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Slim in 6 Customer Reviews and Success Stories
I have had this program for a while. I just started doing it again 4 days ago but this time I started taking the slimming formula and it is fantastic.I wish the first time I used it I would have taken the supplement and paid attention to the 1200 calorie diet cause, I have noticed a huge differance,I have not craved any sweets after 3 days,I am sleeping a bit better and I noticed a differance in my face. We just opened our pool hows that for motivation.5wks-2days to go."

"I think this program really works" — larae, akron, OH

"I got this program in early March and absolutely LOVE it. Debbie's moves are easy to follow, fun, and they work. I have toned my entire body in such a short time frame that it amazes me. I am getting married in August and had purchased my dress earlier this year....I had to return the dress and get 2 sizes smaller. I am thrilled with the results."
Lori Flint, Lafayette, IN

"Yes I will agree with a few people that the music is boring but the results are worth it. Instead of listening to the dvd I juat click mute and put my own music to workout to."
Cindy, McAllen, TX

"I started Slim in 6 on May 19th, 2009. I have now completed 9 workouts and I feel like a totally different person. The first week i did the Start it up video and this week I have started on the Ramp it up video and the first day of ramp it up like to have killed me but the second and third day were much easier. I absolutely feel wonderful. I am noticing changes here and there in my body and I am loving it. Thanks Debbie Siebers for creating this work out."
Renea Conaway, Valley, AL

"Ii have been doing the exercise program for two weeks. Haven't lost any weight but I'm dropping inches. I definitely have more energy and feel stronger. I'm eating less and healthier but I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong that I'm not dropping pounds too."

"I am on week two and have already lost six lbs and three inches. I love it. I feel the difference after every workout and I know I will see the changes soon."
leeanne, clinton, IN

"I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. I was engaged to be married and my fiance broke it off and left. I put on 35 lbs. by eating junk food and crying. I was miserable. I saw the TV ad for this program, bought it, and lost 52 lbs. from it. Men started looking at me again, I bought all new clothes, went from a size 14 pants to a size 5. I have a new boyfriend and I thank my ex for breaking up with me, or this would never have happened. I like going out again, and yes, men turn their heads and look at my figure."
Jill, Los Angeles, CA

"I received my order quickly. I have already exercised 2 days in a row, plan to do it in the morning also. Liking it so far. A coworker is also doing this program. Thanks for the quick delivery."

"This is my second set of tapes. The first round I purchased were on VHS, I could no longer use them so I purchased the DVD set. So far I have used it for one week and feel great, I am anxious to get to Ramp it Up. I will let you know how it goes this time around."
Vanessa, Aurora, OH

"I am currently on week 2 of the program and so far so good. Easy moves, not like most programs where ur jumping around all over. No energizing music though I agree with other ppl with just playing a CD as u workout. I only bought the slimming formula not all the other supplements and those r good because u dont have to wait 30min to take them b4 a meal. But all in all.....I am happy with the program so far. I am 5 foot 2, 140lbs and need to lose 15lbs."
Chantell O, Colorado Springs, CO

"I am on my 2nd week of Slim in 6 and it is great. I have already lost a total of 6 inches. Word of advice do not go by the scale but by your measurements. I have more energy and I am very excited to see the end result."
Heather, Lexington, KY

"I had success with the Slim in 6 program before. About 2 yrs ago I lost 25 lbs using it but of course I got lazy gained it all back and then some. I ordered it again and started over June 10 2009. I look forward to the same results if not better. As for the music trust me just mute it and listen to your ipod. It's worth every penny."
Elle Bee, Suffolk, VA

"Wow. Thank you, Debbie. I heard of your Slim in 6 program inadvertantly, did some checking, and ordered it. I was so embarassed by my shape that I would not even take a before picture. However, I will take a 2nd week picture, because I can now see where I am going I lost 6lbs of water weight the first day and 1lb in 3 of the next 4 days. I like that this isn't just about loosing weight but gaining health. Thankyou so much."
"A friend told me about Slim in 6 and she lost over 50 lbs being on it. I ordered it for myself a couple of weeks ago. I am still doing the Start if Up portion and I love it. I notice my body changing after a week. My clothes are fitting better already. When you start working out, fat turns into muscle which weighs more than fat so maybe that's one reason why ppl are not losing weight bc they're losing inches. Just a thought. It's worth the money."
Michelle, Lake Linden, MI

"I purchased the program over 1 year ago, used it for a good 4 weeks I saw results right away. My pants were so loose and people started commenting about how good I looked... I went through a stressful time and stoped the program and gained it all back. I started back up again and back on track and seeing results again. My suggestion is keep it up it works and who cares about the music play something else."
Sheena V, Germansville, PA

"Its been exactly 6 weeks since I started this program. I must say the music is boring, but I find the program was VERY WELL designed for people like me who are realistic and not looking for a 6 week miracle. I really did't believe that I was going to reshape my body in six weeks come on now I expected to see some results though and I did. My energy has improved. I sleep better and I am no longer panting for breath when I climb a few stairs. I look forward to my daily exercises."

