eustis, VA

"INSANE - SERIOUSLY. I just completed the Fit Test and watched what I will be doing tomorrow. OH MY GOODNESS is all I can say. Pray for me because I will need it..."

"just want the people and shawn know that insanity is the hardest but yet greatest work out ever. no matter how fit you are its not easy and thats what me and my boyfriend love about it. we push each other. Im 45 years old and in shape. i have about 70 workout videos and insanity is the best. thanks again shawn. when i tell people about insanity i get pumped up. Lets Gooooo."
desiree frilot, whittier, CA

"I just received my copy of Insanity and I can tell you now that this is absolutely no joke. I hate and love it all at the same time. Shaun T does a great job at motivating you and making you feel like you can do anything. I feel muscles in body I didn't even know were there. This is definitely worth every penny."
Kelli, Coeburn, VA

"I am 48 years old and I am 25 lbs overweigjt. I have completed P90X and I didn't lose all the weight I wanted to. I ordered INSANITY yesterday and can't wait to try it. Because it has more cardio I think I will be able to lose the weight. Then I can go back to P90X and see more results."
Dana Blackburn, Hueytown, AL

"Insanity was okay Its not something I would recommend to those who are obese or extremely overweight This workout is more geared towards the already conditioned body I struggled trying to keep up and your body is really sore afterwards not to mention you have to constantly monitor your heart rate to make sure your heart's not going into overdrive I sent mine back and am now going to try something a little bit more slow paced But I would definitely get it again if I was more suited"
Ashley, Carrollton, GA

"I am 43 and 250 lbs. Ive been a competitive powerlifter for about 6 years. Im a state record holder for one lift, but I can barely run half mile without blowing a gasket. Im on day 3 and WOW Oh the amount of sweat coming out of me the feeling of accomplishment after a workout I LOVE the beautiful people doing the workout at an INSANE level yet stopping, falling on the floor, pushing so hard you feel like you CANT stop. I cant wait to see the results. THANKS"
Donnie, Phoenix, AZ

"I love it. I wanted to be ripped.. I've had 3 kids and my body really needed some work. Inanity is the hardest work-out I've ever done, but has given me the best confidence and results than anyting I've ever done.. I can't get enough of it.. Thanks shaun T."
Jennifer Rivas, Dallas, TX

"Well im 14 years old had insanity for four days now it is so insane if you are thinking about getting it GET it sooo worth it."
Conner, ponte vedra, FL

"I absolutely love insanity. I am on the week before the max workouts and I have seen the best results ever compared to strength training in the gym and running on the elliptical for an hour. shaun T. works you, but I would recommend this workout to anyone trying to lose weight and I have definitely told some friends about it. My wish would be a second Insanity for after you have completed the 2 months. I want shaun T to bring it. haha"
Erica, Columbus, OH

"Im thinking of insanity for myself and my bf...but I have a few reservations for example he has asthma and Im 45 lbs overweight and used to be a smoker...went cold turkey a month ago. I dont mind a challenge at all. Would this program be appropriate for myself and my bf. Were both 20...and up for a challenge."
dru, LA, CA

"I won't lie, I watched the workouts before I tried them and It was like watching a horror film. LOL I put the videos away for a month before I was brave enough to face them. This is the toughest workout I have ever done. If you have never tried Insanity and you think your workouts are to the MAX, I promise you Insanity will show you what the MAX really is. Shaun T really outdid himself on this one. Quick results and I love it. My words to you are BUY IT, BE DEDICATED AND YOU WONT BE SORRY."
Tanya, Virginia Beach, VA

"I won't lie, I watched the workouts before I tried them and It was like watching a horror film. LOL I put the videos away for a month before I was brave enough to face them. This is the toughest workout I have ever done. If you have never tried Insanity and you think your workouts are to the MAX, I promise you Insanity will show you what the MAX really is. Shaun T really outdid himself on this one. Quick results and I love it. My words to you are BUY IT, BE DEDICATED AND YOU WONT BE SORRY."
Tanya, Virginia Beach, VA

