P90X Customer Reviews and Success Stories
"I have been doing P90X for 6 weeks. I love it. I run and have had 4 knee surgeries. P90X has really increased my strength I no longer worry about dislocating a knee when trail running and miss stepping. P90X has increased my endurance speed and flexibility. I can definitly feel the difference and am very pleased. My 11 and 10 year old step-daughters and my 1 year old son do yoga ab ripper and kenpo with me. We love it. My son is a yoga pro especially with cobra and downward dog. Thanks"

"P90X is a kick butt program. I have lost over 20 lbs in 6 months and continue to loose weight and build mass. I have modified the program to meet my goals, objectives and abilities - I was 50 lbs over weight. Do as T says - just show up and do your best. The results will show your hard work."
John Wylie, Leesburg, VA

"Awesome workout. I don't do videos but I find myself wanting to do two a day. I couldn't physically do it, but it's that good."
Erik, howell, MI

"Whoa. P90x has turned my life around. In my first week in using this program i started seeing results. It is incredible. I have been using p90x for about 5 months now and im lovin it. The best part is i look good"
anthony, san luis obispo, CA

"hi my wife bougth me the p90x but in my case i dont want to lose weight i want to put from 5 to 7 pounds and i dont know if p90x is the right program for me im 6ft tall 165 pounds if there is anybody out there ho can help me please do"

"Outstanding piece of gear, went into it thinking that being a Marine this would be easy and let me tell you far from it. I have been pushed and pulled and let me tell you it has really payed off. I am in my second week and I am already seeing the results."
Lance May, Oxnard, CA

"can I get results if I stand on my tippie toes on the pull up bar"
leroy, youngstown, OH

"I've had P90X for a while but to be honest, kept it shelved until a few weeks ago. I was still going to the gym and could tell i had 'plateaued'. I'm on my 3rd week of P90 Lean and am absolutely loving it. I was sore after the first workout which let me know right away that I wasn't getting everything I needed from my gym workouts. I can't wait to see the final results and I defintely plan on continuing with other Fitness Programs from Tony after my 90 day transformation."
lisa e wilkins, Forest City, NC

"We started the P90X on Oct 24th 2008. Today is our 5th day. Let me just say this...it is SO WORTH IT. We are loving it and look forward to getting off of work in the afternoon so that we can come home and work out. We never get bored with it. Even my 21 month old son likes it, while he can't copy the moves exactly, he sure does try. It's the cutest thing ever. Thanks for creating such a motivating system. WE LOVE IT."
Lisa B., Colonial Beach, VA

"i recently purchased p90x and have been on the program for 4 weeks, i have had nothing but positive results from it, i have lost 14 lbs and can already tell the difference in the definition in my biceps. i went from being able to do 45 push-ups to doing 52."

"I have just started on week three and just finished Core Synergistics. This Xtreme work out is awesome. I have lost five pond and I can see results in my abs and I feel so much better. I have no problem getting doing my job as a Firefighter EMT now. I have more energy. I have even got my fellow firefighters doing P90X. They do not do it everyday like me but when I come to work we work out together doing the P90X work out. Thanks Tony for your hard work in getting this workout to everyone."
Robbie Cox, Washington, NC

"I'm on week 6 of P90X and love the results... I didn't expect results within the first 10 days, but I did see them, and that in turn motivated me to work harder and challenge myself which caused a chain-reaction of more results and fat-loss. Awesome product, well worth the money, as I have paid for gym memberships before but NO comparison to the great results I get here."
Demetrius, Toronto, ON


"P90X is a very thorough workout program that focuses on just about every muscle group imaginable. The exercises are easy to follow and Tony Horton is a likable character. I'm 17 years old and was already in good shape, but I wanted a program such as this to give a a guide to follow when trying to get more fit. I just began phase 2 and the results are already showing."
Weston Ginn, Winston-Salem, NC

"I just recently purchased p90x i am waiting for it to come in the mail i really hope it will for work me because i have tryed so many things that i am losing faith in myself and becoming more depressed and withdrawn from the world everyday. i just want to be a healthy mom and live to see my kids grow up healthy as well and not gain my bad habits."
sondrieca, albany, NY

"p90x workout are the best i have ever done wow it works. an i am a fitness instructor. note. do not get caught in the free vitamins or free stuff. they keep sending it and you get naild for extra cash tony horton rocks the devious sales team are not honnest. plus the online support is only for a 30 day trial. then they charge you for it automatically. the p90x workout is great"
martin bertrand, ile du grand calumet, QC

"My wife and I are starting week 4 and are amazed at the changes that we are already seeing. We can not wait to see the results after 90 days"
Mike, Louisville, KY

"This comment is for my father who will be turning 60 this month. He started p90x about a month ago and I never thought he would stick with it. However, he did. I find him to be excited and energetic to get off work, and he is a workaholic dentist, and go home to do p90x. He actually turned the living room into a gym with a removable floor and all. I thought it was hilarious that my 60 year old father was doing a hard-core work out routine but now I am very impressed and I can see great results."

"I'm just starting week 6, and I'm WAY stronger than when I started. It's easy to eat what they tell you, and it's just as easy to watch the goop melt away from your body."

"i just recently got the program and man its kickin my butt and i love it im in my second week and i can already see results..."
aaron sorrells, irving, TX

"I started p90x 5 weeks ago and am very impressed with the workouts and especially the results. I have only lost 7 pounds but no doubt gaining muscle mass - waist has dropped 4 inches already - I am now 210 lbs with a 33 waist - abs beginning to show - back chest legs and shoulders getting absolutely ripped. My agility and flexibility is back to where it was during my collegiate swimming days - this is the real deal folks..."
Stephen, Santa Clara, CA

"I considered myself to be in somewhat good shape with a little extra that needed come off.. However, I started P90X tonight and have to say I am far from being in good shape.. Looking forward to the challenge and loosing inches."
L K, Denver, CO

"I worked out hard and often before doing this program -- everything from weights to classes to basketball. Yet I have only experienced these results once in my life before P90X. It was with a personal trainer long before marriage and kids. I am on the down side of my 5th week. Tthe results are absolutely stunning. The work outs are Kick Butt. but it is worth every single minute. I would not have believed it had I not tried it for myself."
Faith, Bogota, NJ

"After sitting on the P90X dvd set for about a year due to work I finally put my foot down and began the program All I have to say is OH MY GOD Its been four days of the classic program and on one level I'm hurting big time but on the other level I cant wait for tomorrow and the next 85 days after that Im a US Army Sergeant and this workout feels like boot camp all over again I love it I feel like Ive had sort of a reawakening Thank you"
Gary Rushing Jr, Rehoboth, MA

"I am loving P90X. My friends and even I were a little skeptical of this workout program. But after 4 short weeks I am already seeing results. My wife cannot keep her hands off of me. I am seeing abs and muscles is places I have never seen before. I am a true believer. THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE."
Joe, Canisteo, NY

"I am in the best shape of my life thanks to P90X. I can run faster and longer than I ever have using the workout routines to build my strength and stamina. My momma belly is gone and my abdominal muscles are actually visible under my skin. I am not ashamed of my body anymore thanks to Tony. I am going through another three months of the workouts because they make me feel so good."
carolyn t. thompson, Chandler, AZ

"Just finished day one of p90x and it beats anyday i've had in the gym for the past 4 years, i'm wiped but excited for day 2."
jessica oulton, calgary, AB

"P90X is AMAZING once i can get the money to buy it they will have another success story"
RJ, west richland, WA

"I can wait to get it, I am moving in a few weeks to a bigger place, i will get it soon, but what tools do I need during the 90 days"
Emmanuel Valerio, lawrence, MA

"I really want this program but im worried its not going to bulk me up like free weights would in a gym. It looks like it really gets you ripped though im looking for some kind of feed back."
Ryan Lynch, davenport, FL

"P90X is great my only challenge is working around a sore wrist and a pinch nerve in the shoulder when doing the push ups. What is the alternatives for the above."

"I wish this website had a little more information, like how the DVDs are formatted, i.e. running time, number of workouts, how you watch them. And I would also really like to know what equipment is needed to get through the program. It looks like a great system, I just want to know more."
Griffin, Marina, CA

"Good and varied workouts, they keep you going and motivated, best of all they seem to be working. The KenpoX Video needs to stress foot and hand positions to fortify their claim of aiding self defense. A few of the practioners of this video need to straighten their wrists and lock their ankles. If they hit something in their positions they would hurt themselves. All in all a really good bunch of videos."
Peter Butler, College Park, MD

"If you are depressed about your weight, bored with the gym, or just wanna look sexy. I can say with no doubts P90X is more than they say they are. You will see incredible results in the first 10 days. And it is a program that can turn your life around, spark your passion for lifting, and maybe even get you a date after your done"
Mike Bennett, sea isle, NJ

"The commercials for P90X have me excited to order the program but I had a question Out of the 12 workout videos how many should I do a day and does the program tell me what combination will give me the best results"
"P90X is the real deal. I'm in the first week of the workout plan and I'm enjoying every bit of it. I have gotten family and friends enthusiastic about starting the program. I'm looking forward to results on this 90 day journey."
Tom, San Bernardino, CA

"It's amazing. I worked out the conventional way prior to starting the P90X program but I never got results like I have since I started the program. I'm on week 5 and the results are amazing. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is REALLY determined to lose weight and gain muscle definition. It's not an easy program, it requires dedication. When I first started I could only do about 30-45 minutes of each dvd. Now I can do the entire dvd plus bonus rounds. It's well worth it."

"I started the P90X program 6 days ago. With the videos and a proper diet, I am already beginning to see results. Thanks guys and I will update you in 84 days."
Toni G, Dallas, TX

"Hello my name is Keith, this is my story about P90x. In dec. 2007 I decided to quit using chewing tobacco. After about 2 weeks I was eating alot and begining to weaken to nicotine. Early one morning I saw the commercial for P90x, I ordered it in hopes it would help me get back in shape and help keep me stay on a healthy track. It worked great. This is Nov. 2008, nad I have hardly missed a workout. Thank you P90x"
Keith Schaefer, Whitehall, WI

"Hands down the best thing out there, ya heard. This program is off the hizzy. My woman and i can't turn it off the tv, we even watch this while we are eating. Its that good, ya heard."
zach, cuba, NY

"ive been seeing this program every now and then but im not sure if i should buy it. i want to change my life the people who have it is it worth it"
shy_boy, ID

"I love the program but Yoga X puts me to sleep. Is there a substitute"
Jim Wolverton, Jacksonville, FL

"I finished P90X a few months ago. It was the best workout I have ever completed. I am an assistant baseball coach at a division two school in Oregon and I have implemented many of the lifts and workouts into our lifting and conditioning programs. It is a great workout whether you are an athlete or a person who just wants to get into shape. The only common goal you have to have is wanting to be in the best shape of your life."
Kellen Walker, Monmouth, OR

"i have been doing p90x for 2 weeks now and im loving it.. it is a real workout and will tire you out but you feel so good when your done.. i have allready seen a lot of improvement in my abs, biceps, triceps, and other muscles in my body.. thank you p90x for having such a good work out"
Derik, OH

"I'm on day 75 just a couple more weeks to go. When I started Labor Day weekend I weighed 210 with 29 pct body fat. Today I'm down to 179 and 18pct bf. I still have a little to go before I reach my target, but the results are amazing. People I haven't seen in 6 mnths immediately can see the change. I went from a size 36 waist to 33. All you need is discipline,show up and bring it everyday and the results will come. Remember 50 pct of this is nutritional plan, which is harder than the workout."
Randy Marban, Chicago, IL

"I just purchased the P90X this Sunday and I am so anixous to recieve it. reading the differrent blogs and inspirations. I cannot wait to be a P90X believer. I am 38yr mom with 2 kids and i have had my share of diabetes and weight gain. Sunday is the day i made a choice to SAVE my life."
Sherry Smith, Atlanta, GA

"I have had P90 X for months and never touched it until now, I was afraid to touch it. My goal is to lose 30lbs in 5 months. I think I can do it. I am going to incorporate my Weight Watchers in with this and go from there, but I am in week 1 and all I can say is WOW... wish me luck."

"I am a retired professional boxer, and I have always had issues with my left shoulder dislocating. I had the big name sports doctors do the surgery and I never thought I would be able to have any strenth in those surrounding muscles. That is until I found this glorious workout. I could not lay on my stomach and put my hands over my head but after 8 weeks I can do the superman moves pushups and a large percent of the yoga moves. This means I can actually live my life to the fullest. Thanks."
Karrie Frye, valparaiso, IN

"This is absolutely AWESOME. I had all the excuses. I hate videos, hate mornings, hate weights and hate working out. BUT I LOVE P90X. My wife and I do it every day. I even love AbRipperX. You owe it to yourself to get in the best shape of your life."
Mark Walker, Toronto, ON

"I am in my 4th week of the program, and I absolutely love it. I see progress every week and this keeps me motivated. I cannot wait for each week to see the changes in my body. Thanks Tony and P90X, you are changing my life."
Rebecca, TX

"I been doing p90x for the last 8 weeks i went from 230 to 205 and keep losing weight im very happy with this program."
jose rivera, wauchula, FL

"I love this workout and love the results. I needed way more than 90 days to get into the best shape of my life and I have used P90X as this tool. It is really tough and there are a lot of days when I struggle, but all I have to do . I show up and press play"
Karen Brandon, Floral Park, NY

"started my first day today and i love it. im a former marine and now law enforcment officer i always thought i was in realy good shape but after doing this i realise my body was just use to my everyday rutine i was able to keep up the first set but was maxed out coming into the second set awsome program."

"Im on the first week of P90x and wow this is insane. I love it, its the first week and i wake up in the morning feeling like i was at M.S.U. football camp the day before. It works your body so well. I can tell in 90 days im going to be ripped and looking good. Thank You Tony."
Alex Picatoste, Cedar Grove, NJ

"i'm 15 years old, when i started p90x on july 2008 i was 195 and my neighbor introduced me to it,,,i can now say i'm no longer overweight, it is the best workout ever and now i have loss 53 pounds and went from a size 38 to a 32 thanks to p90x...i'm looking forward to try the p90x plus soon..thank u for this live changing experience, now i love to work out i have learn to eat properly and best of all I LOOK GOOOOOOODDD"
jordy filpo, kissimmee, FL

"I finished my first week of the lean routine and I actually see little improvements this is awsome"
Ana del Mar, San Juan, PR

"My husband and I started doing P90X together, and we feel more fit than we can ever remember. In just the first couple of weeks, we were already seeing results, and we had eliminated our cravings for our old favorite junk foods. It was surprisingly easy to make these lifestyle changes and keep the momentum going. Our lives have definitely changed for the better."

"My boyfriend bought me the P90X and I love it...It's only the first week, but I can tell a difference starting with my energy. Can't wait to see the results."
Millie, Charlotte, NC

"The P90X 90 days work out is awesome. I dropped down inches and a size and a half in my jeans. I love you Tony."