"I purchased Slim 6 in 2004. I was separated at the time and needed something to empower me. I weighted 230lbs and lost 32lbs at 198lbs. I met this great guy who thought I was weighting 170lbs at the time. I told him later what i really weighed and he stated I carry it well. Now 2009 I have gained all my weight back but my body is shaped differently in a good way and I look lighter. Im going to use Slim 6 again. Thank you"
Karen, Sanford, NC

"Hi Debbie, it really worked, First I was hesitant to believe and then finally when I tried it, I did get what I wanted. Thanks very much"
bhaskar, toronto, ON

"slim in 6 is the best program I have eva tried....it's really easy and it gives you the fast results that everybody is lookin 4 these days.....I absolutely recommend this product to any and everyone.....I absolutely love this program"
markeshia, new orleans, LA

"I've been doing slim in 6 for 2 months now. Working out 5-6 days a week. I have noticed that I am loosing inches, more than weight, but I feel quilty if I don't work out a day. Yes the music is horrible, but the work out is very easy to follow and not complicated at all. Would recomend to anyone. Would be better with upbeat music so it motivates you better. I'm very commited to this product."

"Slim in 6 is a great workout program. Debbie's instructions on how to properly do a movement has really proven educational to me. I don't mind the music as it plays in the background. Debbie's motivation keeps me coming back. I did Shape It Up for 3 weeks and now Ramp It Up. Make sure to do the Slim and Limber after every workout. It is a terrific stretching program that is better than when I had physical therapy. My endurance, strength and flexibility have definitely improved."
Kim, Florence, KY

"Slim in 6 is great. I couldnt lose weight after my twins. Exercise seemed impossible and too hard. I saw Slim in 6 on tv and it seemed like the thing for me. I blew past the Start It Up and spent a few weeks in Ramp It Up. I saw changes and my stamina improved. I couldnt wait to get to Burn It Up and it was the challenge I wanted. I saw definition in my arms, quads and abs. My flabby arms were gone. I went from 164 to 148 pounds and from size 14 to size 10. I am on the path to a healthy life."
Lynn, Tampa, FL

"This program does work It is a little discouraging when the pounds don't feel as though they are coming off but you lose inches and then when you gain muscle you start to lose pounds This is my second time Much better muting and putting on your ipod Great workout"
Jackie, sparta, NJ

"I was very skeptical when I ordered this product, however, after only using it for a week, I have already lost 4 pounds. Thanks Slim in 6."

"i used slim in 6 5yrs ago and lost about 25lbs ofcourse i got complacent and gained back some weight. now my cholesterol is too high and the doctors says i have to lose weight so i thave now turn to slim in 6 again. i have placed my order this morning and i know i won't regret it. my only thing i wish you shipped international as i live in jamaica and it is too complicated for me to receive and place my order.but i do know for myself that it works."

"I have 4 boys counting a baby I just had 4 months ago. I was a little sceptical, however I've only been doing it for 2 and half weeks and I've already lost 3 inches from around my waist. I can't wait to share my results after the full 6 weeks. My waist so far has gone from 31 inches to 28 inches. THANKS I accually have muscels."

"Slim in 6 has given me excellent results. Today my boyfriend, who is going into the Army, did the Burn it Up video with me, and at the end said, I hope the Army doesnt make us do Slim in 6. Its tough, but you will definitely see results"
Katie, OH

"I have only watched the commercial and done 2 of the moves they shown and felt the fat burn off instantly, Then I new I must get this right away."
Janet, covington, GA

"I purchased this program several years ago and have just started using it again at the end of May. I'm using Ramp It Up and the Abs tape and I have seen great results. I'm still trying to use Burn It Up but I find it too long. Maybe I'll try it after a few more weeks of Ramp It Up"

"I have been workout to the Slim in 6 video's for over a week. Although I haven't lost any weight, I'm loving the workouts. I'm sore and can see my body changing.... Toning up......"

"I know slim in 6 works. I lost 30 pounds. Thank you Debbie I love You for being so brillaint."