"I've been a fitness instructor for 15 yrs. and when I saw the infomercial on this program, I was like, I GOTTA DO THIS. I got another dance instructor to do this with me and I have to tell you that this is the best workout I've ever done. I have never did anything without weights and I can't believe the definition in my arms. My endurance is the best it's ever been. We loved it so much we added an extra week on...awesome, awesome, awesome. Can't wait to do it again.....Great job Shaun T."
Jeanette Dilts, Angola, IN

"I'm 8 weeks into insanity and I've lost 14 lbs so far. absolutely amazing results. I'm 42 and getting in amazing shape. Shaun T is nuts but it works if you commit."
Pete R., Las Vegas, NV

"AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE workout. It is killing me and it's day 3"
Mary, Lafayette, IN

"I LOVE THIS WORKOUT Im a 50 yr old female in pretty good shape and was in a rut and tired of the same old thing at the gym I knew I wanted something with extreme results that would challenge me after researching several workouts on line I came across Insanity and WOW this is extreme im in my second month and look better now than I did in my 20s 30s and 40s Its hard Challenging Insane but AWESOME"
Carmen Nobregas, Hollywood, FL

"I bought the Insanity from a friend cuz she couldn't do it. The best thing I ever bought. I love it. Just hope I can get the results like your ladies. They look awesome. I am 50t yrs and I'm in good shape but I want a great body. I start my 4th wk. I'm totally scared to do the max but I'm also excited. I will let you know how I do. Thanks again Shaun T for the best workout ever. Love to hear from you. You're truely are Insane.LOL"
Norma Leingang, Baldwin, ND

"I finished by first four weeks of insanity.... and just about ready to start the last 30 days and previewed The MAX the work outs. Looks really really intense. The people working out with Shawn T on the video look like they are ready to collapse. I probably will too I haven't lost any weight by Im in the best shape of my life"
Kevin H, Renton, WA

"I am a college student, in pretty good shape, and I ordered Insanity. This is the get-up-and-go that I needed. Feeling sluggish from lack of exercise and studying nonstop has met it's match. I look and feel better than I EVER have. My abs are SOLID. Thanks Insanity"
Shannan, Alpharetta, GA

"i'm a 36 year old mother of 4 i've done p90x and insanity is a great combination i look better than i did in my 20's everywhere i go people want to know my secret. the workouts are very chalenging but the result is amazing"
karla black, brooklyn, NY

"This workout rocks. I read several negative reviews, but thought what the heck. I decided to take the challenge and let me tell you, the negative reviews are from those who can't hang.It works. I lost 3 inches off of my waiste in 60 days. I'm hooked."
Amanda M, Baileyton, AL

"I love this program I always feel a little anxiety before it starts but i always feel amazing when I complete it I am getting stronger I am so glad I bought this. The program is set up so that you WILL succeed"
jennifer w, willimantic, CT

"I am on my 5th dvd. I have worked out and been to gyms since I was 15. I am pushing 40 and just had a baby a few months ago. I was at spot in my life and needed to get rid of 10 lbs saw INSANITY and new this was the challange I needed. It is not for the wimpy and you have to DIG DEEPER. I love it. Can not wait to finish. Thanks Shaun T you have to be INSANE to Dig Deeper"

"This workout is Insane and I love it. It works out every single muscle in my body and I'm loving the results. Thanks Shaun T I love all your workouts."
Chica, Park Forest, IL

"I have been training for athletics for over 30 years. I played college football, coached football, and have personally trained elite athletes. NOTHING I have seen in my 37 years TOUCHES this system. My belief in it is so high that I am now in my 3rd Round of Insanity and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. If you are a coach or parent of an athlete over the age of 12, Insanity is THE BEST INVESTMENT you can make in her or his athletic performance."
Marcus Dawson, Atlanta, GA

"love that i can get a kickbutt workout from home. Shawn T is amazing and so hot too im used to doing high intense cardio, but this truly kicked butt Love it Still havnt didnt lose any weight, but i do feel more trim and defined.im on my 3rd week, cant wait to see my results at the end."
lisa p, brick, NJ

"I started Insanity about 2 weeks ago, and I'm so happy with how I feel. I'm a 30 year-old mother with a full time teaching job, so I was concerned about the time I would have to workout. After the first workout, I became addicted. I thought I was in good shape before, but I can't wait to see the results after 60 days. Thanks. Emily Herx"
Emily Herx, Hoagland, IN