"Thank you to everyone in the P90X commercials and to all of you who have posted your comments about your life changing experiences. I became a mom just over 2 yrs ago and am still carrying around 20 extra pounds. I have seen the infomercials a countless times and decided that P90X would be my Christmas present to myself this year. Thanks again to you all, especially to Tony Horton for being so inspirational."
Connie, Orlando, FL

"I'm only on week 2 and feeling the burn. Lost 2 pounds so far, and love it . The system is for real. No one should be a quitter just gut it out you thank yourself later.This really works. Than you for the help."
Eric W, Tipton, IA

"I was excited about trying this program after hearing about it from friends. I finally saw the infomercial and decided to order it. I tried it for a week and became discouraged because I prefer going to the gym and interacting with live people. Similarly, I found the nutritional plan to be extreme. I am debating as to whether or not I should return the plan. I have decided to give the plan another shot and modify the nutritional program to fit my needs. I'll keep you posted."
Telisha, Orlando, FL

"Ever since ive been working with my hockey team using P90X, My coaching staff Matt Humpal face off and dumping coach, Brian Melberg practice coach, and I have seen a significant difference in the strength and endurence of my team. I believe P90X will lead us in the path of a championship hockey team. Along with my ingenious stick drill conditioning."
James Schannon, Amery, WI

"I swore I would never buy anything from an infomercial. But, I didnt know about Tony Horton did I. After review, I said man I can do that. Lets give this a try. The results WOW. I am down 15 lbs, I am not ashamed to be seen in a bathing suit, my abs are getting ripped and I am the envy of all my kids teenage friends. Thank you."
Scott Durward, Essex, ON

"I am on my 3rd week of p90x, and the advertisement slogan, it will leave you exhausted and wanting more, could not be more true. I know many people will read this and think I'm a paid person, or some fitness freak. I'm a 24 year old graduate student who barely has time to sleep, but this workout is my incentive to get through the day. My fiance and I bought p90x to get super sonic fit, as Tony says, for our wedding, yet we are finding it is transforming our LIVES."
Elizabeth B., Columbia, SC

"P90X is an amazing in-home fitness and strength system. I played Division 1 soccer in college and even with our strength coaches and innovative training the results do not come close to those of P90X. I decided to try P90X after the birth of my first child and I have dropped all of my pregnancy weight and am well on my way to having a better body than before. I will say that P90X is not for the faint hearted. It is not an easy or cheesy workout. It is hard, sweaty and challenging. I am addicted"
Mallery, Highlands Ranch, CO

"I am 53 years old and have been working out in some form or fashion since 1971 simply because I love to exercise. I am using the 90 x to supplement my other workouts tae kwan do and weights. This is simply the best program I have seen and I just wanted to thank you for such a great product that I can use for many years to come. I am suprixed by the positive results I am seeing. Thanks Tony and staff."

"Hi- My husband works out all of the time. I found him P90X and he ordered it. While only just finishing th 1st 30 days, we can see the results. More importantly, he is not spending hours in the gym, away from home and the kids. He also travels a lot and has easily taken his program with him and has continued it without any problems. It's a great system, with great results. Just wanted to thank you for helping him achieve such fantastic results, while spending more quality time at home."

"so many of you want more info about what the actual program involves. you are given a workout routine for 90 days telling you exactly what workout to do each day and what results you will get by doing each of the 3 variations. lean. classic. or doubles. as for equipment you need free weights. so yes you do bulk up just like you would in a gym. and either a good resistance band or a pull-up bar and a yoga mat. other equipment is optional. good luck. I love it. best wkout."
tonya, UT

"Im 39 yrs old and just finishing up my 2nd full week of the program and I can't thank you guys enough for the results I've received in this short time. I watched the infomercial on TV for over a year and I can't begin to tell you how dissappointed I am in myself for waiting so long to finally start but how happy truly am that I have begun. I will report back on day 90 and anybody out there that is skeptical all I can say is put down those diet pills and get off your butts.Tony thank you bro ."
Gary Pacini, San Diego, CA

"i have never worked so hard in my life, but after 90 days when the solution is standing in front of you, there is no doubt is was worth it."
luke kujawa, apple valley, MN

"I combined P90X with my gym work out. I saw results in one week with a better diet. I do the gym or ballet 3 times a week and P90X in between, plus one day off every 7 days. A cross training program using P90X I is working as long as I stick with it."

"This works. Make the decision and commit to the program. Definitely take your day 1 day 30 day 60 and day 90 pictures. The proof is in the pictures your clothes and the looks and compliments you receive, not the scale. I will never go back to a health club again."
Jason, Englewood, CO

"This program has changed my body and my life unlike any other fitness program ever has. I have always enjoyed having fitness in my life, but P90X has by far surpassed my goals. If you BRING IT and follow the diet guidelines, the results will be amazing."
Penny, Goodland, KS

"Best thing I've ever found in fitness training. Lifted weights and run for years, this is the best. When is the follow up."
Mike Brouillet, Otisville, MI

"My husband and I were given P90x by my brother January 2007. We have been doing the program religiously for one year. My husband Kyle started out at 6'3 255 and ended up 217 and ripped. I lost 18 pounds. I am 5'9 now and weigh 125. My daughter and I did a triathlon and I trained for a week before. We finished and I felt wonderful. Not only do you look great with this program. You feel great. I just turned 40 and feel I am in the best shape of my life. Thank You Tony Horton."
Kristy Stephenson, WA

"Above and beyond the most motivating,excellent training program ever. I have only been doing P90X for two weeks now but already I feel an amazingly huge difference.I am using the program to not only get in better shape, but to train for a triathlon as well. I love doing the dvds so much that my two little boys come and watch and do the exercises too.Theyre only 4 and 3. I think there should be a P90X reality show. I volunteer to be on it.Moderately out of shape to AWESOME in 90 DAYS."
Erin Wood, Sparta, NJ

"I have been doing P90X for a couple months now but havent done it everyday however I have seen some resutls. I am now picking up doing it everyday eating more healthy and it is getting to be so addicting I cant go a day without doing one of the workouts I am an athlete and I have been beaten by these workouts but it is for sure worth the constructive pain The program gets better the more you do it Thanks Tony"
patrick S., Cleveland, OH

"Hola, me complace saludarles, y saber que puedo entrar en contacto con ustedes, recinnamiento temente conoci el sistema de entrenamiento P90-X y esto sencillamente encantada,me gustaria felicitarles y preguntar, si lo sacaran en espanol y si es posible la contratacion para exibhiciones,o entrenamientos para hacer instructores o clases en vivo en otro Pais como Mexico y Venezuela, muchas gracias y felicidades nuevamente ya ordene mis videos... saludos un abrazo Alex..."
Alexandra Munoz, MEXICO, NM

"This is a great program, but you must be fit to start with....This fitness program is the first one I have used that actually helps build the stamina and strength you need for competitive soccer."

"I did it and posted my results on youtube. Search for p90xpushplay on youtube and you will see my results. Today, 3 weeks later I am doing the p90x again."
shane, Taylorville, IL

"This is the craziest workout I have ever done. I have never been so sore after a workout. This is my first week and I can't wait to see the improvements in strength, speed, cardio, and especially muscle definition."

"I have been using the P90X system for three days and my chest and back are sore from the workouts. Now that being said it is a good sore because I feel I am getting something accomplished. I have arms and shoulders today and can't wait to get pumped."
Michael Fowler, Hickory, NC

"53 years young first week i have aches i haven't had since the army thanks for great work out"

"P90X is my favorite tool. If you don't have it..GET IT."

"Ive been working out for 4 years off and on so I guess you can say I have the experience to lift weights. I am in good shape but I know I can be better. I tried P90X 3 days ago, and all I can say is WOW. I haven't been this sore in years. That means I haven't been confusing my muscles and that means they haven't been growing to there full potential. Thanks Tony you are AMAZING brother. This program kicks my butt. I recommend everyone try this, don't be skeptical just do it and BRING IT."
Big Serg, Bloomfield, NJ

"I started P90x last Friday and I have already lost 11 lbs.....I say BRING IT."
Michael Gardner, Johnson City, TN

"Tony, my husband has just started the P90X workout and I have never seen him so motivated. It has only been 2 weeks but I can honestly begin to see a difference, especially in his diet, Thak You."
Flora Esquivel, sylmar, CA

"What a KICK butt routine. I have fun. I recommend anyone to try this. What a change. The way I feel what I eat and drink. I love this program and beleive in Tony and the crew. He has changed my life. Thank you."
John, Fort Wort, TX

"First off, I want to say that I am a former US Marine. I had been searching for a program to get me back in shape and P90x did it. Even with all the weight training and physical exercise that I did in the Corps, I still was amazed with the results. I've been through P90x, P90x Plus, and now I've started back on the original routine with a little mix of the latter. I've never felt better in my life. Thank you Mr. Horton and thank you Beachbody."
Mark Swenson, San Diego, CA

"I wanted to thank the T man and his workout crew. I am 45, out of shape and 30 lbs overweight. I am in my 2nd week of P90x, and I am doing the program with my teenage son, who is ripped like I was in my youth. We get up early every morning. I cannot do all the routines to completion ... yet, and I am as a sore as one can get ... but it is great. I look forward to each morning's workout with my son. I have more energy at work. Thank you Tony and the crew. Blessings"

"great program never been in better shape and the customer support is outstanding."
chris, ft bragg, NC

"I am on my 11th week and all I can say is the program so easy. In other words, I have gotten in awesome shape. The workouts are so easy now. When I first started doing the program I thought I would puke. I worked muscles I didn''t know of. Tony H. is rediculous, I'm in shape and ripped as a mug, and do advice you to dare purchase the X. Stick with it, It will give you too much confidence."

L, Dover, DE

"P90X is the BEST. I GOT RIPPPPPPPPPPPPED IN 90 days and now all the girls want some of the red. I cant wait until summer comes. ITS ON like Donkey Kong"
Scott red O, Ballston Lake, NY

"ive only been doing the p90x for two weeks and i feel so much stronger more agile,and so much more endurance,no other program ive ever tried has pushed me to the limit,this seems to be the start of a awsome journey."
ken, smithers, BC

"Being a chiropractor and medical doctor with a long history of fitness health and fitness including bodybuilding, powerlifting and mixed martial arts. I can say that this program is definitely worth it. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or both, you won't be disappointed as long as you are dedicated. Best wishes."
Drew HunterDCMD, Scottsdale, AZ

"I started to do the power 90x at day 1 and i can tell this work out really pays off, i started to feel my muscle working up, i used the resistance band during the pull ups and i love the progress. can't wait to do the rest"
Luis Julian Medina, Bayamon, PR

"OMG Its been only a week and i can see and feel a HUGE difference. My clothes fit better and i already have more energy throughout the day. I have adapted my cooking and eating habits to fit this program and Im telling you its paying off. I honestly cant wait to see what next week has in store. Thank you so very much for offering this great excerise and eating routine and thank you for selling it at an affordable price. Its fun and it works...what more could you ask for"
Tonya, PA

"I think the P90X is great. My girlfriend and I spent five months at a boot camp and wanted something that was inside for the winter. I was very disappointed in the bands that I received. They send three bands and one set of handles. That to me was the cheapest thing I have ever seen. They need to provide handles for all bands. Just an irritation for me."

"I love, love, LOVE this workout. It kills, it makes you hate junk food, and it hurts. But man will you have a new body. I lost 15 pounds in two months This is the most amazing program try it it will change you"
Rochelle, Calgary, AB

"I reccomend this program to anyone. I just love it. I am superbly flexible, energetic and strong. I was just wondering if I could let my 14 year old son do P90X with me. Is it okay for skinny people to do it."




"I have been watching the P90X informircials for some time now. I have been wanting to order P90X but I wasnt sure, so one morning I just decided to order it. I haven't gotten it yet, but I am very anxious to start it and transform my body. I will definately send pics of my progress"
Mike DiGoria, Lithia, FL

"I dont see anyone over weight doing the program Will it work on someone at 300 pounds"
David G. Coffman, west valley, UT

"This program really works. I lost over 20lbs. I still drink beer on the weekends but I burn it off faster now. Good program."
Joe, San Diego, CA

"My husband and I both do triathalons including Ironman distance and P90X is a great cross training tool. We are getting many of our club members to use it too. Sales for x90 should go up in Chicago land area."
Sue Dziuban, St. Charles, IL

"im 6-5 175pds and im wondering if this will work for me im trying to put on weight and all these people are trying to lost weight rather than gain it and also does the nutrition guide come with something to gain weight"
david, MN

"In the first two months, I have lost 20 pounds and doing regular boy push ups now. Tony and the kids keep me motivated to come back everyday for more."
AJ, san antonio, TX

"I have a question.. I have always had a problem with my thighs seems no matter what I do they are very hard to get to firm up.. Will this product help me with that problem area.. I see the comercials work on the arms and abs but not much for the thighs..I would like to know before I invest in this, if someone could help me.. Thanks"

"p90x is great, i am 19 and i am in better shape then when i played highschool football. if you want to look and feel amazing then this is for you"

"P90X is the greates exercise program i know, and have been an active athlete for the las 20 years, my wife and I started the program 41 days ago and we both see huge improvement in our bodies and feel great we lots of energy ,almost as much as tony Horton. we have recomended the program to all our friends and family and they are noticing the results."
Efrain raimundo, whitehall, PA

"Tony...i bought the power 90x system, unfortunately I didn't purchase it directly from your website and it when it arrived it didn't come with the Nutritional guide and the fitness guide. I am ready to start my work outs but i want to be able to follow the instructions and the meal plan to the core. Do you think you can send me a copy of the nutritional plan along with the fitness guide. I would highly appreciate it. thanks"
Anna, englewood, NJ

"P90X is an outstanding program. With determination, focus, and motivation, it's the next best thing since sliced bread. I'm a Drill Sergeant in the US Army and the exercises in P90X are great. Just remember to pace and know your body's limit."
Jon, Ft Jackson, SC

"My wife and I have been doing P90X for almost two weeks now and we feel so much better and know the results that we are looking for will happen with P90X. Thank You for the best home work out ever."
Erick Vazquez jr, virginia beach, VA

"Just started today. OUCH....It hurts soooo good."
Isaac, El Paso, TX

"this program is awesome, i am in as good of shape as i was as a high school wrestler"
karl hofeditz, columbia, MO

"I just purchased P90X on 12.24 and I am Stoked. I cant wait to start my training. I hope it is as good as Everyone says... Thanks"
Joe Anthony, Riverside, NJ

"i am starting to watch the commercials,and getting very interested in trying this program i am about to be a mom and i am looking at skinny clothes for motivation i really need to loose this weight for summer so i can look great"
Lisa Golding, Queens, NY

"Down to the bone best workout plan and exercises i have ever tried. This is fore people that work out but stoped seeing results. After a few days you will see them. After a few weeks you feel great look great and the results just keep coming."
Jacob, Alb, NM

"It's my day 30 and i could really see the results. 60 days to go. I can't wait"
James, Millbrae, CA

"This is the best. I have worked out all my life and have even taught aerobics. These tapes are the best in home work out you can get."
Melissa Martin, Clarkston, MI

"I am a professional rodeo bullfighter age 34 and I have just started the workouts. I am looking forwrd to the results and prolonging my career. I'll let you know how it goes. In my second day of workouts I feel the burn."
Lance Brittan, windsor, CO

"I bought p90x a month ago and to be honest it has sat in my closet.until now. I am motivated now more than ever to begin this workout however I am unsure how to use the disks to achieve the best results. Do you start w the first disk in the package chest and back and then move to the next disk and do them all in order Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks"
Derek Scalese, Hampton, VA

"This is a great work out series. I'm very satisfied. Dr. J"
Mary Johnson, Boston, MA

"I have watched my son transform his body from a cute kid to a lean, muscular man. This is an unbelievable program, and has given me inspiration. My son walks taller, is stronger, and more confident than ever before in his life."