"Just finished the first 6 days of the program -- a tough program for someone who hasn't worked out in years. Haven't lost any weight, but have shaved over an inch off my waist, an inch-and-a-half off my hips, and half-an-inch off my upper arms. I used to lift weights and really like that there's a lot of resistance training in the program. Also, I like the fact that the program doesn't include a lot of jumping and jogging type exercises, which I find to be very uncomfortabl"

"i just started by slim in 6. i never realized how out of shape i am. i am. on my second day i am able to do 15 minutes without screaming for air. but i'm not giving up. i'm 51 yrs old, 5ft 1in and 40lbs overweight. i'm taking small steps but i can't wait until i can do the whole 25 minutes."

"When I first started the exercise cd I was overwhelmed. Then i took it easy doing the cardio tape. Its been just a couple of days working out. I am 51 years old and one sexy grandmother. I guess this cd was a blessing because i needed something that was that was working for me . I move to my own pase. Thankyou I try 3 times a week."
Bernice Dunlap, Newark, NJ

"I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a little motivation and has specific problem areas. I was a gym rat before getting Slim in 6 and although I saw some results I never really trimmed down my lovehandles and hips until I got this DVD. It gets a little repetitive but it definitly did it's job. The hip exercises really really tone you- i love it"

"This is a wonderful package. It offers maxium and lasting results. I began the workout a week ago and feel and look like I had been working in the gym for weeks. I have lost at least 8 lbs and all my clothes are becoming looser day by day. Everyone should try it."
Brooke D., Houma, LA

"im 46 and 35 lbs overweight. i just did this program for the 2nd day. i guess the music is boring but i was huffing and puffing so much i hardly heard it. im going to stick with it. im dedicated to regaining my body. i do use some of the alternate moves when i tire but i keep moving. good luck"
diane e., hawthorne, NJ

"This a wonderful program. The best that I have come across in the past 15 years. It will work if you work with it. I completed a round, missed 17 workouts and still lost 9 lbs and 9 inches. You won't lose a lot of weight in the beginning because you will be building a lot of muscle in the slimming process. If the scale isn't moving the tape measure will. By the time you get to the last 2 weeks the pounds will shed quickly."
Elaine, Cleveland, OH

"I love slim in 6, but i need to see faster results and was wondering how to order the supplements alone. I have lost only about 2.5 inches total. Not much, and ive been doing it everyday for 2 weeks... I think i need the supplements to get the results i need..."
Mercedes, Fort Worth, TX

"I am on my 2nd week of the slim in 6 work out DVD. And I must admit that it is very challenging. But like Debbie says during the video, that if you can feel it burn that's how you know it's working. I think ramp it up is something serious, but I do believe that the more you work out the stronger your body will become and the workouts will be easier. When I'm huffing and out of breath Debbie's smile makes me feel a little better, it keeps me moving. I'm glad I bought Slim in 6 ."

"I had two lunch dates with a girlfriend of mine within a month of eachother and in those four weeks I noticed a tremendous weight loss, when I asked her what her secret was she told me Slim in 6. I knew it worked because I saw her results. Soon enough I ordered it for myself and in the three weeks that I have been doing it I have lost 6lbs and can fit into my shorts again. I love it and I too feel like a new woman. Debbie makes it so easy to enjoy my workouts again and I love my body. Thank you"
Adriana Mroczka, Chicago, IL

"I was excited after I'd ordered Slilm in 6 then I wandered onto the review section and was worried. I carefully read everything and made the commitment. After being at a stand still and even gaining back some of the 51 lbs I have lost over the last 2 years with Weight Watchers and faithful exercise, I was looking for something to move me onward. I lost 2.5 lbs the first week, feel energized, more toned, and ready to complete the journey. Ramp it Up is better than Start it Up. Thanks."
Lisa, Carneys Point, NJ

"I have been using Slim-in-6 for three week now and I can really tell a difference. I am more toned and my shape has changed noticeably. The workouts are fun. Debbie is very good about giving you alternate moves."

"I am quite pleased with the results I am getting from using the Slim in 6 program. I agree with another one of the clients who said do not go by what the scale says, but by the measurements. Seeing that I was actually loosing inches off my waist after only a couple of weeks keeps me motivated. I chose not to use the suppliments because I want to have a natural weight loss. I am very happy with this program."