"Ive always been active and fit until a neck injury took me out of any physical action for 4 years.. Which led me into years of feeling sorry for myself and a major depression I saw Insanity commercial late one night and thought why not Ive already spent 100s on other dvds.. which i lost interest in almost immediately. Thanks to Shaun T Ive found my confidance determination and drive again. I am on day 5 but have already seen results on the scale and flexibiliy and ready to go farther"
Lisa, Highland, MI

"My husband, niece , and I started this workout program 1 week ago. IT IS THE HARDEST THING I EVER HAD TO DO IN MY LIFE. But I want to truly give thanks to ST for challenging us and letting us know we can do. WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO A HEALTHY LIFE FOR OUR KIDS AND FAMILY. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU."
Sherilyn Pele, Houston, TX

"Insanity is just what it says. INSANE.Started my second month and have lost 12 pounds and 4 inches off my midsection. My ab muscles are awesome. My wife enloys them very much. Thanks Shaun T. and Beachbody for creating an insane workout for insane people."
James Bailey, Foster, KY

"Insanity is the best workout I have ever come across. There is no doubt about it that it is INSANE and the hardest workout I have ever done and will probably ever do, but the results and the feeling afterwards is totally worth it. I lost an inch and three quarters off my stomach in the first 10 days. I love that there are no weights involved and I love the motivation in the videos. I just can't even explain in words how great insanity is and how much I love it."

"Two weeks into Insanity and I have lost 8 lbs and 2 percent body fat already, cant wait to see the day-60 results, I thought i was in decent shape from playing hockey and being a cyclist but this took everything I knew to a different level, I am absolutely addicted."
Dan Bihari, Strongsville, OH

"I am a runner and have run several half marathons, so I thought I was in pretty good shape, until I started INSANITY. These workouts are incredible. They have taken my fitness and running to a whole new level. AND, bonus, my clothes are getting bigger too. I would pay triple what I paid for the DVDs to take these classes in person. These workouts are not for the faint of heart, but highly recommended for anyone feeling a little INSANE."
Janeil Anderson, Billings, MT

"This is the best workout I have ever done. I am 3 weeks from being finished with the 60 day program and its amazing. I use to go to the gym all the time, but since having my baby 10 months ago, I have had a hard time getting back there. so now, I put my baby down for a morning nap, put the cd in and work my butt off and have time to cool down, and relax before naptime is over. Its the best ever. I feel great, my waist is shrinking and I can see my ab muscles. You guys are amazing. THANK YOU"
"I absolutely LOVE this. I couldn't even get through a complete video until the recovery week. So far I've lost 10lbs and still going strong. If you can keep the determination it WILL pay off."
colin Campbell, knoxville, TN

"Concerning the download page. I think it's grreat you made extra nutrition jounal pages and fit test pages available. I just got my Insanity program and have a feeling I'll be wanting to go through more than once. If this indeed happens, it would be nice to be able to download a new calander as well."

"A month ago I started the insanity program and it has changed my life, I have lost 9lbs, my clothes fell better and I have a diffrenet outlook on life, I want to thank you for this program. At age 46yrsold I thought I would never get in shape and get to the weight that would help me feel better."
Evelyn Diaz, syracuse, NY

"This is exactly what i was lookin for in a wk out program. very intense and definatly not for the weak minded....."
Russell Martinez, pueblo, CO

"i started insanity day 1 2day. the fit test kicked my but today but i love challenges. i want to get in shape for ranger challenge. i cant wait for day 60 graduation"

"I just saw the comercial for Insanity. It looks very very intense. I'm 17 years old, not overweight and not in great shape. I think this is just what I need to look great for my senior year."
Raven, Jackson, MS

"I have taken the Insanity challenge and it has been great. I started it with a girlfriend of mine, then decided to purchase my own. This workout is absolutely and positively wonderful. I love the challenge. It is not easy by far and the fact that I can not complete the entire workout encourages me. It gives me a goal to work toward and I will get there by my 60th day."
Cheryl Hayes, District Heights, MD

"This workout is insane.Within 5 minutes of starting the workout I was drenched in sweat. Shaun really pushes you, and he is so motivating. What I like about it too is that the people working out in the video are real. You see them stop and take breaks as well in other workout videos you don't see that. You see them struggle just like you. We are on day 4 and can't wait to see what we look like in 60 days. I have never felt so energized after a workout. Love it Shaun."
Tami and Brent Bush, Simi Valley, CA