"I'm 51 gone through 3 rounds of P90X and have done P90X Plus for 1 round... I get compliments ALL the time on how I've CHANGED. This is the BEST exercise routine that I've EVER completed... I keep up with ALL my Scuba Students."
Paul Watson, Huntington Beach, CA

"I can't wait to start this program and get ripped by my 29th birthday."
Jen Jones, Collegeville, PA

"P90 X is addictive- and perfect for folks who get a little attention deficiet when excercising- this never boring and very challenging. I am so inspired and challenged through this workout. Thanks Tony and the creators for this product- truly the best video series I have EVER tried- oh and it works...that is a great bonus."
Amy, PR

"I have tried lots of workouts, but P90X is the most intense, most effective workout by far."
eric, windsor, ON


"I usually don't write reviews, but I felt I should here. I just finished the P90X program a couple days ago and have astounded myself and my friends with the results. I lost 30 lbs and more than 14 inches off my body. I'm now down to about 8 percent body fat from close to 20. My 2 year old daughter doesn't even recognize me from my before pictures. Thanks for the intense program Tony. Hard as hell, but worth it."
Sean B., Windsor, ON

"I loved this workout program. I hate working out to DVDs, but when my whole family started doing P90X and I saw their results, I had to give it a try. As soon as I hit play I couldn't stop. Its been 90 days and I'm still not bored with P90X. Awesome, give it a try. Especially if you live in South Dakota where its -40 and you don't want to go outside to get to your gym. I live in a small studio, so you don't need much room."
Trisha, Sioux Falls, SD

"I am on the fifth week of P90X and the results are unbelievable. I have lost 16 pounds and have no doubt i will reach the goals I could never reach previously on my own. I can't wait to head out to the beach after week 12."
Angel Mundo, Tampa, FL

"This workout system BRINGS IT and after only two days I have experienced more of a workout than I ever did in my 9 year Army career"
Todd Heap, Stafford, VA

"I am a 55 year old surgical oncologist who works long hours and very intersted in optimal health. I have been through 3 cycles of P90X and it has improved my physical and mental stamina dramatically. My teenage sons use the workout to train for school sports."
james spellman, rehoboth beach, DE

"I started P90X about 3 and a half weeks ago and I lost 16 pounds in that time frame and went from a 36 waist to 32. Unbelievable. I have been training in the gym for the last 18 years and have never gotten the results that I am already getting from just 3 weeks of working out with the P90X. I think my biggest problem was diet, but the P90X system takes the guess work out of what to eat, when and how much. An absolutely amazing system that seriously works."
Harvey Panesar, Edmonton, AB

"I just did one workout and i know i will see a change, I am 17 years old and i, hope this will help me achive my goal of becoming a cop. I can also tell you from my perspective the nutritional part is goin to be easier than the workouts."
Jason, Woodstock, ON

"I go to the gym 1-2 hours a day and feel I have hit a wall. I overheard some members talking about something with letters and a few numbers, but really had no clue what it was. What caught my attention was how well it worked. I just placed my order online and can't wait to see the set. I plan to put this dvd set to the test. I will take before and after shots for proof of performance."
John, CA

"Starting Phase 3 after 8 weeks into program. Love it. Awesome results my whole family during the holidays were commenting on my fitness. Why so effective. Takes the thinking out and allows you to plug in your pure desire for fitness. Just bring desire and follow the DVDs the results will come FAST. Get it use it commit to it."
Drew, Memphis, TN

"I've just completed day 5 of the program. My husband and I are doing the program together. I am shocked at the changes I can already see in my body. I threw up after the first workout...which I have never done before following any workout...It is tough,but, if you want the change, you have to put in the effort. I cannot believe how much I look forward to working out now. This is a GREAT program and it is life changing."
karen, Spring, TX

"Just starting Classic Week 8. I am seeing results. Because of my enthusiasm, I have already got three people to order P90X here at work. Can not wait until I reach week 13. I am using the Horton phrasologies at work also and they are catching on. DO YOUR BEST FORGET THE REST."

"My wife and I are near then end of our fourth week of P90X. We have been struggling at times but starting to see success in numbers of reps and lower resting heart rates. She actually bought a program for her boss for christmas. I feel that the best is yet to come and oh ya, Tony, thanks for the supportive narration during the work outs."
Nick Chelenza, LAWTON, OK

"I talked to a friend that I have not seen or talked to in 20 years and he is doing the p90x. I have been a personal trainer in the past and looking to get back into it. He is sending me p90x so I can take a look"
Joshua Regan, Sidney, OH

"Wow i am only 14 years old and im doing the p90x with my dad. We are only one week into it, but we have been feeling the burn and enduring the pain. I love it."
Joey, Richmond, VA

"Ijust order the p90x so I'll let you know in 30 days what it has dome for me"

"I can not say enough positive things about P90x. I've always been fit but after having 2 babies, and no time to go to a gym, I got back into pre baby form and far beyond in no time. I am no doubt the fittest, leanest and healthiest I have been in my whole life. The beauty part is how easy it has been to sustain and maintain this as a way of life after completing the program. My husband was so inspired he's started the program now too. Thanks."

"This is an absolutely invigorating workout program. It is not for the beginner but if you are sick of your current same ole same ole gym routine I totally recommend P90X."
Karen M, Madison heights, VA

"Just getting started on P90X and loving it."
James, Buckeye, AZ

"P90X sat in my closet for about a year. I am now on my 6th week and my only regret is that I waited so long to start. If you want to make gains this is program to get there. I got two of my more fit friends to order the program and I look forward to hearing their comments. You'll look forward to each work out."
Peter G., NJ

"it was amazing i and saw results so fast. it is so much fun. P90X is awesome. i recommend it to all."
Nessa, west hempstead, NY

"My husband and I are on our 2nd week. We thought we were in shape. I was really sore in the middle of the first week but can tell I can do more reps in the 2 week. Having problems with the diet though. Don't want to give up soda's. We look forward to doing it every night. Not a big fan of the yoga. We like the Kenpo, more up beat. I can tell that my energy level has gone up and can't wait till the 90 days are up to see the final results."

"I just started this series on 12-15-08 and am very impressed. All of the worouts are tough, keep you motivated and despite their difficulty make you feel more energized. The only dvd I did not like was the yoga x because it was too long and had too many advanced poses."
Rick, Dana Point, CA

"Yesturday I started my journey with P90X. I'm going to school to be a personal trainer so I feel like i'm in oretty good shape.... I was wrong. chest and back and the ab workout kicked my ass. I went to failure on my push ups and as i layed there I thought to myself this is what bringing it feels like. P90X is the real deal.I'll keep you posted on my results. I'm going all the way with this."
Luis, Grandview, MO

"P90x is the best thing that has came into my life in just four days i have lost 4-5 plbs. It is mine and my fiances new years resolutionn. Thanks for the opportunity to get healthy and active."

"Thank you, Tony. My husband and I just finished P90X at the end of December 2008. Although the scale shows that I only lost 9 pounds - I lost 10 percent body fat, as well. As a mother of 3, I can tell you that I have not been in this shape since high school. I receive compliments daily. Now my husband is even more of a success story. He is 6' tall and lost over 30 pounds and is now at 8 percent body fat. He has NEVER been so ripped in all of his life. He looks outstanding. Thank you."
Shan, Windsor, ON

"Wow, P90X is no joke. After seeing two friends who were out of shape and overweight trim down to six packs I was instantly curious. They explained to me all about P90X. I am a firm believer that P90X can mold anyones body into a work of art. I just started the workout and love it. But you better be ready to get after it, because it is intense."
zach, Charleston, AR

"I love P90X it is great. i do it for hockey at least 3 practices a week and o man talk about the ripper abs im getting. Even though im not a ladies men or i should say i wasnt untill i started doing P90X and now, wow other guys better watch out because this cat is looking pretty fly for a white guy."
Eric Mannum, Amery, WI

"I was a college athlete and used to pretty intense training, but I didn't believe that you could make such dramatic changes to your body without the use of gym equipment. I went through the workouts and had measurements taken on my body at the beginning of week 4 and at the end of week 12. I started the workout trying to actually lose weight. At wk 12, when we did my measurements I had actually gained 5 pounds. The insane thing was my body fat went from 14 percent to 8 percent."
Corbitt Chandler, Los Angeles, CA

"We are starting the P90X Program and are on Day Three and we Love the system. My wife is 190lb looking to lose 40 and I am 330lb looking to lose 110lb and we feel that this system will do it for us The Nutrition Plan Works We have change the way and what we eat Up date on day 30 60 and 90"
Raymond Harris, Morrow, GA

"I am only on day three of the P90X and I am hooked. I may be sore, but am wanting a BeachBody so bad I can taste it. Tony is wonderful in the video's. I especially like the fact that he let's you know he is feeling the burn too. I cannot wait for my 90 days to be up so I can see my new body. Thank you Tony and everyone involved withBeachBody."

"My friend and have used the program and made it a part of our lives. We are in great shape and never stop talking about it. It has really changed our lives. I am 32 and can outplay guys 10 years younger in my basketball league. GET P90X TODAY."
Jake McEntire, SYRACUSE, UT

"i've always worked out hard,but this is the best ever.one question.i'm 62 and i'm working to gain some size.i work really hard at everything i do. am i going to gain some mass or am i doomed because of my age"
skip bardsley, williams, AZ

"Holy Crap. I am an ex-army buff girl turned mom of four. I have the flab to show it too. I have had this sitting in my closet for the past year and began using it faithfully since Christmas after getting fed-up with myself. After these two plus weeks, results already. I am so excited to see what I morph into after the full 90 days. I am just miffed at myself for not doing this right from the get-go."

"WOW. Ive been workin out for awhile and always had trouble getting fast results. But on P90X I feel the work out afterwards and the next day guarenteing i did a good days work, Its amazing."

"I've been on P90X for only 7 days and have already lost 8 lbs. I can't wait to see what it's going to look like at day 90, Thanks Guys"
Jeremy, Jacksonville, AL

"I bought P90X for my 16-year-old for Christmas. Now he, my 14 year old and I are all doing it and having a great time. Of course our muscles are screaming but we are seeing results and spending quality time at the same time. Thanks"
Kelly Siebert, Springfield, IL

"this thing is a killer, i started the ab ripper X and 2 days later i'm still sore, but hanging to do more"

"Being a High school two sport varsity athlete fitness was always a way of life. After my senior year I chose not to play college ball and soon became out of in season shape. I continued to lift and saw very little results. One night I saw P90X and knew I had to try it. I've been on the program for 30 days and I look and feel better then I ever have. These workout will challenge you to give it your all. But once you realize pain is gain the results are outstanding. Thanks Tony for all the motivation."
Greg M, Austintown, OH

"i was given P90X 5 months before my wedding. every one said i needed to loose a little here and there. this program has changed my weight already only within the first weak. i lost 4 pounds for some reason in the first 4 days of working out. i eat normally and still lost the weight. i am still lossing weight and gaining the muscle i lost a couple of years ago. this program rocks and it keeps on getting better."

"I have worked out for over 20 years. After hitting 40 the workouts were no longer providing results. My brother in law, a fireman, bought this for my husband and I for Christmas. We have been doing it for 2 weeks and I have already lost inches and love this program. I am already a muscular woman but you can tailor the work out to fit what you want. This is an amazing, highly movitating workout, not for the faint of heart. It's a blast."
Sheri, Tucson, AZ

"This is a great program but what would be even more fantastic being able to download the program to our ipods. It is a pain to carry around a notebook while at the gym or traveling, but it I always have my ipod. It offers great flexibility in your training, most people don't have an entire rack of weights at home or space. I also like using Tonys voice as a prompt so that I stay on target with regards to timing with each exercise"
Amy Murrin, San Jose, CA

"I am a senior in high school and on the varsity football team. Im on my second day of p90x and ive never felt this way about working out. I actually enjoy waking up at four AM and working out before school. I already love it"
Joe Moore, Gilberts, IL

"this is the most amazing workout plan. i was 300 pounds when i started and i am now 225 after three months. it was not hard to follow the workout and meal plans. this has completely changed my life, i have energy to play outside with my kids again"
sean, coral springs, FL

"What can I say.Have had P90X for 6 months now and just started using it.I just finished my 1st week and I think I am going to die.every muscle in my body aches.They say no pain no gain.This has to be one of the best all around workouts I have done.Striving forward and will keep updating as I go.If this 44 year old can do it-than anybody can."
Ed Schumacher, Pataskala, OH

"We did the P90X program at our summer weights this summer. It was fun but hard at times. Our sports trainer always made it fun by trying to take it to the next step. Also, the football boys looked like they were in pain from all the bending."
Kayla, KS

"P90X has changed my life. I lost thirty pounds in 90 days. I went from 210 lbs. to 179 lbs. I also went from a size 36 to a 33 in pants and an XL to a M in shirt size. I feel great. I don't even recognize that tubby guy in my old photos anymore. I love P90X."
Fernando Nieves, Huntington Park, CA

"It has been 6 days and I feel AMAZING. I played volleyball since I was in middle school all the way up till college and I have never felt this good about working out. The first couple of days I was very sore but I pushed through it and me, my mom, sister, and my boyfriend do our workouts everyday together and we look forward to it. I am eating better and Tony is the coolest. I would recommend this program for anyone who wants a POSITVE change in their lives. Just BRING IT and you got it."
Amanda Wommack, Lakeland, FL

"My husband ordered this and we are still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I'm female, 5 feet 5 inches and weigh 155 lbs. My husband wants me to do this program with him but I'm affraid I will bulk up as I want to lose 20-25 lbs. but also gain strength. Can anyone tell me if this is a good program for a female wanting to lose 20-25 lbs. Thanks in advance."
Dawn Hastings, Newport, NH

"My husband and I started the p90x program together five weeks ago. We love it, I was on the thin side and have ended up gaining weight. My stomache is flatter and we are both really firming up everywhere. I love the results and really enjoy doing the program."

"I am going to be ordering P90X because I'm sick and tired of not getting the results I'm looking for. P90X really looks like it could do the job and prepare me for playing my sports at the college level."
Greg, Queensbury, NY

albino bazan, RIO GRANDE CITY, TX

"Wow, where do I start. P90X is amazing. It's been only 2 weeks and I can already see the results. To those out there that are wondering if you should get this program...dont delay any longer by reading this. Just try your best and forget the rest. By the time your done, you'll learn to Bring it like I did."
Jim Merrill, Menominee, MI

"I am 49 yrs. old 5ft 7 and 118 lbs. I live an active lifestyle My question is I definately don't want to lose weight but I do want to firm my entire body with some muscle definition Is this possible with your workout routine"

"I Just started P90X 5 days ago. I am 16 and weigh 230 i am hoping to lose the weight and gain muscle. I was told about this from a friend and I Can defenlty feel the the workouts workin. Would tell anyone to try this it works"
Will, Holland, NY

"I think it is a great program, you should be able to download to i-tunes so you can be mobil with the program on ipod. that would make it a perfect program."

"today is the 2nd day on the program and it is kicking my but. and i love it."

"I love P90X. I have lost about 15 pounds total, but really changed my body fat percentage, gained a lot of muscle and got so much stronger. I started last Spring and did the first 8 weeks before taking a break to travel, then started over. It was a great foundation. I am 61 and have had 5 ortho operations, so I know about come backs, and this program is perfect for me. I love it."
Tom, Silverton, ID

"I have been doing P90X religiously for about a year now and have not seen a single change."
Chris Millet, colorado springs, CO

"I have been working out at the gym for over 10 years. P90X is the best workout programme I have ever done. On Day 4. Looking forward to Yoga."

"i am a paraplegic with a strong upper body and i love working out but there is never a workout video that can show how i can maximize my abs and upper body that of a able body is there any fitness trainer that will take my challenge"
KEN ROSS, st. stephen, NB

"I just started my session of p90x. i am really excited to see the final results and i just want to say that i can already tell this is going to be a great journey with this kind of support system. THANKS..."
Heather, corpus christi, TX

"I am in love with this program, this is fabulous and I have only been doing it a week, and let me tell you .. it is working."
Sasha, HAFB, NM

"I run a VibroGym Therapy Studio in England - my brother teaches skydiving in California and bought the P90X program back from the States - we are LOVING IT... still early days but determined to get ripped - Thank you Mr Horton... its bloody tough but you keep it fun and entertaining."
Tamara Bonnar, ENGLAND, CA

"Watz up peps, here is the shizzle, P90X is designed to fit u, if u want to build up u can, if u dont but want to loose weight you can. Believe me and everyone else, this wil be everthing you can imagine."
Wyatt, Orland, IN

"My wife and I have just started P90x and I can tell you that it is the best workout program that we have ever done. She played soccer in college and I ran semi-pro track. Needless to say, we fell off the wagon and we needed something extreme to get it back. P90X is the EXTREME we have been looking for. We can not wait to see how GREAT we are going to look and feel in 90 DAYS..."
Mark Farr, Jacksonville, FL

"P90X is one of the best fitness programs ever. I started the program and at the end of the first week i fell backwards through a window doing wall squats - stupid I know. I have 40 stitches in my arm, my butt, and my leg, yet i can't wait until i have recovered so i can get back to the program.... its that good."
Matt Knapp, Fremont, CA

"p90x is awesome so far. My wife got it for me for Christmas, and we started right after New Years. We are only on day 9 but I feel stronger and more energetic already. The workouts are tough but not so tough you can't start right into them. I am a 250 pound man with a family history of heart problems, and I think this is the thing to get me into better shape, and is something my wife and I can stick to. Its alot of fun to work out together. Tony is a great motivator."
Nate, Richmond, ME

"I have started this two days ago and i am in a relatively active and athletic shape i landsscape and constantly am moving and lifting. This workout made me realize i need to work on my flexability and it has really beat me up i can see that in 90 days my body is going to be in some sort of great shape but like i said i will do my best and post in thirty days what the results are so far..."
Justin Potter, Southampton, PA

"I barely started the p90x just yesterday and ive never woken up so sore in my life. Im 21 and would work out in high school and nothing has ever felt like this before so i know it works. I cant wait to see what this program has coming up in the next 11 videos."
Tony, Laredo, TX

"The workouts on each DVD are full of variety except for yoga. Yoga is absolutely awful. Tony talks WAAAYYYYY too much for it to be relaxing and not creative AT ALL with the moves. I've done lots of yoga and his workout doesn't compare to any others."
Mr. Don't Buy It, Bloomington, MN

"I have been doing P90X for two and a half weeks. I already see results but want to know if they will stop any time soon. Also i want to know if my lower abs are getting worked well in the ab ripper workout cause i mostly feel the burn in my upper abs not lower."
Eddy Grossmayer, Mount Prospect, IL

"I just completed my 1st workout with the chest and back DVD, and I have NEVER done so many puch ups in all of my life. I actually found myself grunting and growling to push myself up on the last few reps. This is going to be awsome. A twenty-something with 2 children under the age of 5, I have lost all pregnancy weight and I am in better shape than when I started having children, but have hit my plateau. SO excited to see where P90X takes me."