"i bought slim in 6 about a year ago and never opened it. i have had 5 operations in two years and put on about 50 lbs. today i decided to try it and the first workout i think my eyelashes were even sweating. this is what i needed to get myself back on track. i think any type of exercise is better than none. i cant afford the new set out with the core workouts but i am happy with what i got. i am very sore but cant wait for tomorrow for my next workout. GIVE IT A TRY.."
stacey, ellwood city, PA

"This truly works... through dedication and determination, and pushing play as Debbie says, I feel like a new woman. At 41, I am getting into the best shape of my life and THRILLED with the results. I've told many friends that have also purchased.... THE KEY IS TO PUSH PLAY. IT WORKS."
Colleen Boyles, Eagan, MN

"I bought and completed the Slim in 6 4 years ago lost 50 pounds after my second child and have slowly gained most of it back I have now purchased it again and am ready to get back in shape I LOVED her workouts and apparently so did my friend that i lent my DVDs out to i havent seen them since So Good Luck to everyone that is working out and who cares about the music get a IPOD or turn the radio up These DVDs are worth it Remember Muscle weighs more than fat so dont get discouraged"
Melissa Baker, cumming, GA

"So far I can definitely see a difference in my stomach. I have 2 days left on the ramp it up and then I go into the 4 week phase which I think is called burn it up. My husband has already commented that the back of my legs have less cellulite and when I checked he was right. This is a very good start to actually reshape your body. The lunges, well I hate them but they obviously work. After I finish this I think I am going to try the turbojam."

"I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and started using Debbies Slim in 6 DVDs and feel energized and great already. the program is easy to follow even for someone who had a csection. I love the mixture of weights, bands, and cardio. I sweat each time and make it a point to do the videos 3 times a week while baby is napping. thanks for reshaping me to pre pregnancy figure."
melina, Miami, FL

"Slim in 6 has been a life experience. It motivated me to start moving when i am only in my teenage years. I love getting up in the morning and push play. It feels so good when you finish workout and you know you had done it all. I am seeing and feeling changes in my body and personality. I would like to thank my mom for buying this workout videos. It change my appearance."
Alyssa, Miami, FL

"I just started the program today. For the first 10 minutes or so of the workout, I thought that the exercises were too easy and did not understand how I could possibly get results from this. Well, I broke a sweat and was breathing hard within the next few minutes. By the end of the workout, I thought I was going to drop over dead. For a person who gets no exercise at all, except for keeping up with my 2 young children all day, this is a really good routine."
Lisa B., Holland, MI

"I'm very interested in trying this product. Although there are some negative reviews about music or no immediate drastic results most people have said that they did have SOME kind of results. Id like to add that losing 2.5 inches off your waist in 2 weeks or similar results is actually really great progress. It may not be as dramatic as the advertisement leads you to believe but it's still something. I think Im going to try this."
J. Gunter, Pueblo, CO

"This is my 2nd week of the program. No visible results yet, but I love the workout. I feel fantastic afterwards. The cardiocore express is my favorite. Very intense workout. The supplements, however, are a waste of money. Just stick to a regular vitamin. I absolutely would recommend this workout. And don't worry about the music...its not THAT bad. If you are looking for great music, purchase your favorite CD, if you are looking for a great workout, then purchase this product."
Lisa B., Holland, MI

"Slim in 6 works you just have to do it everyday. I lost 9 pounds and 11 inches. It is boring because of the music, but burn it up will make you work up a sweat. I want to lose another 12 pounds and I ordered turbo jam to reach my goal weight. Thanks Debbie"

"Excellent IT WORKS I have one more week to go and so far when I started I was a size 16 I can now fit into my sz12 clothes, the ones I kept anyway. This program really does slim you down. I have had people comment on how slender and skinny I am now looking. The BURN IT UP is very challenging I won't lie, but it will target the right areas. One more thing, you WILL NOT tone and lose if you do not eat right. I don't follow HER diet but I do stay within about 1200 ton1500 calories a day."

"I ordered the slim in 6 work out and I had great results and then I got off track and put all of my wieght back on I am going to get back into it Next week I am very excited about getting back into it to I am getting ready to graduate college and I do not want to graduate college overwieght This is the first time in my life I have ever been this big I use to be a size 2 Now I am a 12 or 14 can I get my old body back after 4 kids That is what discourages me"

"This program works. I only purchased the DVD's no formula or supplements and it worked for me. If you're ready to work hard and make the commitment, then this is it. Thanks Debbie for creating these workouts."