"I have always enjoyed working out and recently been doing so with a mission to get fit and lose weight. Unfortanetly I reached a level in my weight loss plan where the scale just would not budge. I needed something to take me to the next level. I tried Insanity and LOVED IT. I have completed the 60 days and lost 15lbs and feel better than ever. Thanks Shaun T."
Joz, NM

"Best workout ever I can't wait for the next workout each day Thankyou Shaun T"
Tim Johnson, Oblong, IL

"Commit commit commit You will get thru it. Words can not express how much my life has changed since starting Insanity I am 40 years old and in the best shape of my life Everyone wants to know how much time I spend in the gym lol I tell them if they want to get fit try insanity.I dare ya. My arms are ripped. My abs are flat and my confidence level is off the chart. I graduated high school at 210 lbs. I am now at 140. I was a 16. Now a size 8. Just get it and you'll see. Be amazed"
Kimberly Taylor, Blountville, TN

"Holy Crap I just finished my first week of insanity and I NOW I know why they call it insanity Shaun T is off his meds This is an extreme workout, but just what I need to push me to the next level. I've never really been excited about a workout plan that is trying to kill me, but I'm excited to see the results on day 60."
Yvonne, Phoenix, AZ

"I saw the Insanity workout on TV one night when my 9 month old woke up. I was sceptical at first, and after a couple more times of seeing it, I have never been more commited to buying a workout. I tried Slim in 6 first, but gave up. The workouts were boring..One for a week, another for another week and another for 4 weeks..with ST's workout, theres something different everyday. That's what people need to stay motivated...I'm ready to go INSANE and to get a better body then Ive ever had."
Hannah, LA

"Crazzzy good, Day three NEver hurt like this, but i feel great."
Alison Dias, Riverside, CA

"Absolutely amazing. I have never really enjoyed cardio routines and training. A friend introduced me to INSANITY just 5 days ago and I instantly became hooked. Honestly, I already have more energy and feel better after just a week of working it. I suggest this to EVERYONE. THANKS"
Kyle, St. George, UT

"Hi I am Winnie, 60 and my daughter Gia, 35 for 2 months, 6 days a week we have been doing your Insanity Program. We love it, its totally INSANE and we plan to continue. Keep up the good work, you are awesome, and quite fine. GO SHAUN. We want a t-shirt pictures will come later. pleeeeese."
Winnie Ashford, Antioch, CA

"INSANITY is the hardest workout I've ever done and I LOVE it. I'm in week 3 and I can't wait to see what else Shaun T has next. I never thought I could push myself so hard."
Jenn V, Peoria, AZ

"wow.okay i just did the fit test and man oh man I was sweating bullets.I hung in there.and pushed myself..dug deeper.im just so ready to see how my ody is gonna look in 59 days."

"Insanity ROCKS. I was sucking wind during the warmup even though I thought I was in decent condition with weight training and cardio, although I did slack a bit with the cardio. These videos are not only challenging, but motivating and fun. Well fun when its over, Ha. Its nice to have Shaun T push, yet remind me to keep it safe at my own level. I am half way through on my second month and I feel so much better and energized. My pants are looser too. At 42 I am still trying to DIG DEEPER."
Christine R, Cranston, RI

"This work out has made my body change so much. I am 40 and now I am in the best shape and feel energized. At first I thought there is no way can I do this now I cannot stop going insane. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT."

"After having abdominal surgery I put on about 15lbs. 15lbs doesn't seem a lot until you put it on a 5foot 3 inch frame. Well I gave it a try and now I am on week three of the Insanity work out and loving it. with in a week and a half I had already lost an inch off my waist. Because of the surgery I have to modify a couple of Exercises since I am not strong in my ab area yet. But I am loving every moment of it."
Melanie Dibling, Hutti, TX

"Love this workout . I am 45 yrs old been a gymrat for about 30 yrs now and always looking for something new and more difficult and this was it. Pushes you to the max and gets you that great high that we all strive for from a goodwork out. Great instructions and easy to follow at very fast pace. Love the program. It is a tough one not for everyone but if you can hang with it you will love it . The name says it all."
Julia Callahan, Pataskala, OH