"To potential, current, and veteran P90Xers I am a college athlete, a fitness enthusiast and a physical education major. A good friend of mine told me about P90X about 6 months ago but I was very skeptical. After our fall season I decided to give P90X a chance. I soon fell in love with the program and how it has helped me change my body and life. Many of my friends and teammates have also started P90X. I am thankful to all who were directly or indirectly involved with P90X."
Jose Riesco, Chicago, IL

"My husband and I started doing this after our triplets were born. It is bringing us closer together as a couple as well as closer to our goals of fitness. It's nice to know that actually sticking to a program is going to get us the results we want. Plus, with all the different workouts we are never bored."

"I Love the P90X"
Kevin, Macon, GA

"I bought the p90x 2 -weeks ago it is hard to keep doing it every day but i have committed to it for 90 days and will not give up.I am 52 years old and an avid golfer 6 tall 197 when i started and only 195 now would like to get to at least 180."
Rick Langdon, cloverdale, IN

"I've been working out for a long time with minimal results. However i'm on week 3 of p90x and have seen better results than all the years of working out. I was very skeptical about the product but after the first workout the skeptism was gone, this is a grade A workout. The recovery drink and suppliments are a must in my option. They give you the energy to keep up with Tony."

"My friend had great results and I am considering ordering, but I have very weak knees I'm over 50, and cannot do squats or lunges. Need to know what to do in place of those exercises."
gwen, denton, TX

"I am thinking about purchasing the P90X does anyone know how many times a week you use this workout I have looked around and I cant find anything about it"
Chris, Gibralter, MI

"WOW this is awesome"
Mike Niehues, Reno, NV

"I love this workout."
dana, windsor, ON

"At our local gym a group of us started P90X on Jan. 12, 2009. We aare all already seeing results. One week ago we could all hardley do the Dreya roll and we are so much better at it. None of us have lost much weight yet but we are already seeing that our pants are fitting better. We have a website that is private between us, at the end of the 90 days , if we all agree, we will share it with the world so everyone can see our before and after pictured and stats."
Christine, Kamiah, ID

"I really need some advice im about 5,10 and 115 pounds.Im wondering if this program can help me put on some muscel... any advice is helpfull thanks"
Carlos, coachella, CA

"Tony, Man you rock. I'm 40 and have worked out my whole life Bodybuilding, Competitive Power Lifting, Judo, Tae Kwon Do. I'm also a Police Officer and on S.W.A.T. Let me state for the record, your stuff is NO Joke. Hard Core, Intense, yet you've got to laugh. You make it fun, interesting. Oh yea and the results, Man Oh Man-A-Shivwits, as you would say. I've turned so many people onto P90X, 10 Min Trainer, and 1 on 1. Keep it coming, I'm in better shape now than when I was in the Police Academy."
Evandro Soldatelli, Hebron, MD

"My friend Bought me this dvd and i can see awsome results in just the 5th day seriously.I dont know if it is the workout or the protien shake but i certainly bulked up in just 5 days believe it or not i have photos to prove"
Rahul, Delhi, KS

"I love P-90X. I have only been working out on this program now for a week its hard, fun and exciting all at the same time. I highly recommend you try this product out do it for yourself and your family, and don't forget to diet I feel so much better just in one week and that is probably because I am on a serious diet like tony says ,do your best forget the rest."
andrew rosson, porter, TX

"When i first saw P90x on tv, i really was like that may work but i bet you that it wont work as good as what it says. Sure enough after that first days workout i was hooked. I now tell everyone that i talk to about this new fitness program that i am on and they say the same thing that i said. I just tell them to give it a shot and they wont look back after that first day. I am a landscaper so i am outside moving heavy shrubs and trees around and i still couldnt believe how not in shape i was"
Ryan Allemon, Grosse Pointe, MI

"I just purchased the p90x system, and looking forward to my start date FEB12009"
Antonio Tinajero, San Diego, CA

"I have the original Power 90 and it was brutal, I used it in college. I am now a teacher and high school football coach and that sedentary life style has gotten the best of me. I'm very excited to try this new program."

"yes folks, this workout is for real. get ready to work out hard for about an hour and you WILL see results. tony will motivate you and you will get stronger. i've told all of my friends about, and when i complete this exercise, i will buy p90x plus.... i am a real person, and this isn't some fake write up telling you to buy it. i'm on day 65 and feel great"
chase, NJ

"I'm currently in my 6th week of P90X Classic and have already lost 28 lbs, cut 3 inches off of my waist, and increased my max pull-ups from 13 to 17. I'm not even halfway through, this program rocks."

"I have never in my life felt or looked this good. I have always been athletic and fit with running, gymnastics, and yoga. I saw the ad on TV right after giving birth to my second child and decided that I was going to give it a try I needed a new challenge and was not seeing the results from what I had been doing in the past. I now have the body I have always wanted and never once did I feel ..I can not do this. This is an amazing program. I am into my third 90 day program and it is still awesome"

"I am a12 year old boy who is in good shape, but I was slow and ever since I started doing the P90X I can faster and longer"

"Just started the program - but in 3 days I'm already starting to feel much much better. Honestly, its been quite easy to follow the nutritional plan, while its been much harder to keep up with the video. Admittedly I have hit pause a few times, especially during Plyometrics. Tony Horton is quite personable and easy to follow, its not a rah rah type of motivation, but more of an educational teacher helping you with proper form. There some catch-phrasings, but it doesn't hinder the overall."
Linus Sora, Venice, CA

"P90x is a great workout. I am not sure about people losing 20lbs in 3 weeks, but I definitely feel stronger mid week 3. I don't think it burns enough calories, so I try to add a couple days of cardio a week too. Don't waste your cash on the resistance bands, they are very cheap and break. I've almost knocked 2 teeth out already. buying weights this week. the workout is great though. THANKS"

"Great program My friends love it It makes great pictures for my myspace"
Tyson Olsen, Idaho Falls, ID

"I have been doing this for only 2 weeks and I have already seen significant changes in my body. If you want to get in toned or RIPPED this is the product for you. I am very glad that I purchased P90X. SO BRING IT."
Sarah, IN

"Just begun...wow For those in doubt be sure to understand the diet is strict but if you want results you will bring it. I have eaten enough junk now just need to give it all up for 90 straight days. Best program I ever saw."
Bob, Pittsburgh, PA

"I am going to be buy p90x once i get some money i am so excited. i played college football and i have had back injuries im still only 19 but im not sure if my back will hold up. anyone with a similar situation"
Alex Wolstenholme, Chesterfield, VA

"Listen, im in my first week, day 7, and you can already feel the difference. Tony challenges you to do your best, accept it, feel it, BRING IT. And you will be giving your body the best gift ever, and it will, in return, make you feel like you never felt before."
Justin, Baltimore, MD

"I was going to the gym these days but this city its unsafe so this is the first day that I do the exercises at home and I am excited because I have sweated more than I sweat in my body combat class and without risks , I m very excited ."
Gerardo Quiroz, Ciudad Juarez, NM

"I'm halfway through my second 90 day program and the results are incredible. I've gained more muscle in less than 6 months than I did in 3 years at the gym. The next cycle I'm going to order the P90X Plus and try something new."
Paul, Suwanee, GA

"Our roomate Kevin weighs 500 lbs and weezes constantly but since he did P90x for 2 days his weezing has slowed down. THANKS TONY"
East Lansing

"While never having a real weight issue, I was about to hit the big Five-O and decided to try and get in better shape than when I was 30 something. One Sunday morning I happened to see an infomercial for something called P90X. It looked exactly like what I needed to feel like I was part of a group and stay motivated. I had everything I needed in my home gym, free weights, push up bars, core station, Bowflex, treadmill, elliptical machine...all I needed was the trainer and a group of people to kee"
Glenn Leite, Raynham, MA

"This program is incredible. 3 days into the workout and you will know and feel it working. I love it."
Tim Johnson, Mount Pleasant, SC

"i love the program but i wanna know, since i cant find anyones email address, when i should take the recovery drink. i know after exercising but even after yoga or what." — scott, wheeling, WV

"so to start 09 off to a good start my husband and my work has decided to do a kind of biggest loser for 90 days so when we saw this program we thought perfect WOW this is the end of just our first week and both me and my husband have lost 6 lbs and are blowing our competetion out of the water at work. seeing those results that fast keeps me motivated and can't wait to get to day 90. plus tony is funny. he keeps your mind off the time." — mckenzie, charlotte, NC

"My body feels like Tony has been working me over with a baseball bat...and I love it." — Ryan Kelley, Mountain Home, AR

"i started using the program last week weighing in at 280 pounds. after one week of this program and eating right cutting all soda's and all that junk out of my diet i have already lost 10 pounds and feel healthier. This thing really works and its FUN . Im looking forward to the next 12 weeks." — cody kolbe, union, IA

"This workout works just two weeks in and I see the results I have alot more energy amd i just feel better overall.Thanks P90X" "I have thought about ordering P90x. The only problem im skeptical with is all the success stories. Every success stories is with men and woman who were all skinny in there before pictures. Yes they look great in the end but there is no one i can compare myself with. I am 50lbs heavy. It would be nice to see sucess stories, before and after from real people that needed to loose weight. I would give anything to look like many of the before photos. It all seems a bit discouraging. Thanks" — Officer Coy Brown, Austin, TX

"I snowshoe, snowboard, mountain bike and play a lot of golf. Since this program my performance in each has improved dramatically. Hitting the ball further, jumpin higher on my snowboard and can last a lot longer on snowshoe hikes" "Honestly, I have never felt SO good. This is no joke, a KICK your butt work out program. But oh my is it worth it. Take it from me, someone who used to be a heavy smoker and drinker, that this DVD set not only changes you physically but mentally also. It has helped me QUIT smoking after almost 10 years, and i have been able to stop drinking full stop. I am so motivated i find my self changing all my plans just so i can get a work out in. DO yourself a favor get off the excuses and just do it." — Michelle Phillips, Charlotte, NC

"I am a runner, I have been doing abb workouts and lifting weights for many years. But nothing has ever gave me the results like P90X. Inside the P90X system there is certain routines for what kind of body you want. I followed the lean portion since I am a runner and have felt the benefits of strength from P90X, while running." "I LOVE THE PRODUCT...BUT I AM GETTING FRUSTRATED LOOKING ALL OVER YOUR SITES FOR THE WORKSHEET DOWNLOADS...I HAVE WASTED 45 MINS LOOKING FOR THE SHEETS THAT I COULD HAVE BEEN WORKING OUT...." — brad fogarty, atlanta, GA

"well id like to say that im not really into workingout bc i never have a motivation. but when my girl purchased this workout system and it was something that we would be doing together i got excited. it has been 10 weeks now and she said that she can see a difference in my shape. i too can see a differnece in hers. this is the best workout system i have ever tried. and the results are amazing. thank you P90X" — jeffery hassman, norcross, GA

"Response to Brad: The workout sheets can be found on our P90X More Exciting Products page, on the right sidebar." — Beachbody, Santa Monica, CA

"I am back with my 2nd rewiew. Now after just 3 short days I am really sore all over but have lost 3bs. this is after 3 days folks I will post again after day 7. Good luck...anyone with a question can email me at rfanell at yahoo com sorry cant use any special characters" — Bob, Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm into Week three and it is amazing. I was thin anyway, but am really seeing muscular development and body co mposition changes. The best part is the plan is actually FREE. It pays for itself because you no longer desire the alcohol, sodas, or crappy food we all end up buying. It's a total lifestyle change - not any mere fitness program." — Eric Seibold, Sharon, CT

"P90X is the best, this program is changing my life and Tony brings it every time."

"I really enjoy this program. My husband introduced me to it because he is in the military and a coworker actually does a class with the program after work. His goal was to gain muscles. IT WORKED and he has only been on the program 4 weeks. I have been on the program for 3 weeks and have already lost 3 inches. I am an Air Force Veteran and I felt like I was in Basic Training all over again." — LaToya

"I was a couch potatoe, now I'm addicted to this workout. I have been doing this workout for only three weeks and am feeling muscles getting stronger and leaner. I feel fantastic and can't wait to do the next workout." — Shelley Brandy, Calgary

"I have never looked more fit than I look today. P90X has given the opprtunity to do so. I have finished the 90 days but continue to work out with Tony daily. It is now a part of my daily routine...a lifestyle."

"excellent program, but waiting for some new stuff to come out"

"I'm on my 5th day of working out and already seeing results. Not like, oh I've lost 10 pounds in one week. But, I feel better. When I started on Monday when I bent over to reach for my toes, I reached as far as my ankles. In 5 days I am proud to say that I can reach all the way to floor. I have more energy and productive. I am in full lunges and have more endurance." — Ivy Wilbourne, Granbury, TX

"well lets me start off by saying that im at the tail end of week one and i feel great about what i have done. I all ready feel and see inprovement. Tony is a great coach. Im looking forward to week two and cant wait to Bring It today."

"One of my buddies used p90x and the outcome was astonishing. So it convinced me to order it as well. I should receive the workout in a couple of days and cannot wait to start. I have witnessed the changes this program can do and y'all it works"
Stephen, MACON, GA

"My wife and I are 30 days in and the program has changed our lives. Not only do we have twice the energy, we have incorporate better eating habits and enjoy discussing the positive changes it has introduced us to. We cannot wait to tackle the next 30 days."