"I purchased Slim in 6 to get myself in shape before reuniting with my graduating class. I have used it 3 days now, and my whole body can feel the difference. There are a lot of negative reviews up here, but you get out of it what you put in it. I can't wait to take my after pictures like the rest of the success stories"
Beth, Chesapeake, VA

"Ladies, Im 36 years old and Im 288 pounds. About 8 years ago I fell in love with jazzerxcise and I ve never found anything like it. Until now I was looking at Tv and have been seeing slimin6. I say the firm wave but it was something about what the ladies on TV said that are really making me want the slimin6."
teneika, atlanta, GA

"I am really enjoying this program. It has been a great way for me to maintain my weight loss and keep fit. I would highly recommend for those looking for something new to add to their workouts."
Carrie Bowen, Des Moines, IA

"I started the program over 2 months ago and was 4 weeks into it..I dropped 4 inches off my waist alone. we moved and I havent had time to do the regular program but I LOVE the express. The music is way better and its just as intense but only 30 minutes. It fits into my schedule better and I can change it up with the different express workouts. We are so lucky have someone like Debbie and Tony. Thanks for all of the great videos you guys."
Angi H., sault ste. marie, MI

"I have been excited to get these workout dvds and it has been 3 weeks since I've purchased them but not received them. I've already lost 10lbs and was looking to lose about 30 more. The customer service reps have been really great, but I I've been really bummed because now I have to wait another 2-3 weeks to receive them."

"I have just bought Slim in 6 today i really hope that i can lose the 40lbs but from the looks of it on tv I know that I can...Debbie you have great workouts and I will succeed with the help of your dvd"

"I am actually wondering if this program will work for me as I am on low level anti depressants and have gained a bunch of weight and was told theres nothing I can do other then go off them as well as I still have baby weight from 10 years ago. Can anyone tell me if this program can help me cuz Iv tried almost everything else"

"I've had the program for years, but really never took the time to do it right. After my second child, I decided to give it a try. I am so amazed on how the workouts realy get your body into shape. I've reached the Burn it Up level and feel so motivated to keep going. I've lost a total of 30 pounds and feel great...back in my size 3 jeans."
Sandra Bravo, Long Beach, CA

"I would absolutey love to try this product. I have been overweight for a long time, I am very self conscious, but mostly I would love t buy clothes that look good on me. The only oble is have to have money to loose weight right, and credit cards to buy the program. I know it's your money back, whatever, still I can't buy it. And I don't know if I have the will power to try it out even if I could."

"I just started your program today. I started off with Start it Up before work this AM and Ramp it Up this evening. Most definitely sweating. Felt great today. I am a RN and need energy. I was walking a few miles a day at a good pace and have lost close to 40 pounds, but needed something more as I was to a stand still. This is definitely it. Will work up to other workouts. I am following diet plan 1. Goal is about 40 more pounds to get to my ideal weight. I will keep you posted with results."
Mylinda, Deville, LA

"This is a great series. Debbie really focuses on the areas that other exercise programs miss and it works. Finally. Thank you." "I definitely love Slim in 6, yes the music is boring but it does give results. I haven't weighed myself lately but i have lost a total of 6 inches all over my body and I'm just going into my third week. Ramp it Up kicks your butt but i know that burn it up is going to kill the fat off. I'm not taking the supplements, and try to keep to a 1200-1500 calorie diet. I can't wait until the end of the 6 weeks and see what results i get"
Jenny, ON

"Slim in 6 is wonderful I used these products for just over a month with good diet and these exercises i lost 25 pounds and became more tone"
Kathy Ruiz, Paragould, AR

"i AM 50 YEARS OLD AND I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. i ordered it because i thought i could actually do the exercises and i can. they work great but you have to do them. I have lost 16 pounds but lost of inches. i started on 9-3-2009 . i didn't order the for music in fact if you are concentating on the workout you don't even hear the music. i work on a computer a big part of the day and this has really helped my back. i never had to worry about weight ever until i hit 46 then it all changed"
LESA, Shelbyville, MO

"This was the first workout program that I'd ever done where I'd seen INSTANT results. Thanks to Debbie, I've lost over 30lbs. I'd recommend this program to anyone, it's absolutely amazing."
Tasha, Edmonton, AB

"awesome program the excercises are easy to follow and you definitely get results"
Diana Price, Shoshone, ID

"I am debating on whether to purchase this program after reading all the reviews. My only problem is that only one review mentioned the slimming formula which are diet pills not included with the program, but seperate. I may simply use the program itself to prove if it really works with diet and exercise alone."
Stacy Grant, Columbus, OH

"im to sure about getting this program but after reading the reviews im thinking wow it could work... the only thing i read that i didnt like was the diet pills or whatever i think i'll buy the program but do it without the diet pills im sure just the exercise alone should wrk..."
Ashley C., San Antonio, TX

"I tried the program...it does work...I had to cut back on the exercises by week 3 because I was losing more weight than I wanted to. I only wanted to lose 10lbs and I did. I started using the 30 minute core express, which is a bonus video...and that keeps me in shape. This 6 week program is a concept that does work so if you stick to it you will see the results, and besides, those 6 weeks go by quickly."