"I love Insanity. I exercise a lot, but this brings it to a whole new level. I am feeling muscles that I never knew I had. It pushes me past the point that I could never go without Shaun T there with me. I am so excited to see how I look and feel in the next 6 weeks. The meal plans are wonderful too."
Kimmey, San Ramon, CA

"This is definitely not a workout for everyone. This workout really does put emphasis on mind over body. Your body is capable, but most people quit before the end of the warmup. If anyone sticks it out for the full 60 days and pushes themself, the results will be there. Even after the first workout, the lower stomach starts tightening up. I always thought that stomach fat was hard to lose. With Insanity, stomach fat is easy to lose. Insane people will see insane results."
Joshua Milks, San Antonio, TX

"I just got INSANITY today.My weigh has oscillated for years...I WANT TO LOSE 40 LBS.. The weight just creeps up on you, but after hearing all of the reviews I am positive that I will definitely meet my goal. I lost 20 lbs on my own, so NOW IT IS TIME TO GET INSANE WITH SHAUN"
MIss Beauty, Los Angeles, CA

"I have been on this program for 4 weeks now and I have only lost 5lbs. I am disappointed yes it is a great workout but not the results I thought I would be getting. We will see how month 2 goes"
ldping, Owensville, IN

"This is a GREAT workout I really think anybody can do it it just may be more or less challenging to other people. This DVD will push you to the max I bet if you work out in an empty swimming pool It will be full of ur sweat when the 60 days are over"

"Wow this is truly insane,I did the fit test and thought ok however by the third day with power body cardio I actually got a nose bleed ,had to jog it out after 30 mins....The truly insane part is I made sure to do it over in the afternoon and finished.......if you want a smoking hot body this craziness is the way to go ."
charlene jones, brooklyn, NY

"what an INCREDIBLE WORK OUT. this is serious. its no joke. the results are FAST, too fast for me, i had to up my intake of calories because i was losing weight too fast- i wanna be tone but try to maintain my current weight- i lost 4 pounds in 5 days- im 5.4and 124lbs. if you're doing insanity and YOU'RE NOT GETTING RESULTS- ITS BECAUSE YOU'RE STILL TEARING IT UP AT THE TABLE, OR BUFFET. if you follow the nutrition guide, its IMPOSSIBLE to not lose. read the manual, people and easy on the food"

"We are on our last week of month two and I have lost 17 Ibs. We cant wait to jump into the second cycle. This is the hardest workout you will ever do in your life and thanks to Shaun T results will show. Your the man Shaun T."
Anthony, Bakersfield, CA

"I have never stuck with any program but I was determined to finish this one Im so glad I did The results are amazing its not impossible to do just do it"

"I have always wanted to find a workout that does not require weights or equipment, I didn't want to have to go out and buy a whole gym set just to be able to do the workout. Insanity looks great, the kind of hard core work out I have always wanted to do, just to prove to myself I could do it and get a rock solid body. I can't wait to get my disc set."
Rebekah Hosey, North Pole, AK

"42 years old and finished the 60 days. The BEST workouts I've ever had, particularly the first few, which are about 40 minutes. Great, super tough, efficient workouts for home or travel. HR over 160 at times even after 60 days."
John K, Manhattan Beach, CA

"When I was in prison, one of the inmates got her husband to donate these videos to our yard. Everyday we did Insanity and followed the schedule. There is about 10 girls that do it religiously. I'm 53, just got out of prison June 21 and I have to tell you I love these CD's. My abs have never been so tight, I'm toning and I feel so healthy. I'm even running 4 miles a day and I've never ever been an exercise buff. I'd always start and stop after 3 week.Now I'm INSANE about it. Thanks Shawn T."
Grace Cotton, Apex, NC

"i just what to say thank you for this give from the heaven i never imagine that i could have this body and i want to ask you were do we send our pictures of after and before when were done"
jonathan calzada, McAllen, TX

"I am a mother of two, one is only 5 months old. I decided to try the Insanity program becaue I needed to get back into my comfortable skin. After 2 C-sections, I had to do something. I am going on day 10 of Insanity and I can already see a difference on my legs, my stomach and my face. I feel GOOD and have so much ENERGY. It is by FAR the HARDEST workout I have ever done, but I know in the end it will be worth it. BE COMMITTED."
Sally Medellin, San Antonio, TX