"Tonight will be my 4th night on the program. I can already tell it is working because I am sore every monring. I did not get kind of work out feeling when I worked out by myself at home with free weights"
Brad Evans, Chicago, IL

"I have a question. I am about 300 lbs and 6 feet 2 inches tall. I am about 70 to 80 overweight. haven't done much excersize in about 2 years but my job is very physical. Will this be right for someone in my condition. Please someone let me know. My Brother is telling me to start but he was in pretty good physical conditon." — John Cocarus, Farmington, NH

"I stared P90X on 1-13-09. I love it. I saw results within 3 days. I get excited to workout. I can't wait to see what I am going to look like, after 90 Days." — Jessica, Amity, PA

"I love it I live life a lot better now. I'm happier when I'm done with it and feel like shit when I don't have time to do it in the morning." — Dustin, IL

"I have loved p90x program so far, but pulled my hammie on day one...i also ordered the p90x after workout drink but was very disappointed to see cholesterol is in the formula. There is no reason that one needs added cholesterol after a work out. We make all the cholesterol we need. Also, a program of fitness should support a whole grain, plant based nutritional diet." — john debanto md, gainesville, GA

"heh you almost had me sold. I saw the P90X infomercial and it looked good. I checked the website and it looked too good to be true. All I saw were rave reviews in the blogs. where are the not so fanatic. the hey, that sounds like me Average joe comments. If it works as good as you say then take average joe follow him for 90 days and make a tv show out of it. No different than any other reality show. prove it works. Dont Just pay people to say it does. yeah i know you're gonna delete this" — Bill, Findlay, OH

"I am 210 pounds, 22 years old, I am starting P90X today February 2nd." — Anthony, Albany, NY

"After my 1st week lost 5 and a half lbs rest day came on superbowl day and needed it body was tired plus come on I live it Pittsburgh had more than a little to eat yesterday so my weight loss would have been even better. Get the system and if you commit you will succeed" — Bob, Pittsburgh, PA

"This is my second time writing in and I would just like to say that my husband and son and I love this program but we are not seeing the results some of these other people are seeing. This is the start of our third week. Do you not print the reviews that aren't the greatest. I would like to hear from all the people not just the ones you pick. It makes me feel like I'm not doing something right. I would like to see if there are more people like us." "i love p90x. i have been on it for a month and just finished phase 1. i am already more sculpted and am eating way better. i actually get sick when i eat junk food. my body is more defined, especailly my legs. and the p90x recovery drink is the best. i love it and crave it after my workouts. if you arnt sure about this workout program, give it a shot because you WILL get results." "Just ordered today. Here is to a better life." — CO

"Im currently in the 4th week of p90x i started out at 208 and am down to 187. Ive never eaten healthy iv always lifted with free weights but the isometric workouts are rediculous ive never seen results this fast and am far more dedicated in the workouts which still kick my ass. Tony can be a tad weird sometimes but its all in good fun. The main thing is to keep pushing play and be just as dedicated to your diet thank you p90x hopefully even better results in the future." — Nick, Williamstown, NJ

"I am in the military and started P90X a week ago and I am blown away. I though I was in good shape but boy was I wrong. I love P90X, I think Tony does a great job at motivating you. In only a week I have shown improvement. You have to commit to the program and if you do you will see results." "This is absolutely fantastic. It's exactly what I was looking for in terms of fitness. I 've always been in shape and athletic, a runner , but this takes fitness to the next level. I love it, and you will too." "Prior to P90X I had lost 44 lbs by dieting and working out now I just want to maintain my dieting but I ordered P90X to tone up, after streching and after the 1st 2 dvds I havent been that sore in awhile and thats how Im guaging whether or not this is working and I've been sore everyday since in day 2 of the 2nd phase time will tell if it toned me up cant wait til Im further along to see" — XAVIER, HOUSTON, TX

"Just set up my pullup bar. Could do only half a pullup. Things can only get better." — David N., FT. Collins, CO

"I havent watched to videos yet, but i still lost 5 pounds. p90x is the best. Word..." — Sean Kelly, San Diego, CA

"This program is outstanding - great workouts with a comprehensive nutrition plan. I am completely sold on the product. I just completed the first month, and have lost 17 pounds and feel stronger already. I've seen a noticeable difference on the hockey rink as well. I highly recommend the program as long as you're ready to eat right and BRING IT." — Brian, Chantilly, VA

"Holy, Holy, Holy.. Started P90X one week ago and already see and feel the results. I have done many work out routines before and this is like no other. It totally kicks your butt. I find myself both swearing and praising Tony. Every day a different part of my body hurts...but kinda in a good way. My husband was in the Navy and fought in Desert Storm, he correlates the program to basic training. As a matter of fact, he said P90X is worse. Can't wait 'till day 90, Bring it" — Cristan McCarty, Akron, OH

"I just recieved p90x and just finished the first day . It kicks butt it works muscles I didnt know I had which lets me know it is working cant wait to see the results and keep you guys informed." — Chris Raborn, Kings Mountain, NC

"P90X is great.I just finished week 4 and I love it.I was in a bad accident a few years ago and I had my anterior tibialis muscle on my left leg and my right latissimus dorsi muscle removed and I can do all the excercises.No excuses people,JUST BRING IT.This workout program is intense and well developed.For all those bad reviews,remember this.You will get out what you put in." — L.P, SC

"I wanted to tell you guys that with the help of your program I went from 6ft 267lbs to 201 lbs. I have photos of my progress that helped to keep me going. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation I needed to reach my goal,which by the way was 215 at the start." — Kelley Lewis, Houston, TX

"I am a 30 year old mother of two and I purchased P90X in hopes that I could tone up the places where my children left me flabby. Well, I am only on week 1 and I am doing the Classic Workout Plan. I am totally excited because after the Plyometrics workout my legs have NEVER burned so much. I definitely feel the pain and can't wait to see the results." — Rachael Garrett, Aurora, CO

"this work out is great im only 14 and ive been chubby all my life a now have a six pack and im only alf way done if you want to get in the best shape of your like this is it no matter what age Just bring it" "I am doing this program with a friend. Both of us are completely impressed. It is better than having a personal trainer simply because the exercises vary and are things I have never done. I have completed 15 marathons and numerous half marathons, and I can say that after 9 days in this program that I feel like Tony has taken me to even another level. In fact, both of us feel that way, and so do other friends of mine who are doing this program." — Jeff Garney, Mesa, AZ

"My son convinced me to try P90X he also is a memeber. He convinced me to try and build the best body of my life. I am please to say that after just three weeks i see great improvements. This program has given me a new lease on life. I am happier more energetic more dedicated to every part of my life from family to work. I am a fifty year old man who is so thnakful to my son Nick and Tony for giving me this new life. God bless." — David Sherrill, new braunfels, TX

"Hi i Just Started With The P90X in The Beginning I Follow Your Guide On Some Of The Exercise i Did Complete As Much As You Guy So Do i Still Get The Same Result As Time Goes On And My Body Adapt To it" "I'm a 35 years old teacher and I started P90X 30 days ago and I already lost 10 pounds and lost 1 inch from my waist. I tried Power 90 a couple of years ago and it worked but nothing like P90X. Thank you Tony Horton for bringing P90X in my life. I have more energy and my all-around shape is getting better and better. Can't wait to finish the program and see the final result." — Danik Archambault, Saint-Eustache, QC

"me and my friend lift 3 days a week it dont really help and i was wondering if this program works or if it is a gimick" — Tyler Scott, warsaw, OH

"I am on my 11th week of P90X and just bought a bikini for the first time in 18 years. I put the bikini on and was shocked when I looked in the mirror. I can't believe my abs, they are ripped. I also love the yoga x. It is the best yoga class I have ever taken. It is much more challenging than any yoga class I have attended and I have been going to yoga classes for years. I absolutely love this program and I will start all over again after my 12th week." — NJ

"Ive been doing p90x.Im on my 11th week but my abs are not looking any different.My upper body and lower body is changing but I dont see any differents in my abs.I was woundering if I can do the ab work out before my other work out or is there something ous I can do to see results." "This program is amazing, I've been on it for nearly six weeks and feel like a professional bull rider. It's like a kegel for the entire body. Thank you Tony." — Dan, Eugene, OR

"I started with P90 years ago and have just upgraded to P90X in Jan 09 and I love it. My phase 1 results are beyond what I expected." — Boston, MA

"I got p90x from a friend and I have been doing p90x for 3 months straight now. i do all the workouts im supposed to do at the right time scheduled. i have yet to seen any results yet. it doesnt surprise me because i cant seem to build any muscle tone whatsoever and im even dieting. I can do all the workouts and i think that it could be that i just cant get any muscle tone. Anyway im going to stick with it for the full 90 days and i hope to start seeing some results like the people did on t.v." — Nathan, Cabot, AR

"I meant to say 30 days not 3 months in my first review. i would also like to add that i would recommend this program to anyone. just because i havent seen the muscle results, this program has gotten me into pretty good shape. I have really never seen great results and i used to weight train in football. so i think p90x is great and im going to stick with it and maybe i will finally see results for the first time in my life." — Nathan, Cabot, AR

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I have been on it for a few weeks...and love it. I ran everyday 6 miles - marathon a quarter since 1975 and wanted something different.....this was the perfect choice. Thank you so much." "this is a big difference in work,i tyry lot of work out but this the x in finding out who you are , like he said le bring it .and that gave motivation to go on thank p90x" — luis vasquez, woodbrige nj, NJ

"Hey man, i havent started but im motivated im around 10 pounds over weigth. i did it before for about a month and i got ripped abs but i stopped im going to continuee" — Ricardo morales, FL, FL

"I love this program I can't get enough, I'm training hard everyday I eat right and follow the plan and the results are showing. Thank you Tony." — Josh, Denver, CO

"I purchase p90x How can download working papers" — PR

"hi i just got p90x 1 week ago i love it so far" — connor resto, nesquehoning, PA

"I'm about 30 minutes away from starting my first of 90 days with p90x. Wish me luck." — Kyle, ON

"Well I am half way through the program and couldnt imagine my life without it. I look forward to my workout eachday and am so pleased with the results thus far. I am anxious to complete my 90 days and move up to P90X plus... Thanks Tony and team." — Brittany, Boynton Beach, FL

"i am excited to get my p90x package, but am very upset with the shipping. i ordered my package 10 days ago, 7 of which were business days and it is not here. I then logged onto my email and recieved the confirmation email from p90x and relized that they didn't acutally process my order until five days after i ordered it. I don't know what they meant by 5 to 7 days shipping..." "I have completed the P90x program. I must admit I never believed in fitness videos as seeing my parents fail with all previous ones. I am 17 years old and an all-division football running back hoping to be all-state next year. My regular workouts stopped giving me gains and then I switched to P90x. I followed all the workout and I've never been in better shape. Im faster, strong, and and the results are rediculous. 100 percent recommended for all athletes of all ages." — David Elkas, Cumberland, RI

"It's just day 2, but the workouts are truly the best I have been through. The diet is definitely the toughest part. You will have to preplan your full day of food or else, you will not make it. I will write back soon, when I have had a chance to see results. Hopefully I will see some in the next 5-10 days." — Michael Paul Stephens, Magnolia, AR

"I just spent 140 dollars on this program. I hope I am pleasantly surprised because I am totally skeptical. It looks almost overwhelming to follow so I hope the instructions are included so that it is EASY to follow. I read somewhere that P90X is rather complicated to use. I really hope not. I need to drop 15 or 20 pounds and I HOPE this program will be the answer." — Chris E, Virginia Beach, VA

"I love this program Since I first started I have seen results like no other I have ever done before This has transformed my body You would be craxy to not do it NOW" — Karen Miller, OSBURN, ID

"So ive been woking out and running for awhile now. but i still dont have the body i want. i got that annoying belly fat of an older peron when im only 19 yrs old. i saw this program and it made a lot of sense to me i wasnt sure about it. all i see on the pictures and successes are people at the ages 40 and up. i dont think i should have to do this program. but i was still wondering if it would be right for me. any suggestions." "I'm a 55 year old male that does P90X on a regular basis. My last complete round was Nov. of 2008 and I'm in week 6 right now. I love this program. It works your complete body, not just the showy parts. It's fun, and it's everything the infomercials say, and more." — Steve Council, Napa, CA

"I'm 29 with a liitle extra skin after 4 children and alot of celllulite. I'm 140lbs I really just want to tone up. Do you think this will work for me Please Help." "Just started phase 2 and i all ready feel like i am ten feet tall and bulletproof. I will never go back to the gym again." "P90X is unlike any workout I have ever done. I've worked out for many years. P90X brings the fun back into it. The results are fantastic." — Terrilee, Spring Grove, IL


"Tony and his team should be given a Nobel Peace Prize or something of the sort. This program delivers everything from a guidline for getting ripped, the motivation to do it, and amazing results. No matter what I say, you simply won't believe it 'till you try it." — Tyler Green, San Antonio, TX

"P90X is well worth it. I just finished my first 30 days and I have lost 9 lbs. and have tons more energy. I can't wait to see what will be in 90 days and beyond. The best quote from Tony I think is... Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your body... That is what I tell myself when I don't feel like I am seeing results, but they are there. If you are thinking about doing this...DO IT It is well worth it. I just wish I would have started sooner." — Brian, OR

"I just finished the second week of this workout routine and I can honestly say my strength has increased, as has the definition in my muscles. I am an Orthopedic Sports Physiotherapist and can honestly say that this program WILL provide impressive results if you put in the effort." — David Cuviello, Niagara Falls, ON

"I just started P90X and I find it the most motivating fitness system to date. Tony Horton is fantastic. I look forward to putting in the DVD and bring it." — Terry Elrod, Jerome, MI

"I would just like to say that the p90x workout is the best thing out there. I have looked into a lot of things to help tone me up and this is the best thing thanks for making such a great fitness program." "I absolutely LOVE P90X. It is so enjoyable to workout with real people from your home. I love Tony's attitude and his personality. I have been involved with group fitness for 23 years and P90X is the best workout system by far. One of the reasons why it is so fabulous is because my 8 year old daughter and I can do it together. We have done the Kenpo X and Cardio X together, so far. My daughter goes at her own pace and I am very aware of her level of intensity. THANKS." "p90 was intense. i was skeptical at first, but after my first workout, i was sure i would see results after 90 days. im starting week 2 on monday" — Daniel, Wheatland, CA

"I have been doing the P90X workout about 4 weeks and I allredy lost 15 pounds, lost 2 sizes I feel great and so many people is telling me that I look really good I love this program thank you guy for created this program so completed." — Angel, Long Beach, CA

"I would like to be on your comercial. I am just about to start p90x and would like to know what to do. I have a good story." — alicia shook, albuquerque, NM

"I just finished my 9th week of P90X...dropped from 245 lbs to 210 lbs...slimmed from a 40 inch to 35 inch waistline...increased my max pull-ups from 13 to 20...this is by far the best shape I have ever been in." — Dave Newcomb, Williamsburg, VA

"Hey, I am a 19 year old male who is in good shape. I wanted to reach my potential so i decided to try p90x. I have lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks and just started phase 2... this program is amazing and i will continue to use it until i physically cant anymore. i already have major results and cant wait to see the finished product." — Tom, Ravenswood, WV

"I have doing p90x for about four days now and let me tell you it is the best thing i purchased in a while. I will be 40 in june and i do not want to be looking like i have a tire under my clothes so i am looking forward to the final day when i can say hey look at me." — Hollis Ratcliff jr., Brookhaven, MS

"I have been using the P90X for two straight weeks and I can honestly say the program is fantastic. I am entering my third week of phase I and can already see some great results. I really look forward to my workouts and I can see at the age of 62 I will be in the best shape in my life.....so glad I ordered the program after watching your informational video and then ordering." — Lawrence Green, San Diego, CA

"I am on my second day with p90x and i am ultra sore. these work outs are crazy intense" — uDrew Nadler, Council bluffs, IA

"P90x is the best I am on my 5th week and I have lost a total of 17 pounds and have cut my body fat down by 3 percent This is way to go if you are looking to get great results" — Ray, Suwanee, GA

"I'm a 27 year old mother of 2. All of my friends think I'm crazy for spending money on a workout system because they say I'm already skinny. I'm 5feet 9inches and I weigh 145 pounds, I could look better. I have had a doctor AND a personal trainer tell me that the only way to get rid of my love handles is by starvation or liposuction. Before I go to those measures, I'm going to try this out. Here's to a new life." — Veronica, small town, VA

"I have been doing this for over 6 weeks and I am shocked with the results. I am 6ft.1 and weigh about 170, so I am not focused on losing weight. I am seeing big time results. I can see my abs now and my arms are getting bigger. My friend stopped mid-sentence to say how ripped I am looking. It works for sure" — Barry, Rexburg, ID

"Done with the first month of the program and my wife and I feel great. Her arms are getting cut and I have not had this much energy in years. We are having a battle with our neighbors to see which couple can cut the most weight. WE ARE WINNING." — Dave Brown, Eugene, OR

"My cousin and I started this workout 2 days ago and I can barely move. I am so sore and today is day three. I dont know if I can get through it. I know it works becuase im sore. i cant wait for day 90. Thanks tony. I am fat right know but in 88 days i will look like you." — brian p, azle, TX

"This is a kickin workout. I have studied various styles of martial arts, some combined with cardio, spent time in the gym doing various workouts, but this thing kicks butt. The musle confusion is great and the nutrion guide is fantastic great recipies too....yum. Currenty recovering from surgery and am chomping at the bit to get back to it. I reccomend this to ANYONE..... you wont be disappointed." "I have been using P90X for 2 months and i have gone from 172 lbs to 145 lbs. I am now a size 5 when i was an 11 it has helped me change my self image and i feel great. I will continue to do the work out even after my 90 days its just that good...." — Laura Olvera, Sinton, TX

"I just read some of the reviews, i am a 35 year old mother of 6 kids this program works you must be sure to COMMIT YOURSELF TO THE PROGRAM. You will see the results you want..... thank you TONY you have given me hope to look good again...." — Laura Olvera, Sinton, TX

"i started p90x in december and i had a 36 in waist now its 2 months later and im in a 32" — corey white, birmingham, AL

"I have been waiting, no wishing for a system to come along like P90X. I have had countless gym memeberships, struggled with personal trainers, and completed ridiculous diets. THIS program has givin me new hope. It is a no gimmic system that is completely self empowering. You will challenged through countless exercise routines to reach realistic fitness goals.You will feel amazing when you complete just one successfully. A self esteem boosting program that will keep you determined to not fail." — Ethan Hostetler, Hiram, GA

"So today is day 1 of week four for me. I was really hoping to be twenty pounds lighter at the end of my 90 days. Now I can see that will not happen. I have already lost that much Now I am shooting for fifteen more pounds in the next nine weeks. This is the best feeling in the world." — Ryan Kelley, Mountain Home, AR

"I love p90x I have told all my friends and almost all of them have tryed it. It is the hardest work out but like Tony says I hate it but I love it." — Julia Hernandez

"P90X has changed my life. I went from not being able to make the rugby team, to athlete of the year. Thank you Tony... BRING IT."