"WOW, so far I am very impressed with the Slim in 6 program. The Burn it Up routine is suprisingly challenging--moves are effective and also straight forward without excessive choreography that can be confusing for some. I've only just started the Burn it up video over the last two days and I can already tell that if I continue to stick with the program over the next 6 weeks I will definitely lose weight while toning all over. Thanks Debbie for a great program"
Heidi, Simcoe, ON

"i think it will work because i'v saw it on tv and i just whant to say congratulations to the people that lost the weight"
hannah o'shields, dallas, GA

"I am over 300 pounds and I haven't excercised in years. I want to order this program but I am wondering will I be able to do it because of the weight. I have severe back pain too and will I be able to keep up. I am willing to give it a try."

"I am proud to say that slim in 6 has been life changing. I went from a size 22 to a size 11 unfortunately, I regained the weight due to the lack of continuation with the pogram and poor eating habits but I am determined to lose even more weight with slim in 6 this coming summer."
Rachel, Miami, FL

"I borrowed the DVDs from my sister in law for a couple weeks and had to return it. I did lose some inches, but when i returned it i kind of lost my motivation. I cant wait to receive my own order this time. I will say however, that exercise triggers my migraines, which is why i shy away from running and jogging. But what I love about this program is it does not trigger my migraines, and in fact i feel GREAT at the end of the day."
Farrah, tyler, TX

"fantastic is all i can say.i lost 19 pounds and i weigh only 120now i look great i can finally were my 2pice to the beach."
gracie, houston, TX

"I just gave birth to twins about 6 weeks ago. After seeing the commercial, I really wanted to try it..I'm looking to loose inches and tighten tighten tighten my abdominals. I'll definitely let ya'll know how it goes"
Nichole, Beeville, TX

"I bought the program 2 years ago and have never taken it out of the box, although i have used the bands to work my arms. Well it's a new year and with that comes a personal resolution. I want to look and feel better about myself, and the beauty of this program is i can do it in the confines of my own home and dont have to worry about feeling embarrassed by going to the gym. Here's to the new year 2010 and here's to a new me. good luck to all"
Sandi, High Ridge, MO

"I think the moves in Slim in Six are genius in that they combine resistance training with cardio, instead of having to do those items separately. Combining balance in all of them makes the core stronger and tighter with every move. I'm in the middle of the third week and have gone from 230 to 218, and am wearing my thinner jeans already. I hate when Debbie loses count and things are uneven, but otherwise it's perfect for me. I finally have hope for the future."

"I absolutely love these workouts. I bought them two years ago and honestly, only followed it for two weeks and then gave up. Started losing weight through Weight Watchers and then started working out at home again. I am a very pleased with the results. I have lost 15lbs and more inches that I can count. It is fantastic and I highly recommend it to everyone at any age. I still feel the burn everytime I work out."
Valerie Tiller, Halifax, NS

"I just ordered the slim in 6 i had my first baby and dont have time to go to the with working full time and being a full time mom i am eager to start the program hopefully it works for me."
Heather, Albuquerque, NM

"I ordered the Slim in 6 program 7 years ago. The first go round I got such amazing results in just the first 3 weeks that I stopped. I lost more inches than pounds, I couldn't even fit my pants even anymore. 7 years and 1 baby later I'm ready to start over again. I know that there's no other program for me"

"I just ordered the Slim in 6 on Saturday and I am waiting on it to arrive, I cant wait to begin working toward a sculpture body I CANT WAIT"
Jimechia Williams, Little Rock, AR

"I purchased this program a few months ago and I have to say it is one workout that has shown me great results. I have been doing this workout 5 days a week before work for two months. I ordered the slimming formula after a week of doing the workout and I have lost about 10 lbs without really limiting myself on what I eat. I do not crave carbs much and I do not even know when that changed. My knees tend to hurt from the workout, but I keep doing it because it works and I like what I see."
Michelle, santa maria, CA

"Hi Debbie I used slim in 6 yrs ago it worked. I had never seen my figure look so good. I got ill and stopped everything. Yrs later I am on meds that are making me gain weight and my metabolism has changed. I am over 35lbs over wght now and extremely unhappy. I decided to start the program again last Mon Jan 11 2010 and I cant wait to see the transformation. Your program is the only one I ve done and seen that works and stays with you until one lets go. I cant wait to look healthy again. Tnx 2"
Sylvia, Ossining, NY

"My Beachbody coach has me on a 1600 calories per day and i do not know if i am burning enough cal a day Please adv how many cal u burn on slim6 Start It Up and Ramp It Up and and Burn It Up with Regards Linda"