"I have been working out with Insanity for a month and I feel different and started seeing changes and then i took a break but now I am commited and will continue you on with the support"
yvette francis, fort rucker, AL

"I just recently had a baby he is now 3 months old and I am in the Marine Corps so i have to lose this weight fast i am 53 and weight 156. but i saw the Insanity commercial and I figured why not. i am only on the 2nd day and i can barley walk. i feel almost dissappointed cause i couldnt keep up. but i will keep doing it. i know this will give me the results i crave for. and the diet plan is so barney style. im just trying to stay motivated. my baby is my motivation. i have to be a MILF"
chelsea caron, sneads ferry, NC

"We did a team weight loss challenge at my work and the team leader ordered Insanity. He said If you are gonna make a change do the hardest thing on the market. I was so nervous because I was so out of shape. I weighed 230 in the beginning and 207 when I was done. Another team member started out at 350 and lost down to 311. It has affected my confidence more than anything. After the 60 days our leader stopped bringing the DVDs. The other team members and I bought our own copy."
Roman McCoy, Amarillo, TX

"This program works. My fiance started the program 6 weeks before I did. He has finished and looks amazing. Totally ripped. I couldn't be left behind, I just started my 2nd month. I've lost inches and have turned fat to muscle. Can't wait until I finish. I want that T-shirt."
Mary Beth Cuddy, Auburn, NY

"This workout is amazing.It has made me sweat and work like I have not done in a long time. The Elite Nutrition book has helped me understand calorie counting and control my eating. I have always eaten healthy, but realized that I was eating too much of a good thing. I have been doing Insanity for 12 days now and following the diet plan and I have already lost 7lbs. I love Shawn T and the way he motivates me to push myself."
Kim R, San Ramon, CA

"I'm 16, averagely fit, and right now, I'm scared out of my mind. I'm starting INSANITY on Monday, and after reading the reviews, I'm preparing every fruit smoothie, Nalgene bottle, and power bar I can find. But I'll do anything to make varsity this fall. And if INSANITY is it, then, I have no choice. XD"
Olu Y., NYC, NY

"I have been watching tv and seen insanity. i have finally made up my mind to order this. but i want to know does it really work at the end of the 60 days will i be happy. Now i've lost weight before but i recently put it back on. about 35 pounds. that feels bad so here i go with my last challenge"

"I LOVE INSANITY AND I LOVE SHAUN T These DVDs are awesome I lost 31lbs doing Insanity"
Missy Abado, victorville, CA

"I substitued Max Interval Sports Training sat. but didn't like it. I have enjoyed all the dvds and am on my last week starting today. I am 51 quite a bit older than the participants on the dvds but I am fit. I think the regular workouts actually do a better job of promoting speed and agility. The last 2 weeks have been tough mentally an hour is a long time. I feel it would be worth repeating as I am developing superior muscle control and fitness, especially in the pelvic abd area."
Susan Midyett, shreveport, LA

"My husband 40 diabetic, daughter 16, and I 40 just finished the first week of INSANITY. Exercise has been a part of my daily life fo years and I have done it all...P90X, Jillian Michaels, Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dancing, Taebo, jogging...NEVER in my life have I done anyting this intense..It is by far the most challenging workout I have done..but we LOVE IT.. I love the sweat and the fact that I can get the intensity in a short amount of time..not for exercise newbies..work up to it"

"I have just recieved my Insanity DVD on Friday July 2. Began this workout on Monday. The fit test alone was enough to kick my butt. Today is round two with plyo. I can't wait to see what my limits will be on this disc."

"I am a 60 year old active but overweight male. Bought Insanity and thought I had died. Best workout ever for me. In 60 days 6 inches off my waist and nearly 50 pounds. Never thought I could reach Max level but became obsessed with doing the workouts. Thanks."
David Patterson, Irving TX, TX

"This workout is the best workout i have ever done in my life. Im so glad i got this program. Im in week 3 and i haven't seen any results but im staying strong and hoping that i will soon."

"Insanity is a great. If you want a challenging workout this is it. I'm a working mom and Insanity exceeded my expectations and needs."
Valerie, Sahuarita, AZ

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