"My friend purchased this for us to do together.We are starting on Monday and we are really looking forward to it.A friend let me borrow the ab ripperAWESOME"

"I gotta tell u that this workout is no joke I promise to you. You will see results ."
The Original Ronnie V, houston, TX

"I just want'd to say that this program rocks. I have been doing alot of other programs but this one is the bomb. I thought yoga was stupid and not worth it but i tell u when i did that workout I have never done something so hard in my life. I have lost 10lbs and lots of inches i have only been doing it for 7 weeks and it is amazing. I love the food and the workouts like i said this one rocks i would recommend it to anyone at any fitness level. You will get stonger with every workout. I love it"
bettyann greenall, new hazelton bc, BC

"My cousin and I went half and half on P90X about 4 months ago. The first month we were doing it everyday, and started to see big time results. We both haven't been following the program right ever since the end of our first month, but we are still seeing results. Since I started I gained around 12-14LBS, but I am a LOT more toned and have a six-pack which is turning into an eight-pack.I just started it back full force on Sunday, so I'll be back in three months to share my results with everyone."
Marcus Williams, Las Vegas, NV

"If you are one of those people looking to get back into shape or wanting a worthy program of really working THIS IS IT. I am on day 7 not gonna lie this first week has been TOUGH but stick to the dvd's and nutrition plan. I have lost 2 pounds this week and cannot wait to see my results after 90 days. Lets go everybody hop on board this is so worth it."
Rob, Harrisburg, PA

"I probably have had this P90X for at least a yr gathering dust. I had knee surgery at the end of Janurary and have realized that my wieght is contirbuting to my knee probelms. I just finishing reading the entire P90X kit and am excited about starting it. I have already set a goal for myself and am looking forward to achieveing it."
JR, tucson, AZ

"with a bum knee can I still do your program"

"This system is the BEST. If you any doubts about it don't. I'm 54 years-old. I started P90X on Jan 3rd of '09. Today is the 21st. I have lost 12 pounds, increased my stamina and flexibility. I'm also a long-distance bicycle-rider and this program has already made me a stronger rider. Many thanks."

"I was already excited about getting P90X when my wife suggested it and after 90 days I had never felt better."

Chris Temple, Saegertown, PA

"I purchased P90x for Christmas and started it faithfully in Feb. Tony is the guru of exercise. He definitely has the muscle confusion to a science."

"I'm starting the program on Feb.23,09. I'm looking forward to this and wiill let you know how i'm doing in 30 day. A friend told me about this so I promise him I will try it. I'm a x- football player and track runner, I'm 210ibs So like I said I'll write back in 30 days."

"I get motived by the work outs alone because they're challenging and Im always up for a challenge I sweat my ass off I feel stronger but nothing as in weight loss or trimming down a bit Im still maintaining the diet I was on to loose 48 lbs prior to p90x what is going wrong ohI know the work outs are working because Im forever sore"

"I am a DRILL SERGEANT and is a great work out and it help me alot in my job my performance have go up sence I start using P90X thanks Tony"
Jesus M. Lozada, Cayey, PR

"First I woul just like to say that I never write reviews but after what I have experienced I simply must share it with the world. I am a 37 yo female Air Force active duty member. Ive been trying to get back into a workout routine to look good for summer. One day I saw a TV commercial for P90X and I had to buy it. In one week I lost 3.5 lbs and a half inch off my waist and thighs. I slipped on some slacks that was snug just last week yesteday with ease. Thanks Tony and the whole P90X team"
Chantell, Bryans Rd, MD

"I have owned P90X for several months now and just now have the courage to begin training. This is my first complete week and I hate forcing my self but I really love once I complete a set of exercises. I really love this program. Thank you for helping me obtain my fitness goals."
Bobby Ladson, Woodbridge, VA

"ood Morning, First and foremost thank you for the P90X workout. it's a kickin program. I just wanted to say that I have recommended it to several people and one person has purchased it, another is going to purchase it, and my Sister is going to dive in as well. Thanks. You guys rawk."
Christian, Beaverton, OR

"P90X is amazing. My partner and I are entering our fourth week on the program and I am amazed by the results. It really motivates me to bring it everyday."
Sam, Washington, DC

"On my first day of p90x, even though Tony explained to find my own pace, I tried to keep up with the guys and I ended up throwing up, today is my second day, i cant feel my body but im ready ford day 2, I LOVE IT"
Juan Albuerne, Miami, FL

"i love p90x"
alfredo, fairfield, OH

"P90X will hopfuly chang my life.P90X is great and affordable. i will sttart my first day on monday and im going to start out wieghing 145 and lose a cuple pond and get ripped. thanks alote P90X. if u want to give me some edvice email me at calfredo45ATyahoo.com"
ALFREDO, fairfield, OH

"My husband and I are half way through week 2. We hate, LOVE it, if you know what i mean. After week 1 it took 3 days to be able to put my jacket on but now i feel incredible. We NEVER give up, Tony encourages us to keep going and we always do. I love the look of my shoulders today, just finished the arm, shoulder workout this morning, and I can see a difference already. We love watching the team perform, really good mix on each CD. We always look forward to the next day. Thanks P90X"
Joanne Morrissey, Douglas, NB

"This is my third day doing p90x workouts and I am soooo sore."
Sunny, Chino Valley, AZ

"Nine weeks in and loving every minute of it. This is the real deal for any body that wants to get them selves in great shape. I am 47 and you would never know that by looking at my body."
Eric Moss, South Euclid, OH

"Your videos Rock. I tried it and boy did I felt the cry on my body the next day. I do it on a low level since I have not exorcise in a long time. The doctor said I need to lower my cholesterol and P90X you have become part of our household work out. Thanks and keep up the good helathy work out."
Laura R, Twentynine Palms, CA

"p90x is the best thing i done in years,I've got a bad back,so i thought this would help me get stronger and lose some pounds,i almost gave it away, but started it 4 weeks ago,and never felt better. I lost 13 pounds and no more shots in my back ,thanks p90,and today i played golf thanks again"

"I used to be a karate expert, I haven't felt so alive since the times when I spent all day in the DOJO. I Love It. HIYAAAAA"

"I've stallen my workout three weeks untill i got my pull up bar made and mounted, and the had to get a tv in the garage with a DVD player. No excuses now. Om ,y third workout today and boy am i sore. I can't even touch my nose with my right hand. I'm 265 lbs and 48 years old. I just had to get motivated to get back out thete today. I am going to keep at it."
mike, Oakley, CA

"I was a runner. My wife called me an Ethiopian. Now I am 170lbs from 150lbs and never gained a waist size. I can now bench press over 200lbs more than 5 times the first set. I also finished P90X plus"
Travis Jordan, Concordia, KS

"I should get my P90X in the mail Friday. I'm so pumped.I know I will be a beast when day 90 comes. I am prepared to do whatever it takes. Thanks in advance"

Paul Sheffield, Sebring, FL

"i want to try p90x but i do know if is going to work for me,because i dont have time to work out."
rudy gonzalez, wenatchee, WA

"I just received my P90x recently and I've been spending this week reading through the program and preparing myself to begin the program on Monday. I'm really excited about starting the program and I hope that it increase my overall muscle strength which has been severely weakened due to weight gain and a connective tissue disorder. The other posts are really encouraging and let's me know that I can do this."
Pam W., Ashburn, VA

"I have been a work our finatic for several years now, mostly cardio and a little strength training. I have to say I purchased this program a few weeks ago, and it is amazing. I have not felt sore in at least a year, and I was amazed at the intesnsity of this program. I can hardly wait for day 90, and I can already see a difference in my physique. I have been the same weight from my fitness pleatau for over a year until now. It is nice to finally see my results move in the right direction."
Jenn Whitley, Visalia, CA

"I have been using PX90 for the past year in that year I have lost 110 pounds I have dropped from 426 to 316 While Ive yet to gain the definition and muscle shown in the TV programs I am 100 percent confident that with in another year I will drop more weight and build a lean physcial appearance Thank you for helping me change my life"
Benjamin Hofstetter, Bellevue, TN

"You could call this program P14X, becuase I'm seeing the results I wanted to see after only 14 days of use. I'm looking forward to day 90 to upgrade to P90X plus. Thanks to everyone at Beachbody and Mr. Horton for bringing P90X to life."
Eric Fuehring, Fort Lewis, WA

"I think I have a future in sales. I have convinced 5 friends to purchase P90X and all have thanked me over and over for recommending this program. I work as a Field Judge for college football and need to be in tip-top shape and this program helps me keep there. I have fellow officials now on this program and recently convinced law enforcement official to do the same. He and his wife are now is on the program and another couple just purchased it as well. All are loving it."
Joe Kehnast, Mullica Hill, NJ

"Hey from what I see and hear this program might be the one for me all I did was flick through the channels and I saw this product and other testimonials can't wait to buy it in two weeks"
Paul-Anthony Ruffin, Mount Vernon, NY

"Today I finished DAY 89. To me, the results are priceless. I weigh 25lbs less. I have firmed up. My clothes no longer fit. As an example, first time I tried the In and Out pushup, I could only do 1 on each side without stumbling to the mat. Today, I pressed pause so that I could do more of them than the time on the disk permits. I am thankful, so thankful, to Tony Horton, the Toninater, and Team Beachbody. Round 2 coming up. Blessings."
Bill, Austin, TX

"P90X is the one of the best workouts I have ever encountered. I feel great after every workout."
Jordan Bridgett, Flint, MI

"All I can say is WOW...I am almost 45 and 3 months on the lean program and I have lost 40 lbs.For the 1st time in my life I can see Ab definition....It is a killer workout and I pause alot but I get through it....I highly recommend a heartrate monitor to keep yourself from going above your zone.....Forget the Gym and get P90X...Thanks Tony Horton."
peter portlock, Toronto, ON

"Day 5 for me. Started out only doing about half of the routine because i couldn't do any more. Sore as heck the first four days. After the Yoga workout though, and about a half hour in the hot tub, the soreness is almost gone. feeling much better today and looking forward to the day 5 work out"
mike, oakley, CA

"Best workout I have ever done. I am into 6 months and am hooked and now in the best shape of my life and I have always worked out. Would like some new videos, core, lifting etc. to keep it interesting."
Karen Manser, WA

"first week and man i tell u it is fun. the diet is rough, but i'll make it. see u in 90 days with pics."
donnie foreman, grove, OK

"This is the best program out there. A month and a half and I have lost 30lbs and in the best shape Ive been in in a long time. I have told lots of friends and they are getting the same results as me. Thank you P90X."
Anthony Hudson, Alliance, OH

"Well after watching the commercials for P90X for the past couple months i have finally convinced myself that it's time to make a change and i believe this will do it,i am almost 30 years old and 300lbs will not cut it for me especially with 3 active kids,so I should be expecting my package within the week and i am motivated and ready so wish me luck on getting in to the best shape ever."

Anthony Cross, Cleveland, OH

"This is the best workout program I have done. This pushes me to go further than I ever have before." — James, Sebastopol, CA

"P90X is very intense and I just love it. My roommate and I have each cut tons of fat and just feel all around better about ourselves."
Dan, Lincoln, NE

"A group of four women have been doing P90X for two weeks now. We get up at 5AM to do this. I can not wait for mornings now that I am already seeing results. Can't wait for month one comparision. Great program."

"I was skeptical, but P90x work,the exercise is intense, but funnnnn."
JAI, Ozone Park, NY

"It is exactly as advertised. Get the discs, read the two short instruction and informational books and commit. When you get to the other side of 90 days, you WILL be a better version of yourself."
NEAL Lauron, Gove City, OH

"P90x has changed my life, i've only been on the program for a month but im already seeing results as well as feeling better, mornings are no longer sluggish and i actually cant wait to get home and workout" — Marquest Bunch, Baltimore, MD

"I love P90X I have never had a workout go by so fast. A little over an hour a day for amazing results. Thanks"
Michael, Aspen, CO

"I am 45 and have worked out for years with declining results. I have a black belt in Karate and a brown belt in Judo. Last year I twisted my ankle and tore my rotator cuff. After just 2 weeks with P90X I am back on track. This is really a great program for everyone"
Richard Moon, Buffalo, NY

"This is the best workout routine I have ever tried. I have read all the books on body building, I have trained at Gold's Gym in Venice CA with some of the big names of bodybuilding, and have even competed in some of the local competitions. Yet, Tony has taught me some moves that I have never seen before that totally kick my butt. Having Tony right there in my face telling me to bring it keeps me going and pushes me to the limit. After 60 days now people are starting to notice the change."
Mark Brainard, Fontana, CA

"I have just finished my first week of P90X Beach Body. Both me and my wife work out together. This first week kicked my ass, I could barely walk after the first two days work outs, but the P90X protein drink I bout with the program got me through the soreness. I feel great right now and I'm looking forward to my second week of Phase one which begins tomorrow. Tony your DVDs are great, well thought out and I enjoy them. Thanks Man."
Steve, Prattville, AL

"I look forward to getting the P90x workout soon it's good to see a lot of possitive comments here keep up the good work guys"
jay, waterbury, CT

"i just ordered p90x and i can wait to start the program."
kirk d belgarde, vancouver, WA

"This is the only fitness routine I've really stuck with because you NEVER get bored. I'm working muscles I never knew existed and that's how you get results. I wasn't overweight to begin with, but just wanted to be more toned and feel better about myself. It's working and I'm actually having fun doing it."

"I was looking for a home program that allowed my family do work out together. My wife and I are 49 our children are 14 and 13 As much as this is at the top end of the program is difficult the variations that Tony has in each and every program has allowed all of us to join in and suceed even though we are at diffrent levels of ability. After 30 days I honestly beleive I picked the correct program for my family we enjoy the time and the challenge."
Rick Jones, Bolton, ON

"I picked up P90X last year but due to some circumstances in life, had to put it down after only three weeks. Those three weeks changed my life and now I'm back bringing it again. P90X is the best routine I've ever worked out to and will continue to be a choice and recommendation to anyone I know or meet."
Peter DeJesus, Jamaica, NY

"P90X has been the most incredible workout I have ever done. Being in the military and having to stay in shape for a PT test has never been easier, it works hand in hand with what I need to do. It's been a fun ride, you'll enjoy it." — Nicholas, Gothenburg, NE

"My husband and I started our first day yesterday, and WOW. We cant wait to get home from work to do our second day."