"Love this program. I Lost 70lbs in just over a year and then had baby number five. I gained 60lbs with the pregnancy and have lost 40 of them so far, Jjust 20 more to go and I am on my way. I am a size 10 after 5 kids, I can't complain....Good Luck to all of you, you can do it."
stacia moreland, elk mound, WI

"right now im 232 pounds, i need to lose the pounds because i was diagonise with diabetes.i just purchase this product i hope it works my last result.ill keep u guys posted,thank u debbie"
thneshia, Fayetteville, NC

"Slim in 6 has worked wonders for me. I started in July of 2009 at 205 pounds. I currently weigh 161. My doctors and family and friends are amazed. I am amazed. The 6 day express worked so well I was completely motivated to keep going. I lost 18 pounds in 2 months. It has been 6 months and I am 45 pounds lighter, despite going through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Thank you Debbie"
Diane, St. Louis, MO

"If you follow this program honestly, keep working out and eat healthy - this program WILL reshape your body, so far this has been the most effective routine i have ever tried and i try several. I love it"

"I tried this program after I had a hard time lossing the weight of my third child. After 6 weeks I was amazed at the results. Everyone was telling me I Iooked like I had never had kids. Well, now I have four children and still getting fantastic results from the Slim in 6 program. I love this program because it will give you the energy and results that you want."
A. Gutierrez, lubbock, TX

"What attracted me to the slim in 6 was that I can do this program for 6 weeks. I been doing it for 6 months and lost 35 lbs and maintaining my weight lost. I am a 53 old guy that was told losing weight at my age is hard to do for its impossible to lose weight as you get older. Thanks to Debbie I feel great, look great, and have the energy to do want I enjoy doing. The little secrets in when to eat was an eye opener and I live by those secrets and enjoy the foods I like."
Ron M, Goshen, IN

"I started 6 days ago and was really excited Was majorly HURTING after first time but kept with it and now no more pain .. can't wait to get up and do my Start It Up every day .. with 3 small children 25 min. is the perfect workout time .. anything more and the kidsare screaming thankyou Debbie for making these videos"
R C, Ottawa, ON

"WOW. this program truley does reshape your body. I have completed 2 weeks of the program.. I have always been very active- I was a dancer- but gained the freshman 15 at university plus some. Since then I have been struggling to get it off. Although I have only lost 2 pounds.. I have lost soo many inches.. I took before pictures and 2 week pics and my back and stomach look completely different. I just started burn it up and its going to be intense I can't wait to see the results"
Coutrney Caldwell, Prince George, BC

"I have been doing the start it up the slim and 6 pack and the slim and limber video and I can tell you I feel great I have more energy and can already tell the difference in only one Week well it's off to ramp it up very motivating"

"I'm totally impressed with the results I've acheived with Slim in 6. Debbie is freakin amazing for creating a program that works you out but keeps you motivated. I've lost 15 inches around my entire body and I dont even worry about the pounds. Debbie has motivated me to completely change my lifestyle and I now look forward to my workouts. I just recieved Debbies Slim Series and I cant wait to continue my transformation."
Andrea, Las Vegas, NV

"I am very interested in trying this product. I have put on weight after my daughter was born 5 YEARS AGO and I am ready to get my body and life back together. Will let you guys know how it goes."

"I just completed my first week on Slim In 6, and I have loss 4 lbs, and 10 inches overall. I am so excited to complete the remaining 5 weeks. I cannot believe the results I got in the first week. I am keeping my calorie range between 1400 to 1600 calories a day. I will keep you all posted on my progress. This works. I love it."
Darlene, Lake Arrowhead, CA

"Hi everyone, this program my mother has bought for me. I am mom of two girls, my older one is going to be 4 i septeber of this year and the younger one will be 2 in march of this year. I am stay at home mom who will turn 28 this april. And my weight has gotten out of control, I am willing to do anything to lose weight, inches and feel healty. I want to thank my mom for ordering this for me and I will keep everyone informed in how i did for my 6 weeks. I wish everyone the best and myself too."

"I just ordered the Slim in 6 series. I am very excited and motivated to start. Thanks to everyone who posted reviews....you really helped me make my decision. We can do this, ya'll. My mom and I are going to do it together, this seemed like a great series to fit both of our needs."

"Debbie, thank you. When I started this program I weighted 284 lbs with a body fat percentage of 59.6 and now I weigh 279 and have already lost 3 percent of my body fat. I sleep better, and eating better too. I have a protein shake for breakfast and a salad with grilled chicken for lunch. I'm a mother of 4 and when my kids get up for school they see me excercising to your program and they encourage me, they always say, Mom you can do it .Come on Mom don't give up. Thanks bringing us together."
Kari Rytting, Irrigon, OR

"I was pregnant and gain 70 lbs, scary, but working out, and keep my diet around 1200 cal, i lost all of the waight, and now my body looks just how was before, Thank You Slim in 6, great program, the best one.."
Miss Ellsworth, Milo, ME

"I have lost 17 lbs. thus far and have lost plenty of inches. When I started this I was a size 14P and now I can wear a 6P. I have finished the 6 week program and plan on continuing with the additional tapes."
"I am starting this agian after getting gresat results the first time and now getting rid of post baby fat and getting my abs back. Last time i went from measurements of 38, 32, 41 to 36, 26,36 this time i am at 37, 29, 42 but my butt is 44. I want to get back to 36, 26,36 with my butt in proportion again. will repost in 6 weeks. ps didn't loose lbs last time but the inches were more important in my body shape"
Sara, Visalia, CA

"I am 22 yrs old and will be having a wedding soon. we are already married but we want a wedding for friends and family to be a part of. I ordered this to look good for the wedding day. I later learned that his family this october will be taking us on a cruise to Carribeans and it will be the first time i actually meet them. I dont want them to remember me as bein over weight in a swim suit.... I wanna look good and I think this is just the program to get it done. I've already started my diet."
Jennifer Strandness, hardy, VA

"Hi, Wow after reading the reviews I think I may have made a big mistake. I saw the infomercial for The Firm Wave and thought it was a program I could use. I ordered it, but now have regreats after seeing the reviews for Slim in 6. I am a little concerned about being able to keep up with the fast paced routine and being able to stay on the Wave. I may send it back and purchase Slim in 6. Thanks for all the reviews. It really is helping me to make a more informed decision about exercise."

"The Start It Up video was good, made my muscles tired more than sore , so I moved onto Ramp It Up. Wow, talk about feeling it the next day. I love her stretching video too. I recommend these videos to anyone, however, do your own counting of reps as she isn't consistent on each side. That part is frustrating. Otherwise I notice a HUGE difference after 3 weeks already."

"This program works. I have used it for over 3 years now and everytime I feel that I need to get back in shap, I use the DVD and meal plan. The next thing should be an mp3 application for those on go."

"In january I had my gallbladder taken out and I felt really healthy then when I went back to my favorite foods and I started to look unhealthy. please help me lose my weight again so I can be happy again and I can make my mom and dad happy too."
Jennifer Mcdonell, Newaygo, MI

"I think this program is fantastic. I purchased it about 8 months ago, used it to sucessfully lose 20 lbs and the tone and shape in my arms, legs and waist is incredible. I have recently purchased and am using the Slim Series and it is absolutely fantastic as well. IT IS HARD AT FIRST, AND IF YOU ARE OUT OF SHAPE IT WILL HURT, BUT IT GOES AWAY AND THE ACCOMPLISHMENT YOU WILL FEEL IS WORTH IT."
Robbi, GA

"I purchased slim and six about 3 months ago. I started out strong and than went downhill from there. I recently started back up again with the burn it up video. The moves def. work when I was doing the program daily I noticed a difference. I sleep better and I have much more energy. I know this is not for everyone but my goal is to do the burn it up part for six week and see what happens" "I bought Slim in 6 in 2008 after I saw a commercial for it while at a hotel. I was getting married in less than a year and I had gained a good 75 pounds since meeting my fiancee 3 years prior. I used the video very infrequently so needless to say it didn't help me to lose the 25 pounds I lost before my wedding. However after the wedding I gained not just the 25 lbs but 40 total. I just found my Slim in 6 DVD last week and I am already seeing results. I'll stick with it this time."
Sara, Chicago, IL

"I purchased this in the fall of 07. I need to get back on it because i saw insane results in less then a week. At the end of the month i had lost 18lbs ,more then i had to lose, the best thing though was my arms, BUTT, abs,i actually had them, thighs, they were no where near touching anymore, shoulders, calves. I was super happy and amazed i went from a size11 to a 3 I am a beliver and i swear if you DOT IT you WONT be dissappointed.I also found that 90per of this material did not cause me pain"
Miranda Gualtieri, Jacksonville, FL

"I bought the slim in six and i got really good results i lost 40 pounds and now I am doing it cause after 7 years I lost those 40 pounds I am getting some wheight back but now I know the best solution SLIM IN SIX IS THE BEST BUY IT NOW AND MAKE IT A GOAL"

"I had bought this set several months ago. I tried it for the first time and could tell that it was going to work. It is motivating and it really does work if you work it. I particularly love the additional ab workout. I get all I need. I have decided to do the workout everyday and do the ab work three times a day. Thank you for something that works yet it isn't to complicated or to fast pace that you can't do it.

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