"I cannot believe how awesome this system is. I am halfway through week two and I can already see the difference. I just took my measurements again and have already lost a half inch in my waist and one inch in my hips. I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend this system to anyone who is looking to get results that they gym cannot offer. This actually works out your entire body. I am not even following the nutrition plan, and I am still seeing dramatic results."
Christine, Memphis, NY

"I have been using P90X now for 4 months and its the best health investment that i have made in my life. I know that mainly adults are advertised using this system but i know that 18 year old kids my age would benefit greatly from this program, i know i have. I beleive that i will be using P90X for the rest of my young life."
Travis Olson, mukwonago, WI

"It is the best training program ever. Since I started, I have lost tons of fat, I am feeling better, I am in the track again, Thanx to Tony Horton and everybody at beachbody. Hello from Mexico."

"My husband and I want to start the program together but he is getting knee surgery so we have to wait for another month or so but my question is would it be okay to do the diet plan to loose weight for now Or would it not be good to do the diet plan with out the workout Thanks in advance"
Tasha, Linden, MI

"I got the p90x tapes as a gift and use them oftn. What I like about them besides the great workout is that there isn't any pretension. Nobody is trying to look like a actor, it's real and the women in most of the workouts are not the phoney cheerleader types. That is until I saw Tracy who is in the interval workout. No one in a real life workout would have a constant smile on their face and her responses to Tony's questions are too ehnusiastic and come across phoney. she is your weak Link."
aj, los angeles, CA

"i just started the p90x today is my 2nd day to do and i am having a blast doing it i fave told a lot of people about what i am doing"
Zach Chiclote, mooresville, IN

"Just ordered my P90X dvd set. Can't wait to see what it does for me. I am 235 lbs and have no ambition so maybe this can do it for me."
Chris, Carey, OH

"good" — john, Kennerdell, PA

"My wife got me the program and I have used my CDs so much they have become worn and are starting to skip. I love the routines and the motivation provided by watching the CDs. But the wear and tear is starting to tell and would love to get replacements but do not want to pay the full price for another set. Is there another way to get replacement CDs and keep Tony s crew a regular part of my training."
Bart Dennis, Victoria, BC

"Im trying and finish my 90 days, lost 17 pounds but I dont see good result. Please help me."
jose figueroa, guayanilla, PR

"P90X is the best program I have ever done. It has done so much for me and changed my whole out look on working out and the way I want to oll"
Shawn, Henderson, NV

"hello the p90x is awesome i only have 2 weeks doing the excercise but i can feel the chance in my body thanx a lot"
hector, honduras, FL

"Any very active older Seniors using the Program"

"I just received my P90X in the mail. Im excited And a little nervous also. I way 210 and i use to be ripped in high school but now i have flab. Hope this is the real deal... I need to focus on the nutrition part to."

Daniel Edmunds, Marietta, GA

"P90X is the best program money can buy. I was power lifting for 6 months and this workout blows that out of the water. I highly recommend it."
Jordan Bridgett, Davison, MI

"This system ROCKS. I've played sports and trained my entire life, but never had the body that made me happy. I have been bringing it and I am on the path to results city. This is the best money I have ever spent."
Joseph Gartner, Gainesville, FL

"I started P90X 30 days ago and really see a difference Im a mother of two and carry my weight in my midsection not only am i looking better i feel better emotionally also i use too snore and had reflux and it is gone thanks so much will send pictures soon"
Regina Britt, Miami, FL

"Two days in and I am loving it. It is Fun, Fast, and Incredibly energetic. I am studying to be a teacher and a coach. I will definitely be implementing some of your routines. Best Product on the market."
Jeremy Combs, Cookson, OK

"This really, really works. Lost 20 lbs in 2 months, Abs are bigger, no more lower back pain, almost 40 yrs. of age and I still have a month to go..."

"i have wrestled in high school for 1 year now. ive list 10lbs and gotten in much better shape, but i want to go farther. i cant really do pullups and cant do many push ups, so will i be able to do this"
Bleu Cheese

"My boss got me started and we are doing it together This is going on our 3rd week and man was i sore but loveing it can't wait for the next days workout Already have seen improvements in my body and energey GREAT PRODUCT"
Scott Polifka, Kewaunee, WI

"this is the best thing that Ihave done for myself. Thank you Tony Horton and the beachbody team."
Trevor, Saskatoon, SK

"I haven't really lost weight, I'm not really overweight, but my body has shrunk, I've lost inches. I love it, the fact that you are doing something different everyday. Now on the weekend when I play sport I am a lot more agile. Right now I'm on the second face, cannot wait til the end to see the results, but will continue to do later on as regular workouts."
Lili, San Juan, PR

"I am at the end of my 6th week and I have lost 12 pounds and I am actually able to see definition in my arms, legs and abs again. I let myself go for about a year and P90X has really brought me back to being active and enjoying it. I am so excited to keep going and am looking forward to taking that last picture and comparing it to the first one."
Tracy, NY

"Im starten week six and P90x is the best. I went from 180 pounds to 161 and I'm seeing results from a V shaped chest, building shoulders, and poping abs. The best thing is my lungs are as strong as ever at the age of 32. Keep pushen play and stick with it, even the yoga, its important."
David, Elk Garden, WV

"P90X is the real deal. For most of my life I have been a competive athlete. Over the last few years I have let my self get overweight and out of shape. I am starting week three of p90X and I am starting to see and feel the results, It feels like I have been reborn again. I cant wait to see the results in the final week."

"I just finished my first 30 days of P90X. I took my 30 day photos and I could see an amazing difference. I have lost 14 lbs. and have more of a six pack now at age 32 than I ever have. Can't wait to see my day 90 pictures."
Ron Akins, Gridley, CA

"i just finished day 2. im 300 lbs and the first 2 days have me feeling like ive been hit by a tractor trailer. im not sure if this p90x is going to do anything for me in 90 days, but im doing it anyway.i have a great feeling knowing i finished the first 2 days, and i am willing to work thru the pain.....2 days ago i started my new life with p90x. it is hard but worth it."
jim handy, cleveland, OH

"I totally believe in this program I have been doing p90X for a week and I can already see results and my family have started making comments I had a wonderful personal trainer when I was competing in pageants but I could not afford to keep a trainer p90x has given me the ability to get the physique I have always wanted right at home"

"Me and my wife are both doing the P90X and love it. This is our 4th week and so far we have seen great results. This is a must buy if you want to get in the best shape of your life."
Garret, Wichita, KS

"When we first got the P90X we thought it was just another exercise kit that would gather dust on my shelf. My wife and I started last week and by the first tape, I am sure Tony could hear us cussing him out. but 1 week later my wife has already lost 10 lbs and I have lost 9. The exercises are extreme but Tony allows you to modify them to your pace. The recipes are great you are never hungry and I am always sastified after we eat. We cannot wait until the 90 days are up so we can compare pic"
David, Mesa, AZ

"I am half-way through week 5 and am seeing some changes. I've lost 11 pounds and not following the diet plan. Just eating smart, quit the soda's and fast food and working my butt off. I'm stronger, quicker, more energy and I can actually see my ab muscles again. Also, my back stopped hurting for the first time in 15 years. Loving it, every minute."
Tom, Virginia Beach, VA

"Never, in my life, have I ever submitted a review of a product. I spent thousands of dollars, and I mean that literally, on a gym membership. I saw a commercial for p90x and decided to try it. I couldn't believe it I saw results the first day. These DVDs are absolutely fantastic. It was so worth the money and I saved so much and gained a lot more. I got a better work out than I had ever gotten at the gym. If you want to save money but still get a good , this is your solution."

"Four weeks into the program and am seeing great results. 10lb wt. loss and some definition."
Bill Cuff, Shenandoah, PA

"I just started and I must say that I love the program so far. It is fun and yes I even like the humor. I only hope that I can stick to it." "I've been a farly fit person to began with but I wasn't getting the definition that I wanted. I'm on my third week of P90x and I have never experienced such an awsome work out that is getting me the results I've been looking for in a work out. P90x Bring It"
Joshua, Laramie, WY

"i love this product. It gives amasing results. you will be sore but you can continue to work out because it is different muscle groups every day. I love it."

"I'm on my 10 week with the doubles.What type of exercise can i expect to do after the program to keep what i have worked so hard for. Thanks"
Donald, Fort Collins, CO

"this is the best training excersice I have ever done .... Im in the 2nd phase and I can tell the difference big time... I will send you guys my pictures when I complete the training."

"This is by far the best fitness program I have done. I am already more flexible than I have ever been, and since starting the program I have gone from 261lbs to 237 lbs in 4 weeks. I start phase 2 soon, and cant wait."
James Ansel, grafton, OH


"I started with power 90 and now on 90x and feel great. I am using it to better my competitive surfing. Its wonderful except i cant seem to loose my excess belly. Any thoughts"
sam, irvine, CA

"P90X is an amazing life changing process. The workouts are kickass and Tony is a great motivator. All you have to do is follow Tony to get amazing result.you'll never get bored with the workouts. Get P90X and reach for greatness."
Robert Blain, Amityville, NY

"I just started the P90x series and I am being challenged to the extreme. The only downside for me is the sore muscle. I love the muscle confusion. Great workouts and wonderful nutrition plan."
Yolanda, Dallas, TX

"I started university gained some weight and by some i mean like forty pounds I weighed in at an unknown weight until I stepped on my scale It said one hundred eighty last I checked I was at one I didnt notice it really my mom said I was rounder my girlfriend said I gained some weight I looked in the mirror and I was eh whatever I saw a p ninetcommercial and I was hooked and by hooked I mean hooked Ordered it did it lost weight and still after a yr nd a half I still do it"
Kenneth, Mississauga, ON

"Hey P90X team I like the program just got a couple of complaints first on the bands should'nt you guys have provided 3 sets of handles instead of one I hate that I have to stop and switch the handles from one band to the other it's a pain and it interupts the work out. #2 also I notice that there wasnt a whole alot of instructions or focus on the use of the bands other than that i'm satisfied with the program."

"If you follow the program and stay focused, this will in no way be a waste or your time or money. If you keep an open mind, it may introduce you to new workout routines you can use every week For example the three routines in P90X I thought wouldn't be my thing ended up being the three workouts I now swear by plyometrics yoga and kenpo Thank you Tony and crew"
Greg Z., Walnut Creek, CA

"I would like to say that I have orderded many workout videos and never have I stuck with them.I actually love doing these videos and it feels like Tony Horton is right there coaching me. I am almost done with the 3rd week and I can already see changes. I am a mother of 4 and I will have a beachbody once again.Thanks Tony."

"Though my work schedule cramps my desire to get in shape I started using my P90X program back in October of 2008 at a company gym. Though I had not committed to it on a regular basis it generated an interest by those in the gym when I was working out. I will have to admit it sells itself. Since then I know of four individuals that have purchased the program. On Jan 2nd I committed myself along with 3 others and we are doing the workouts every day. The results are beginning to show."
Gary G., Mission Viejo, CA

"Tony, in the past month, P90X has completely rejuvenated my workouts and me. I am 40 year old dad who found myself in a training rut for more than two years. No matter what I did to get in better shape, I could not succeed. Ironically, I saw the P90X infomercial while I was training at my local gym. 30 mins later I was heading home and placing my order for P90X. I am getting great results. I am fitter, eating healthier, and have more energy than ever. Thanks Tony"
Rob, San Diego, CA

"My husband and I have done the lean and now we are doing the Classic. We both are over 45. It works wonders."

"I swear by the kenpo yoga and plyometrics workouts and i thought those were going to be the ones I was not going to be into so thank you tony and crew for expanding my horizons"
Greg Z., Walnut Creek, CA

"I just started the P90X system. All I can say is WOW. Tony and the crew keep it mixed up and moving that it keeps this old ADD engaged. I would recommend it to my mother. Wait I did and she has started the work out too. She's 64. Keep up the great work Tony"
James Eubanks, Horn Lake, MS

"I'm so glad I bought psox. It kicks my butt everyday and its putting me in the best shape of my life." "P90X is the real deal. This series of workouts has not only enabled me to drop over 40 pounds by the third phase, but I have noticed real results in muscle toning and sculpting. Muscle confusion really works by doing these intense, but excellent series of exercises and moves. I'm a big, muscular guy naturally, so I have difficulty doing Yoga. However, I switch out Yoga with Kenpo and Plyometrics. Big time Cardio workouts. Thanks Tony for the motivation. P90X- Bring it."
Jeff Killion, Elkhart, IL

"I'm 340 pounds. I took the responsibility to know I am fat, yes, I have know problem saying that. I started P90X, I enjoy the program. I went through the first four weeks, no problem. Besides not doing the exercises to well. I then hit a wall at week five. I am struggling. I am going back to finish what I have started. Tony says do your best and forget the rest. True words. I will succeed. Thank you Tony and Beachbody for helping me get the best body I will get. Your team is a blessing."
Tim, Rainier, WA

"Great workout Definitely gets results quick. Supplements get pricy and the diet is expensive but overall its great"

"Great program, lost 15 lbs in 90 days. However, there is very little guidance what to do after the 90 days. Also the repetition by the end also got boaring. It is a mentally challenging program that is additive."
Brian, Willoughby, OH

"I love the results I got from P90X. I'm not going to lie, it was hard. It takes a lot of determination, but it pays off in the end. I lost 30 pounds and over 5 inches off my waist. I've recommended your product to so many people. Thank you Tony Horton."
Debbie Z, Lakewood, OH

"My body is in the best shape ever. I am truly amazed. I am 45 years old and get tons of compliments about the way I look. I'ts awesome." "I LOVE MY P90X PROGRAM. THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE WHEN IT COMES TO HEALTH AND FITNESS."

"My sister and I have had the program for a month. It is very intense but well worth it. We love it. Mary"
Mary Delcambre, St. Martinville, LA

"I've been working out in gyms since I was 13 year old. I'm now 40 and this is the first time I've experienced such dramatic change in my body and general physical health."

"P90X is the best thing I ever did for myself. I was a personal trainor a few years ago, but let myself go a little. I love to be physically challenged and this program has worked for me. The results are amazing, I am in the best shape I've ever been in at the age of 43 and I have 4 grown children. I tell everyone about the program and now I have ordered P90X Plus. Can't wait to start. I would love to participate in one of your videos."
Cathy Wolf, Haverhill, MA

"I love P90X, P90X plus and one on one. I have been working out with Tony for over a year. I totally believe in muscle confusion. I have seen definition in my body that I have not seen with other workouts, and I have tried them all billy blanks. I look forward to what Tony will come up with next. Thanks Tony."
Stella Oldham, Evanston, WY

"I bought P90x to get away from my traditional workouts, running and lifting 2 3 days a week . My goals were to gain muscle weight along with an increased level of fitness. I am only on day 60, but I believe that I am achieving these goals. So far I have gained 7 pounds, and I feel the p90X workouts continiously challenge me. I am very happy with my purchas. I even got my wife to start the program, she is on week 4. I can see myself getting p90X plus."
Mat Prezioso, Hubbard, OH

"Good program overall, but some of the moves are very difficult for my body type. I am shorter and more muscled in my upper body, so some of the moves are too difficult."

"P90X is awesome. I'm in the military and have been training myself for the last 18 months to go to Pararescue training.I love working out and just overall fitness. I used P90X to seriously jump start my training. I got results unlike anything else I've ever done. It's perfect for anyone who wants to be in better shape and be healthier overall. I recommend P90X to everyone I see. Thanks Tony Horton."
Jeremey Merrill, Ellsworth AFB, SD

"P90X got me in better shape and I worked harder than I had since Army Basic training 30 years ago."
Kevin McPoyle, Doylestown, PA

"Ive always been in good shape because of sports and routinly working out but P90X has definitly taken me to a new level. Not to mention Tonys style and approach is great my wife even enjoys his personal yet simple approach and she is hitting the P90 workout. Shes enjoying working out for the 1st time. To top it off the convenience of working out from home whenever you want is perfect for our family which includes 3 girls under the age of 9."
Jason Masey, Mooresville, IN

"I have always been active and excercised regularly, but I could never lose those last 10 to 15 lbs. or get that tight look I wanted. I finally found the way to do it with p90X. I couldn't believe how good I felt, or how quickly those last few lbs. I could never lose just seemed to melt away. I used to dread my workouts but now I get excited about working out. I owe it all to p90X. Thanks Tony."
Ron Belvedere, Aurora, IL

"I love the P90 x. I am a trainer and had good muscletone but I could never see my abs like I can now. Even before I had low body fat I used to work them out every day but what you have here is awesome. I am amazed at how hard somethings are. I always thought people who did yoga were wimpy but I have a much greater appreciation of that now. I love P90X."

"P90 X is the best fitness program Nothing gets even close to the results that this program brings So keep pushing play and bring it"

"Holy Cow. This is the mother of all workouts. If you want to work hard and get results fast, this is the workout for you."
Clinton H Joyner, sherrills ford, NC

"Getting in shape with P90X helped me survive a car wreck where my vehicle flipped 4 and half times. The doctor said had my body not been in good physical condition I would have been killed, instead I survived with only a few scratches."

"This program is the best I've ever seen the results I've gotten are eye popping. Real work but real results. down from 28 percent body fat to 12.5 percent so far"
Felix Meneses, Dallas, TX

"P90X has been the best workout system I have ever done. I am 38 and an ex-college athlete. Fitness was slipping out of my grasp because I did not have a solid routine or the good eating habits. Here I am at week 4 seeing AMAZING results in the way I feel and the energy I have throughout the day. Thank You TONY"

"i have been doing the lean program for about thirty five days this is the best workout i have ever done i love the fact you do something different every day and have seen good results so if you read this tony BRING IT"

"worth every penny P90X is life changing"
Jeramie Meisler, Grove city, OH

"I started p90x in May 2008 and I am finishing my 3rd round of it on April 5, 2009. I could not run 10 minutes without stopping before and I finished a half marathon in less than 2 hours in December and have a full marathon later this year. I am getting into ultra marathons also, all because of p90x. I have had over 25 friends purchase your program and all have seen amazing results too. Phenominal program with amazing results and a great eating plan."
Frazer Gieselmann, Memphis, TN

"My boyfriend and I are on our 26th day and we absolutely love P90X. It is definately intense and extreme but I have never been in this great of shape before....except for when I was in highschool. I am thin but toned and my boyfriend is exactly where he wants to be. We actually started it with another couple and now, because I have been talking about it and swearing by it, I know 7 people who have started it. It is everything that you would ever need to get your desired results. WE LOVE IT."
Elizabeth, LA

"P90X is a great fitness system. I'm on my second round of the P90X classic."
Michael Juskevich, Port Angeles, WA

"P90X is the real deal I am in Week 5, just converted from Classic to Doubles, and I cannot believe the changes in strength, endurance, flexibility, and body fat. 3 people I work with have started the program based on my results in just the first couple of weeks. This is no joke, and it's no magic bullet - you get out of it what you put in. Bring it, and the changes will come"
Jim, Montgomery, IL

"Before I started P90X I could only do 2 pull ups. After competing the program, I can now do 20."

"I purchased the P90X program a few months ago. I am 55 years old and a police CEO. I wanted to do something to improve my overall strength and flexibility. I have to say that I love it. My schedule prevents me from completing the program as it was intended however, I follow the regimen at least 3 to 4 days a week. There are not too many 55 year old men who can get through an hour of any P90X workout, especially pliometrics. Thanks Tony. I hope to be P90Xing for a long time."
Tom Connolly, Sanford, ME

"What can I say. One of the best workout programs every created. From warm up to cool down and everything in between. This program covers all areas of fitness and has been put together in such a way to allow all,not just the super fit, to achieve dramatic results. This is the best fitness product you will ever purchase."
Greg Pfeiffer, Westmister, MD

"LOVE IT. best shape of my life seriously, i would like to see it redone in part 2. P90X2, same gym, same people new works outs. i like it way better than p90x plus"
Gary Sande, mission, BC

"Love P90X. Its tough but worth it. I turn 50 this year and looking healthy and fit is very important to me. My dream....to come out and attend one of Tony's classes."
Margaret Owens, Atlanta, GA

"As I begin phase 3 of P90X I have already lost 14 lbs. of goo and Im noticing muscles I never knew I had before. Im addicted to these workouts and always find myself looking forward to the next one. Oh, and Tony is awesome. Who else can make you chuckle while youre sweating your guts out and crying for your Mommy."
David Rivers, Ottawa, ON

"P90X is the best investment you can make in a tough economy. Tony proves that you don't need those expensive gym memberships to achieve extreme fitness. I recommend this program to many of my patients who are ready to take their fitness to the next level."
Dr. Eric Zeiszler, Apple Valley, MN

"P90X is truly the best and most effective home workout program available. It is both fun and extremely challenging. I love how it always keeps your body guessing, My only wish is that I could find a good stand-alone pull up bar. I don't care for the one that hangs in the door frame. Thanks for a great product."
Tom Campbell, Rineyville, KY

"P90X is the best thing out there for those who wants to condition themselves, loose weight and gain muscle. I lost 35 lbs in four months. I am able keep it of by cycling the program last two years."
Gokhan Bulak, Tulsa, OK

"I believe Tony Horton saved my life. I lost nearly 40 pounds. I went from a 34 to 28 pant size. I went from an XL to a M shirt size. I am able to wear the same clothes I wore in high school nearly 25 years ago. I was also able to get off of blood pressure medication."
Brad Bower, Delaware, OH

"P90X is better than advertised. I played college football for a Division I school, and I can attest that a P90X workout is on par with the best training available, period. I have dropped 35 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle in the first 8 weeks. I am much more athletically fit as well."
Jeff S, Queen Creek, AZ

"I've gotten excellent results from P90X. Hands down it's the most ass kicking exercise program out there. Great product."
Joel Castaneda, Harlingen, TX


"I am 54 years old and wish I had found this years ago. I am finishing up my 7th week and could not be happier with the results. I am seeing more defintion and improved staminia than I had when I was in my 20's. I didn't need to lose a ton of weight but I have dropped around 10 pounds and increased muscle on top of the weight loss. I will post a picture when I complete the program and I will complete it.. Thanks Tony and the gang for putting this routine together."
Marty Killen, Hillsboro, OR

"I am a trainer and group fitness instructor. I love this program. Although it is extreme all the exercises can be modified to fit the needs of any fitness level. Keep it coming."

"Power 90X a great overall fitness and gets the job done."

"All i have to say is WOW these workouts kick butt i haven't met anyone yet that says there easy. This system is the utlimate. I will definetely be buying the P90x Plus. Thanks Again Tony Your my idol."
Ed Woolstenhulme, Coalville, UT

"I cannot believe this program. This is truly the best product ever. I've never ordered a fitness program before. I've just always gone to the gym for the last 25 yrs and jogged. I got in a rut and weight would not come off. Needless to say I'm in ph 3 lost 13 lbs have 6 more to go. Thanks Tony. AWESOME. not 50 and fat but 50 and fit finally have my 6 pack"

"Would like to have a workout sheet with P90X similar to the one provided with P90Xplus. Also, for P90MS. Like the workout, it is very challenging."
ben johnson, fort worth, TX

"I am 37 years old, and this is the best workout plan i have ever seen. I have been working out and using numerous routines for the past 10 years. And for the first time, i have been truly challenged physically. It reminds me of two a day football practices in college. I am currently finishing up week 4 of the program, and I have already seen incredible physical changes. I have lost 13 lbs, am more flexible than I have ever been and can actually see my strength and muscle endurance increasing."
Jason Michalak, Akron, OH

"P90X is one of the best fitness programs out there. I had increased my strength by 35 percent by the end of the 90 days and my cardio level went through the roof. I love Tony's enthusiasm and sense of humor. Thanks for a great product."
Nicole, San Diego, CA

"I started P90x about 3 weeks and I think the workouts are great and I already am seeing a difference. I have also used the accompanying suggestive diet plans. It is definitely a total package exercise and diet plan. In order for this program to work to its fullest you definitely need to commit about 2 hours a day and invest money to have all of the proper equipment and flooring which could be a negative if you let it, it is a life investment. I have turned my living room into a full blown gym."
Sal Aiello, Las Vegas, NV

"I am a high school wrestling coach who used P90X. I decided to use the DVDs as conditioning tools over the season. Especially, plyometrics as although Tony says it's good for bball, its even better for wrestling. We even used the Yoga DVD before the State Tournament, the kids loved the relaxation and one of our kids ended up in Sports Illustrated Faces in the Crowd."
Marty Gleason, Bound Brook, NJ

"I think the P90X workout routine is awesome. My job requires me to stay in excellent physical condition, and this is a great tool that helps me on a daily basis. Usually I supplement various cardio such as long distance running, sprints, or crossfit type routines to keep my body confused. Thanks to Tony for developing an excellent fitness tool to compliment my other routines."
Joe, Fayetteville, NC

"Fantastic program. It is definitely a program that never gets old and I am sure I will continue getting results for years. I finished the program and the results are impressive. The diet was hard for me to follow and I now realize the results would be more apparent if I had followed it. Tony Horton, you da man."

"I am on week five and my abs are starting to show I am very happy with the results."
kevin shelton, cottage hills, IL

"I've completed 2 rounds of P90X and continue to utilize the workouts in tandem with other Beachbody programs. I just celebrated my 46th birthday and am in the best shape of my life. The workouts required that I ask more of myself than I thought I could give, but with Tony's coaching and my own determination I rose to the occasion. The nutrition component was key to my success and continues to inform my choices. I love the X and whole heartedly recommend it."

"P90X is a great program that helped diversify my workout and cover every aspect needed for a full body routine. It set the pace and challenged me daily to push myself physically and mentally. I set goals only in hope that I would break them the next time around. I felt stronger, leaner, more flexible, and able to endure more at the completion of P90X. You leave desiring more."
Josh Taylor, Allen Park, MI

SAUL GARCIA, Spring Valley, IL

"Wow. World class, unbelievable workout. It is amazing because it goes back and forth between muscle groups and when it kills one, it goes to another, making it still possible to complete. The best. Changed my life for the better."
Terry Dicus, Savannah, TN

"I am a 38 year old orthopaedic surgeon in New York who has previously undergone extensive spinal surgery. I have been very active in a variety of sports but recently my physical condition has softened. My former roommate from med school turned me on to P90X. I am now in my 7th week and I can say it is the single best thing I have done for my body and health. I can not stop raving about it to friends and colleagues. Tony is an amazing motivator and I love every work out."
"A life changer. This is no lie. Stick to the program and your results will be fantastic regardless of your starting condition. I look better than I did in High School"
Joshua McDaniel, Jacksonville, FL

"Up here in Bishop we're all rock climbers... bouldering, sport, trad, and mountains. Quite a few of us started P90X to add to our routines and found that it not only gets you insanely fit in ways that outdoor sports do not, but that it is addicting as hell too. A definite compliment to any climber's regiment."
Zach Powers, Bishop, CA

"I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I'm done with my P90X in the morning. It wakes me up and even gives me a positive outlook on the day."
Scott Scienski, Charlotte, NC

"I just ordered it today, and after reading everyones comments I cant wait til I get it. Im going to Florida over the summer with my girlfriend and her family, and dont want to be emberassed to be in a bathing suit. I am pretty confident that this workout with help me accomplish that. I played football all my life, and am hoping to find a workout that will get me in football shape or even better. I will keep you posted."
Austin, Houston, TX

"After being captivated by the infomercial we bought P90X on a Wednesday night I will never for get it My husband and I are in shape but needed a change Well we got it.I lost 10lbs and my husband lost 16lbs. We were so challenged by it we told everyone...my husbands 3 brothers, mother and our neighbors bought it. We did the workouts at our family camp we go to in the rain. It has changed our lives. And my brother n law lost over 60lbs Chad Evans you gotta see him.Thank you P90X"
Laura and Courtney Evans, Canton, GA

"TOTALLY ASTONISHING. I Began the P90X program exactly 38 days ago. I have followed the program without fail step by wretching step, day after day and BANG .I can see and feel the positive, drastic change in and on me . I am anxious to see myself on the 56 day. Gracias."
Freddie I. Gonzalez, Fajardo, PR

"Greatest workout system everrrrr. Easy to follow along with and understand. Resusts are very noticable and fast. Love it."

"It's challenging, it's complete. I feel great changes happening. 48 more days to go."
Beth Musgrove, St. Louis, MO

"We love P90X. My girlfriend and I got the program to get in shape for the summer and for our selves and it really works. Although it kicks our butt we are committed with doing it daily. Cant wait to see how we look in 90 days. Thanks a lot."
Brandon Krebs, wooster, OH

"I tried my hardest for three and a half months. I didn,t lose 1 lb. So I stopped and I have gained 25lbs . I have gained 40lbs since I orderd p90x PLEASE HELP ME if you can Thanks Dave"

"This workout is awesome. I just finished phase I and am moving on to phase II. It is pretty intense, so I recommend it for people that are already in decent shape."
Dan, Belle Mead, NJ

"My wife and I started P90X one month ago so we just completed the 1st phase We love it Results have been good but not stellar We are eager to begin phase 2 Your diet program is reasonable and works well for busy lifestyles as we both work. Working out at 5 am each day takes some getting used to especially for 48 yr old knees, but things are trending in the right direction. Maybe sometime soon we'll join your club. for now just wanted to get into the program and Bring It."
Scott Anderso, Unionville, PA

"P90X is the one of the most intense workouts I every tried. I have been hooked for 400 days. Thank you Tony for putting this together. P90X rocks. Yes it is difficult but its worth the investment time and commitment if you want superior results and a workout that doesn't bore you."
Kevin Kopco, Clarksburg, MD

"Me and my wife have been doing P90X for 2 weeks and doing the fat shredder diet we both feel alot better and i'm getting back in the shape that i was when i did the martial arts. It's a great program. Thanks Ray"
Ray Sherrill, St.Michael, MN

"I have tried many fitness programs and this one really works. I have been very satisfied with my results using P90X. If there were one item I would like to see more development it would be the diet aspect of the program and particularly Tonys input on what and when to eat. Again, cannot complain, but would love to see more on the diet aspect, and honestly that carries across the board as I own P90x, plus, 10 minute trainer series, and One on One."
Scott Whitson, Richardson, TX

"music could have been better like p90X"

"I just finished day three and am really loving the program. I Like the warm up and cool down being part of the program as well as having the elapsed and remaining times on the screen as well."
Dean Hooley, North Hollywood, CA

"This system is awesome. If you can commit to the program it will give you results. I lost 26 pounds in the first 45 days. The Nutrition plan is top notch, wonderful meals with variety and your goals in mind. I have recommended this program to many of my friends looking for a challenging workout that has proven results. It is worth every penny, and backed with the message boards, and online assistance, the only thing stopping you to achieve the results you are looking for is your own commitment."
Scott Rossow, Woodbury, MN

"I am 55 years of age and have never been in better shape in my life thanks to P90X and P90X plus. IEveryone that knows me is completely aware that I am actively involved in these programs because I cannot stop talking about them. Most people I tell have now gone out and purchased the programs for themselves. If you want incredible results in your fitness level and body shape - P90X is for you - no matter what your age."
Doug Gray, Kelowna, BC

"I just finished week 9 of P90X. I have followed the meal plan and the workouts for 9 weeks now and I've lost 25 pounds. I'm in the best shape of my life and each week it's only getting better. I couldn't be happier with the results I'm earning with P90X. I'm a school teacher and each week I weigh in in front of my class and use the results to teach graphing."
Tom, Atlanta, GA

"I feel better physically and mentally after having done P90X for the past 6 weeks. I have more energy throughout my day and face each day with a more positive attitude. I feel good and I look good."

"I LOVE IT. P90X rocks my world. I see a difference in my body in just two weeks. I spent so much money on trainers, gyms, and equipment. Who knew a DVD set, weights, and bands would get me into shape. Love you Tony and THANK YOU."
Katie Z., Chicago, IL

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